10 Future Versions of Iron Man with Cooler Armor Than Tony Stark


  • Tony Stark’s Iron Man fits are examples of technological genius, however there are future variations of Iron Man with even cooler armor.
  • These future iterations of Iron Man embody characters like Nick Travis, Rhodey Stark, and Nathaniel Richards, simply to call a couple of.
  • Each new tackle Iron Man additional proves that anybody might be Iron Man, as long as they’ve the talents to make such technologically superior fits.

Tony Stark’s Iron Man fits are some of the best examples of technological genius in the complete Marvel Universe. With nothing greater than his good thoughts and cutting-edge tech, Stark is constantly capable of design immensely highly effective Iron Man fits that may match the energy, velocity, and total energy of super-soldiers and even literal gods.

Nevertheless, Tony Stark isn’t the one genius within the Marvel Universe with the power to design and manufacture god-tier fits of armor. In actual fact, there are even some who can do it even higher than the unique founding Avenger (together with alternate/distant future variations of himself). Listed below are the 10 future variations of Iron Man with cooler armor than the traditional Tony Stark.

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10 Nick Travis Helps Create & Inherits Tony Stark’s Remaining Iron Man Swimsuit

Iron Man: The Finish by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, and Bernard Chang

Sooner or later of Marvel Comics canon, Tony Stark can not proceed being the superhero Iron Man as a result of of his ever-worsening well being. So, he chooses somebody to take his place, a fellow scientist/engineer named Nick Travis who works at Stark Common. Collectively, they design a nano-particle swimsuit that’s not solely managed by the wearer’s thoughts and may change its construction relying on the scenario, however one that may additionally take in different items of expertise round it, particularly these utilized by Iron Man’s tech-based villains.

In a highly-advanced, technological future, this swimsuit stands above the remaining, and it’s worn by Nick Travis who completely embodies the legacy of Tony Stark’s Iron Man.

9 Rhodey Stark Is Iron Man’s Granddaughter From The 12 months 3030

Avengers #24 by Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, Salvador Larroca, Mike Deodato, and Butch Guice

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There are few Marvel Comics characters who’re even near being as good as Tony Stark, and even fewer who’re smarter – however Rhodey Stark is one of them. Rhodey Stark traveled again in time from the 12 months 3030 in her personal smooth and impossibly high-tech Iron Man swimsuit to assist the Avengers of the previous with a world-ending risk. Rhodey proved her superior intelligence by designing a machine far past the scope of what Tony Stark was succesful of on the time, which all however eradicated the issue the past-Avengers confronted.

Rhodey Stark’s time in Marvel canon is shamefully brief, but her influence was immense, as she was dwelling proof that the Iron Man moniker wouldn’t solely far outlive Tony Stark, however would even be improved upon by an much more good technological genius.

8 Nathaniel Richards’ Iron Lad Is A Basic ‘Future Iron Man’

Younger Avengers #1 by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung

Whereas the title Nathaniel Richards has turn into synonymous with one other iconic Marvel Comics character, Kang the Conqueror, there’s a model of him from Earth-6311 who grew to become the Iron Man legacy hero of the longer term, Iron Lad. The place Nathaniel stands aside, nonetheless, is that he got here up with his swimsuit’s tech independently, and didn’t want the direct involvement of Tony Stark to assist design his gear. In actual fact, the Iron Lad swimsuit was extra of a precursor to the swimsuit he’d finally put on as Kang the Conqueror, making it immensely spectacular on a technological scale.

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Iron Lad would act as Iron Man’s meta-successor on the Younger Avengers workforce when he traveled to Earth-616 in an effort to keep away from his destiny as Kang the Conqueror, and he rapidly proves to be a greater than worthy successor.

7 Sonny Frisco Grew to become The Iron Man Of Marvel’s 2099 Continuity

Secret Wars 2099 #1 by Peter David and William Sliney


2099 is one of the good continuities within the Marvel multiverse, because it gave life to a quantity of alternate variations of iconic characters current in a neo-tech future, all with their very own names, identities, and backstories – together with Sonny Frisco. A technological genius in his personal proper, Frisco was recruited to make the most of his brilliance to design a new-age Iron Man swimsuit for a resurgent Avengers workforce, after which take up the mantle because the Iron Man of 2099.

Whereas the performance of the swimsuit is more-or-less an identical to that of the traditional Iron Man, the design itself is futuristic and edgy, as it primarily gave the long-lasting Iron Man design the 2099 therapy in the identical gentle as Spider-Man 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099, simply to call a couple of.

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6 Mainframe Iron Man Is Tony Stark’s AI Successor In The MC2

A-Subsequent #1 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

Within the alternate actuality designated the MC2 – one the place all of the traditional Marvel heroes have retired, and their youngsters took up their mantles – Iron Man’s successor is an AI he invented named Mainframe. Mainframe is like if Ultron wasn’t a murderous super-android, as he existed inside a legion of Iron Man fits and used his disembodied type to assist the new-age heroes of their missions.

Whereas the character is clearly completely different from the unique Tony Stark, Mainframe’s fits are additionally a departure in phrases of aesthetic, as they’re black and gold (although they do admittedly keep the unique total look).

X-Males #9 by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos

Stark-Self AI Iron Man helping the X-Men.

