20 Best Vegeta Quotes In Dragon Ball, Ranked


  • Vegeta’s quotes reveal his inside evolution from a villain to a devoted household man, capturing his advanced character arc.
  • These quotes replicate completely different points of Vegeta’s persona at completely different factors within the Dragon Ball franchise, showcasing his development and improvement.
  • Regardless of his conceitedness, Vegeta’s quotes exhibit his deep pleasure in his Saiyan heritage and his unwavering willpower to guard his family members and the universe.

Vegeta is one among Dragon Ball‘s most intricate characters. Followers have watched him progress from a significant villain to an antihero and at last to a bona fide good man and devoted household man in Dragon Ball Tremendous. Over time, viewers have gotten glimpses of his inside evolution not simply by way of his actions, but additionally by way of his phrases. Voicing Vegeta in Funimation English dubs of the sequence, voice actor Chris Sabat was capable of convey out the customarily ill-timed humorousness, in addition to the various levels of cynicism that reside on on this prideful prince throughout the Dragon Ball franchise.

These quotes come from the whole lot of the Dragon Ball franchise, from Vegeta’s earliest appearances all the best way to Dragon Ball Tremendous. In consequence, they replicate completely different points of the Saiyan prince which had been most outstanding on the time of supply. Whereas many of those strains had been uttered in battle, that is not the case for all of them, and it may be fairly revealing to see what Vegeta was desirous about within the second. No matter his ideas, although, these iconic quotes are a few of Vegeta’s finest moments, encapsulated in only a few phrases that seize his character finest.

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20 “He Will Pay The Final Worth For What He Has Carried out To My Son.”

Vegeta vs. Cell, “The Cell Saga”

The Cell Saga has arguably a few of Vegeta’s most egocentric and pig-headed moments. All through the storyline, he lets Cell obtain his excellent type simply so he might have a worthy opponent and likewise treats Future Trunks like an undesirable customer. Nevertheless, it took a newly revived Cell killing his alternate timeline son for Vegeta to lastly really feel one thing for Trunks. After Cell blasts Future Trunks with a Loss of life Beam, Vegeta’s inside monologues about all the varied insults Cell has hurled at him all through the saga, however Cell killing Trunks is what sends him over the sting. Whereas the ensuing flurry of power blasts finally ends up that means nothing (as is usually the case with Vegeta), the quote nonetheless reveals what Trunks finally got here to imply to Vegeta.

19 “At Least Strive To Face Your Loss of life With Some Honor.”

Vegeta vs. Frieza, “Resurrection F”

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Attack

Followers little question rose out of their chairs once they noticed Vegeta remodel into his Tremendous Saiyan Blue type in the course of the climax of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. Whereas Frieza was completely spent by his battle with Goku, Vegeta noticed his flip to assault his former boss and slayer of his race. As a substitute of boasting about his energy, Vegeta calmly and slowly let Frieza know simply how sturdy he had develop into. As Vegeta was set to ship the killing blow to a now non-golden Frieza, he commented on simply how pathetic Frieza regarded with that quote. Sadly, Vegeta would wait too lengthy and Frieza would blow up the Earth, inflicting Whis to reverse time and have Goku ship the ultimate power blast. Regardless of having his second stolen, this stays an amazing quote and reveals how Vegeta has grown since his days as Frieza’s soldier.

18 “Solely A Failure Abandons His Ideas And Pleasure.”

Vegeta vs. High, “Match of Energy”

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Beats God Of Destruction Toppo

Whereas Goku was simply the star Saiyan of the Match Of Energy, Vegeta had his share of nice moments as properly. Whereas Goku’s latest rival Jiren was on one other stage, his mentor High was no slouch both, and it was this mustached brawler who did battle with Vegeta. Regardless of boasting about sustaining “justice,” High finally tapped into his God Of Destruction powers and voiced a need to avoid wasting his universe irrespective of the fee, a stark change from what he stated earlier all through the arc. As Vegeta takes the struggle to him, he feedback with the above quote displaying how whether or not followers love or hate Vegeta, he has at all times been pleased with what he stands for. Fortunately, by the tip of Dragon Ball Tremendous, Vegeta’s beliefs are to not solely struggle for his pleasure however to guard his family members and the universe.

17 “Each Breath You Take Is An Assault On My Honor.”

