5 Weaknesses Satoru Gojo Has

The Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga sequence options Itadori Yuuji, a boy who’s all of a sudden thrown into the world of Jujutsu sorcerers and curses after he turns into the vessel of Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses.

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Whereas Itadori serves because the protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen sequence, Gojo Satoru usually steals the limelight as he’s hailed because the strongest jujutsu sorcerer there may be. Regardless of Gojo’s many strengths and highly effective methods, even he has weaknesses that he succumbs to, or that can be utilized towards him. These weaknesses could be both bodily, attributable to a method, or emotional; nonetheless, all of them share one factor in frequent: they can be utilized to depart Gojo Satoru at a drawback.

5 Angel’s Innate Approach (Approach Nullification)

Hana-Kurusu Flying Down to Save Megumi

Hana Kurusu is a younger sorcerer across the identical age as Jujutsu Excessive’s first years; nonetheless, what units her aside is the traditional Heian-era sorcerer referred to as Angel that lives inside her. Whereas that is immensely just like Sukuna being in Yuji’s physique, there are variations, as Hana and Angel share a symbiotic relationship, in contrast to the one between Itadori and Sukuna. Furthermore, regardless of Hana being accountable for her physique, she is ready to wield Angel’s innate approach, Approach Nullification.

This system permits her to nullify all types of curses and cursed methods. Even cursed methods akin to boundaries and seals could be nullified. As somebody in a position to nullify all types of cursed methods, she would show an issue if she and Gojo ever confronted one another. Furthermore, Hana’s nullification is so highly effective that she is ready to nullify the Jail Realm and free Gojo.

4 The Inverted Spear Of Heaven

inverted spear of heaven

Satoru Gojo’s Limitless approach, infinity, which prevents objects from reaching him, is without doubt one of the issues that makes the sorcerer so robust. If nothing can attain him, nothing can hurt him, and so the sorcerer is protected against numerous issues. Nonetheless, if an object can nullify his approach, then Satoru could be injured by the article.

Of the numerous cursed instruments portrayed (thus far) within the Jujutsu Kaisen anime sequence, The Black Rope and the Inverted Spear of Heaven would impact Gojo; nonetheless, the Inverted Spear of Heaven has confirmed to be the more practical one. The Black Rope is ready to disrupt cursed power and intrude with a cursed approach. It was used within the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film by Miguel when he confronted Gojo. However, the Inverted Spear of Heaven may nullify Gojo’s infinity approach outright. The spear was utilized by Toji Fushiguro, and mixing it along with his unbelievable bodily potential, he was in a position to wound Gojo regardless of him (Gojo) concentrating on protection.

3 Exhaustion

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 27

Few issues have an effect on Satoru Gojo; nonetheless, exhaustion is a type of few issues. Season two of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime sequence exhibits that overusing his approach can result in exhaustion, which causes his senses to be dulled. On this manner, Gojo may even be fatally wounded with an bizarre weapon, as he must deactivate his approach when he’s drained.

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Earlier than Toji attacked Gojo, as seen in season two of the anime, he used all kinds of the way to put on him down mentally. By having varied sorcerers assault Gojo constantly, Gojo needed to constantly maintain his approach going for days with out relaxation. After coming into Jujutsu, Gojo lastly launched his approach and was exhausted. Furthermore, attributable to his exhaustion, Toji had a gap to assault and did so. Toji then talked about that even with out his approach, if Gojo was not exhausted, he would have seen him as he tried to assault. And that was why he went via the difficulty of exhausting him first by throwing small fries at him.

2 Jail Realm

prison realm in the anime

Whereas Gojo is hailed because the strongest sorcerer of all, even he’s not exempt from having the ability to be sealed. And when sealed, he can do nothing, making him successfully ineffective. Earlier than the Shibuya incident, Kenjaku determined that defeating Satoru Gojo was too tall a job and that sealing him can be more practical. Utilizing the Jail Realm, a cube-like special-grade cursed object on the middle of his plans, Kenjaku determined that he would seal Satoru Gojo, making it the most important purpose of the Shibuya Incident.

To be able to seal Gojo utilizing the Jail Realm, some circumstances should be met. These circumstances included conserving him inside a four-meter radius of the jail realm, ensnaring him, rendering him motionless and unable to entry his cursed power, and lastly, closing the gate of the seal whereas ready for it to ‘course of’ Gojo. In any case circumstances have been met, Gojo was sealed, and the jail realm may then be moved. Furthermore, one of many issues that made the sealing so efficient towards Gojo was that he couldn’t unseal himself and needed to anticipate others on the surface to unseal him.

1 Emotional Vulnerabilities

Gojo and Geto

Some of the efficient methods to cope with a Jujutsu sorcerer is undoubtedly to disrupt their feelings. Throughout the Kyoto Goodwill Occasion, Hanami said that Jujutsu sorcerers lose their edge when their comrade has been gravely injured. Hanami said that Maki misplaced her focus and composure whereas she was battling the cursed spirit alongside Fushiguro, and her comrade acquired injured. This form of scenario during which a sorcerer is overwhelmed by their feelings isn’t unusual, and even Gojo isn’t free from his emotional vulnerabilities, as seen through the Shibuya incident.

To utterly seal him, Kenjaku needed to immobilize Gojo for one minute after the gate of the jail realm opened. This might have been unimaginable. Nonetheless, Kenjaku wanted one minute to go in Gojo’s thoughts, and to distract the sorcerer, he revealed himself. Gojo, seeing his should-be-dead greatest good friend, was momentarily shocked and had three years’ value of reminiscences go via his thoughts. This then allowed Kenjaku to finish the sealing. Had Gojo not succumbed to his emotional vulnerability, he would have had an opportunity at escaping the sealing.

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