Just like the MC2’s Mainframe, the Stark-Self is an AI created by Tony Stark who was primarily a great model of Ultron. Stark-Self idolized its creator, and used the items of Tony’s personal thoughts he implanted into the AI system to make selections he would make on his behalf. As an example, when Stark-Self comes throughout mutants in want (throughout a time when leagues of them have been being killed, Stark-Self helped them with no second’s hesitation, because it ‘remembered’ that Tony Stark allied himself with mutants, and due to this fact concluded that he would have helped them.

Stark-Self is a successor to Tony Stark in methods nearly nobody else is, because it’s actually an extension of Tony’s personal thoughts in phrases of each mental and emotional reasoning. Plus, Stark-Self’s physique is a cool, smooth tackle the unique Iron Man. And, apparently sufficient, this AI additionally went with the gold and black shade scheme versus Stark’s authentic purple and gold (have to be a robotic factor).

4 Jako Krangsen Is An Alt-Universe Iron Man Hero: The Iron Mariner

Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Without end #1 by Al Ewing and Alan Davis

Marvel Comics' Iron Mariner.

Jako Krangsen aka the Iron Mariner hails from the alternate universe of Earth-15061, and is a future model of Iron Man who can solely dwell underwater. A minimum of, until he has his swimsuit. Not solely is Iron Mariner’s swimsuit of armor more-or-less fully-equipped with each piece of tech that Tony Stark put in in his iconic designs, nevertheless it additionally acts as a life-support swimsuit that enables Krangsen to dwell on land.

Alongside with the added life assist features, the Iron Mariner swimsuit additionally has a very cool aquatic-look to it, as if the unique Iron Man was merged with a robotic mermaid.

3 Secret Wars’ Technopolis The place EVERYONE Is Iron Man

Armor Wars #1 by James Robinson and Marcio Takara

Iron Man from Secret Wars' Armor Wars.

When Earth-616 and Earth-1610 collided, the Marvel Comics continuity, as followers knew it, ceased to exist, and from its ashes, a brand new actuality was crudely solid. Besides this one was fallacious in nearly each conceivable method, and of their hearts, everybody knew it – and Technopolis was no exception. Technopolis was a metropolis designed and run by Tony and Arno Stark that was extremely superior. There was just one downside: a illness broke out among the many populace, forcing everybody to put on an Iron Man swimsuit simply to outlive.

Whereas the story surrounding this metropolis goes deeper into its inherently hellish nature, the principle takeaway is the existence of the town itself, because it confirmed that one model of Iron Man’s heroic legacy was to show everybody into an ‘Iron Man’.

2 Tony Stark’s Clear Iron Man Masks Is An Alternate Take On The Submit-Civil Struggle Hero

Civil Struggle: Warzones! by Charles Soule and Leinil Francis Yu

Iron Man with his transparent mask in an alternate Civil War.

As a component of the Secret Wars occasions, followers are given a glimpse into a attainable actuality the place Civil Struggle by no means ended. As an alternative, the USA was break up between territories managed by both Captain America or Iron Man, and the preventing continued till the 2 Avengers lastly got here collectively to combat their actual enemy, the Skrulls. What’s most hanging about this future isn’t the panorama, however somewhat the swimsuit worn by Tony Stark himself. The masks was clear, which was performed intentionally to constantly specific his total mission, as the entire level of Civil Struggle was for heroes to be held accountable for his or her actions, that means no secret identities have been allowed.

Whereas this isn’t probably the most dramatic alternate change to Iron Man’s iconic swimsuit, it might be probably the most important, particularly when contemplating how impactful Civil Struggle was for Tony, and the way way more so it might have been if the battle continued to rage because it had in Civil Struggle: Warzones!.

1 Future Iron Man Beats Kang the Conqueror’s Potato Chip Empire

Marvel Adventures: Tremendous Heroes #3 by Paul Tobin and Alvin Lee

Future Iron Man from the Marvel Adventures continuity.

This actuality is about far past the principle continuity of Marvel Comics’ Earth-616, and is as a substitute a reimagining of the Marvel Universe in a method that’s way more streamlined and kid-friendly. Marvel Adventures was a Marvel banner that advised tales geared in the direction of a youthful readership, together with this one, the place Kang the Conqueror grew to become the ruler of the world by launching a nano-tech infused, extremely addictive potato chip model – and it was as much as a time-traveling Tony Stark of the longer term to cease him.

Regardless of the less-than-serious tone of this comedian, the swimsuit worn by this future Iron Man isn’t any joke. The entire thing has a sleeker and extra biological-looking aesthetic with a Nova Wave beam constructed into it that does some severe injury.

Each character who has both taken up the mantle of Iron Man or who has invented their very own Iron Man-like swimsuit impartial of the unique’s affect solely additional confirms the sweetness of Iron Man as a legacy hero: anybody might be Iron Man. If one has the aptitude to push the bounds of technological development because it pertains to superhuman tech, they will turn into one thing akin to a cosmic god – as Tony Stark himself has performed a quantity of occasions. They usually’ll look tremendous cool doing it, too, as these 10 future variations of Iron Man have arguably even cooler armor than that of the traditional Tony Stark (even when some of them have been alternate variations of Stark himself).

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