Vegeta vs. Goku, “Babidi Saga”

Dragon Ball Majin Vegeta Restrains Goku

If followers had a nickel each time Vegeta stated the phrase “honor,” they could have a couple of thousand Zeni to their names. It’s a phrase that clearly means lots to Vegeta as he usually makes dumb choices so long as it upholds his personal perceived honor. The height of his stupidity got here when he allowed himself to develop into corrupted by Babidi to obtain an influence increase. In a speech he delivers to a restrained Goku, he tells him how for all these years that Goku lived and outshone Vegeta, it was an insult to his very being. Vegeta would find yourself profitable their battle (in very doubtful trend) however the quote reveals Vegeta’s mind-set throughout their rematch.

16 “You will By no means Study To Assume Like That Clown.”

Vegeta vs. Goku Black, “Future Trunks Saga”

Vegeta Beats Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super

In the Goku Black arc of Dragon Ball Tremendous, Vegeta loses decisively in a brawl towards Goku Black. Nevertheless, their rematch goes a lot in another way as Vegeta is ready to overpower the faux Saiyan whereas additionally delivering a hell of a speech to him as he pummels Goku Black. To summarize an unimaginable monologue, Vegeta tells Zamasu that whereas he could have stolen Goku’s physique and has his energy, he’d by no means have the ability to use it like Goku does, as a result of Goku really earned that energy. After all, Vegeta nonetheless calls Goku a clown, however that is to be anticipated. Like different quotes within the sequence, although, it reveals that regardless of his animosity in the direction of Goku, Vegeta nonetheless respects him like no different being within the universe.

15 “Spend most of your life dominated by one other, watch your race dwindle to a handful, after which inform me what has extra that means than your personal energy.”

Vegeta vs. Supreme Kai, “Buu Saga”

Close-up of Vegeta going off in Dragon Ball.

The Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z noticed Vegeta make one final pit cease on his arc into changing into a hero of Earth. Siding with the evil wizard Babidi, Vegeta made a Faustian deal to achieve energy. When he challenged Goku to 1 extra battle, the Supreme Kai calls their rivalry a “meaningless squabble.” Not the appropriate factor to say to Vegeta although, as he delivers a spine-tingling speech worthy of the Gods. That particular quote is the spotlight of it and an amazing second for voice actor Chris Sabat.

14 “You are higher than me, Kakarot. You’re the finest.”

Vegeta vs Himself, “Buu Saga”

Vegeta smirks at Kakarot in Dragon Ball

On the finish of the Buu saga, the destiny of the universe is on the road as Goku battles towards Child Buu. Strive as he may, Vegeta is unable to maintain up with the demented monster and has his royal butt handed to him. This prompts Vegeta to remain on the sidelines and watch his rival struggle a battle that he can not. Whereas one would count on Vegeta to be livid about this and attempt to assault Buu anyway, this quote which caps off a prolonged inside monologue which reveals simply how a lot he has grown emotionally. Whereas Vegeta accepts Goku as his higher, this does not cease him from coaching his hardest to surpass him.

13 “That is my Bulma!”

Vegeta vs. Beerus, “Battle of Gods”

Vegeta beats of God Of Destruction in Dragon Ball Z

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods, Bulma tries to interrupt up the struggle between Beerus and Vegeta by yelling and slapping the God Of Destruction. Irritated by this, Beerus merely slaps Bulma to the bottom. He shouldn’t have completed that, although, as this prompts Vegeta to fly right into a rage which, in keeping with Grasp Roshi, makes him much more highly effective than Goku. This was a fleeting second nonetheless as his strongest assault will not be even sufficient to harm Beerus in any significant approach. Nonetheless, the supply of the road is ideal.

12 “You’ll have invaded my thoughts and my physique, however there’s one factor a Saiyan at all times retains: his pleasure.”

Vegeta vs. Babidi, “Babidi Saga”


Majin Vegeta getting ready to fight Buu in Dragon Ball Z

Babidi thought he had all of it found out. He thought that together with his possession of Vegeta that he had secured his evil victory. How unsuitable this quick, pathetic, and evil wizard was. Moderately than being managed by the villain, Vegeta overpowered the thoughts management and directed all of his newfound energy into preventing Goku, as a substitute of killing the Supreme Kai as Babidi commanded him to do. With the above quote, Vegeta proved simply how a lot willpower he possesses.

11 “Trunks, Bulma, I do that for you. And, sure, even for you, Kakarot.”

Vegeta vs. Buu, “Buu Saga”

Dragon Ball Majin Vegeta Self Destructs

All through most of Dragon Ball Z, one can be gravely mistaken to think about Vegeta a crew participant. This Saiyan at all times regarded out for himself above all else, and solely ever helped others if it served his personal egocentric objectives. In this pivotal second, nonetheless, Vegeta confirmed the expansion that took over 100 episodes to succeed in. Believing the one approach to cease Buu was to sacrifice his personal life, Vegeta unleashes the determined Remaining Explosion assault in an try to finish Buu for good. As he leaves this world, he thinks to himself who he’s doing this for. The three most necessary individuals in his life; his spouse, his son, and his rival. Sadly, all of it meant nothing by way of stopping Buu, however the quote is known regardless.

10 “Servant lady! Convey me a drying fabric directly!”

Vegeta vs. Bulma, “Trunks Saga”

Vegeta Before Asking Bulma For a Drying Cloth

After Frieza was defeated, Vegeta discovered himself with nowhere to go. It was Bulma who welcomed him into her dwelling, regardless of all of the vile issues he’d completed earlier than then, and it did not take Vegeta lengthy to abuse her kindness. On the time, it was unfathomable {that a} relationship was brewing between them, since Vegeta regarded her as a lowly servant. One factor’s for sure: He would not dare discuss to her like this now.

9 “I will eat your entire race!”

Vegeta vs. Octopus, “Battle of Gods”

 Vegeta Threatens to Eat All Octopuses

Throughout a household trip with Trunks and Bulma in Dragon Ball Tremendous, Bulma identified that he had modified after preventing Buu, and Vegeta almost gave himself the aim of proving her, and everybody else, utterly unsuitable. When introduced with a complete octopus for dinner, Vegeta threatened to eat its “entire race.” Solely Vegeta might make one thing as trivial as consuming seafood about genocide. It looks as if that planet-destroying maniac that he was once all these years in the past remains to be someplace deep inside him.

8 “Welcome to the tip of your life, and I promise it is going to harm.”

Vegeta vs. Pui Pui, “Babidi Saga”

Vegeta kills Pui Pui in the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga

Although outwardly intimidating, Babidi’s minion Pui Pui could not even land a single hit on Vegeta, who hadn’t even relied on a change to defeat him. Unimpressed by Pui Pui’s velocity and agility, Vegeta hurled this threatening insult on the alien warrior earlier than a single punch was thrown. Extra importantly, he was capable of again up his phrases. When Vegeta talks large to an opponent, he is often the one who finally ends up together with his face within the dust. Poor Pui Pui; he would’ve been higher off simply preventing Gohan.

7 “Whose face is ugly?”

Vegeta vs. Krillin, “Vegeta Saga”

Saiyan Saga Vegeta grins smugly.

After surviving a Spirit Bomb that just about propelled him into Earth’s orbit, Vegeta landed again within the canyon in tatters. Pondering that he was lifeless, Krillin talked about that they would not need to “have a look at his ugly face anymore,” to which Vegeta promptly responded with a agency, “Whose face is ugly?” This left Krillin, Gohan, Goku, Yajirobe, and even King Kai speechless. Not solely was this a intelligent, well-timed comeback, nevertheless it additionally confirmed us simply how resilient a Saiyan elite was, since he nonetheless had sufficient sense to ship a retort even on the verge of loss of life.

6 “I do a whole lot of push-ups and sit-ups, and I drink loads of juice.”

Vegeta vs. Semi Cell, “Good Cell Saga”

Vegeta Punches Semi-Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball

After spending a 12 months within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta was greater than sufficient for Semi-Good Cell. When Cell requested Vegeta simply how he’d gotten so sturdy, Vegeta responded with a solution so foolish that we might’ve thought it was straight out of Saitama’s playbook, had One Punch Man been launched first. It appears he wasn’t simply engaged on his preventing technique–clearly, he’d been coaching his comedic supply as properly.

5 “I discover it arduous to imagine that my cells are in your physique. How might you have got turned out so ugly?”

Vegeta vs. Cell, “Good Cell Saga”

 Vegeta Challenges Semi Perfect Cell

Sticking with a few of Vegeta’s most notorious Cell disses, the Saiyan prince determined to take a jab on the Bio-Android’s appears to be like. Although it was meant to be a joke to additional worsen Cell, this quote really introduced up a sound level. If Cell was composed of the natural matter of all these completely different fighters, why did he look nothing like several of them? Certain, he inherited Piccolo’s inexperienced pores and skin, however apart from that, he appears to be like nothing like several of the good-looking heroes.

4 “Let me ask you: Does a machine like your self ever expertise concern?”

Vegeta vs. Android 19, “Androids Saga”

Vegeta rips off Android 19's hands in Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta delivered this iconic line proper earlier than unveiling his Tremendous Saiyan powers to the world. This quote confirmed us simply how assured he was in his personal talents, regardless of having simply attained the Tremendous Saiyan transformation. Vegeta rapidly obtained the reply to his personal query after Android 19 might solely stare in terror after his arms had been ripped from their sockets and he was blown to bits.

3 “Is it slavery whenever you get what you need?”

Vegeta vs. Goku, “Babidi Saga”

Majin Vegeta Murders Innocent People

Regardless of rocking the brow M tattoo and receiving the increase in energy that got here with becoming a member of Babidi’s ranks, Vegeta was nonetheless wholly in command of his actions, performing on his personal egocentric wishes to struggle Goku after years of ready. Goku requested Vegeta why he’d enable himself to develop into Babidi’s slave, to which Vegeta responded by killing much more World Match spectators and delivering this iconic line. On the finish of the day, Vegeta did get that rematch that he needed all alongside.

2 “Once we struggle, we’ll want entire planet for an area.”

Vegeta vs. Goku, “Finish of Z Saga”

Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball

The Buu Saga was a turbulent time for Vegeta. Not solely did he get the prospect to struggle Goku once more, however he briefly reawakened the darkness in his coronary heart earlier than sacrificing himself for the sake of his household and mates. In the tip, he was pressured to come back to phrases with the truth that Goku was the superior fighter between them. Years after Child Buu was defeated, the 2 entered the twenty eighth World Martial Arts Match. Because the match’s strongest fighters, they had been destined to satisfy within the ring in some unspecified time in the future, till Goku determined to bail to coach Uub. As a substitute of getting upset, Vegeta responded with this pleasant comment that bears a lot reality. With each Saiyans having sufficient energy to destroy the planet even of their base varieties, Earth would rapidly be decreased to a mountain of rubble if they honestly went all-out.

1 “You say I am smug. I say, rattling proper. That is pleasure. Pleasure within the Saiyan I’m.”

Vegeta vs. Jiren, “Match of Energy”

Vegeta from Dragon Ball

Regardless of its flaws, Dragon Ball Tremendous is definitely worth the look ahead to any die-hard Vegeta fan. It is arduous to look at Tremendous and imagine that Vegeta really was once one of the malicious males within the galaxy. Through the Match of Energy, Vegeta’s id was put to the check. After Goku had woke up the powers of Extremely Intuition, Vegeta tried his hardest to comply with in Goku’s footsteps, going so far as to tackle Jiren alone regardless of realizing that the Universe 11 warrior might simply toss him apart like trash. Jiren known as him out for this, telling him that his method was impure because of his conceitedness. That is one factor that is by no means modified over Vegeta’s improvement, and naturally, has the whole lot to do together with his royal upbringing. Not like Goku, who’s had a sophisticated relationship together with his Saiyan heritage, Vegeta totally embraces it. As a substitute of seeing his Saiyan pleasure as a weak spot, Vegeta sees it as an affirmation, which is what obtained him this far within the first place.

Whereas it is tough to seize Vegeta’s complete character arc in only a few quotes, these iconic strains do give a common concept of what Vegeta’s character is like. He is on the facet of fine, but he usually harbors some resentment over that truth. His conceitedness is a degree of pleasure slightly than a flaw, and but regardless of his superiority, he nonetheless cares for these round him. And most of all, whereas he might not be a villain anymore, Vegeta nonetheless likes to fill the position of the villain, delivering some sick burns to his opponents simply earlier than he intends to destroy them. Vegeta is a posh character and one among Dragon Ball‘s finest, and that is why followers love him.

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