9 Reasons Why ‘The Marvels’ Makes Absolutely Zero Sense

Playing around is evidently not MCU’s forte, as evidently in its pleasure to be as quirky as doable, logic has stopped making its method to the scripts, one thing The Marvels has confirmed past any lingering doubt.

Some fairly heavy spoilers observe for many who haven’t watched The Marvels but, in addition to some emotionally-damaging questions for our fellow Marvel-eers who have binged it, and are standing sturdy by its supposed deserves.

Assist us discover the identical positivity, will you? As a result of, for the lifetime of us, we will’t discover logical solutions to the questions under, to cease their overpowering shadows from making The Marvels one other Quantumania for us.

The place did the Skrulls go? As a result of New Asgard will not be an choice

Picture through Marvel Studios

These Skrulls whom Carol does handle to rescue from the planet Tarnax are then taken by Valkyrie, who guarantees to relocate them. Seeing that Asgardians themselves noticed their planet destroyed, leaving them nowhere else to go however Earth, evidently Valkyrie couldn’t relocate the Skrulls anyplace else.

However taking them to New Asgard is additionally inconceivable. Similar to its six-episode run, Secret Invasion’s conclusion was additionally a significant mess, one which noticed President Ritson declare all aliens as enemies, and promise that America will discover them and kill all of them. It’s already a marvel that the Asgardians are allowed to remain amidst such an hostile atmosphere, and seeing that Ritson’s anger was notably directed in the direction of the Skrulls, it’s hardly a wise resolution to take them in the direction of sure dying.

How are there extra Skrulls? The prevailing statistics don’t add up

Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Secret Invasion
Screengrab through Disney Plus

Secret Invasion established that the million Skrulls on Earth are all that remained of the alien species, and but a a lot bigger quantity is seen residing on the planet Tarnax. Had been Fury and the Earth-residing Skrulls not conscious {that a} completely good planet, inhabited by their individuals, was accessible? Carol was MIA for years, however she did meet up with Fury throughout and after the Battle of Earth — did they by no means focus on the million shape-shifting aliens they dropped at Earth and swore to guard?

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The place did Nick Fury’s spouse Varra aka Priscilla go?

Priscilla Varra in Secret Invasion on Disney Plus
Photograph through Marvel Studios

I swear, I’m performed with Secret Invasion-related inconsistencies, however first, the place is Varra? The Marvel sequence ended its disappointing streak with Fury and Varra departing for SABER in a spaceship collectively. And but, there was no signal of Varra all through the movie. Was she lastly pissed with Fury’s incapability to see previous her Skrull appears, and eventually left his one-eyed ass in cosmic mud to go reside her life?

How are the planets that Dar-Benn siphoned from “recovering?”

Dar-Benn, a Kree revolutionary, standing in front of a group of Kree soldiers while wielding her hammer.
Picture through Marvel Studios

Dar-Benn used the mixed powers of her Common Weapon and the bangle to siphon off the ambiance of Tarnax, and the water of Aladna, and whisk them away to her dying planet, Hala. However within the closing minutes of the movie, we’re given a one-line closure in regards to the planets’ destiny — that they’re (by some means) “recovering.” How?

Did Carol use Dar-Benn’s weapon to reverse this example? However, Kamala instantly returned to Earth along with her bangle after the combat, and we now have no affirmation that Carol wore it, so who wore it to mix its powers with the highly effective workers to reverse what Dar-Benn had performed? 

Or are the planets simply recovering on their very own? It’s depicted that Carol solely manages to avoid wasting a couple of Skrulls after Dar-Benn sucks their ambiance, however no assist got here for Aldana. Absolutely having no water, which can be essential to take care of that so-called factor known as ambiance, all people perished? We noticed the rapid results of Dar-Benn’s assault on Tarnax. So, by that logic, did Carol depart everybody on Aladna, even her pricey husband, to die a really painful dying?

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Why did Dar-Benn begin withering away the second she placed on the 2 bangles, however Kamala didn’t?

Ms. Marvel
Screengrab through Disney Plus

Sure, we now have been dancing round the truth that Kamala is a mutant, however that hasn’t been confirmed. We’ve no reason why Dar-Benn went into default destruction mode upon carrying them, however Kamala didn’t — even when she is a mutant, how does that defend her?

How is Kamala utilizing her powers when she has no bangles on?

Iman Vellani in The Marvels
Photograph through Marvel Studios

Kamala acquired her powers in Ms. Marvel after she wore the bangles, and has not exhibited her powers with out them as soon as, regardless that it has been teased that the bangle merely unlocked her dormant powers. However after Carol fails to cease Dar-Benn from clashing the Quantum Bands, the villain explodes, leaving Monica speeding to avoid wasting a momentarily shocked Captain Marvel floating in house … amid the 2 bangles. Simply then, Kamala makes an enormous crystal fist — once more, with out carrying the bangles — and whisks them away to security.

So Dar-Benn’s bangle absorbs the power thrown at it, however Kamala’s doesn’t?

Dar-Benn in The Marvels
Photograph through Marvel Studios

For some motive, which we’re positive won’t ever be defined, Dar-Benn always absorbed the power blasts by Carol and Monica, powering up on it. However when she hit Kamala along with her powers, the latter’s bangle didn’t carry out the identical trick. Are the 2 completely different? Or did the writers overlook, of their haste to provide Dar-Benn some edge, that they’re the identical?

Do Kamala’s mother and father transfer from New Jersey to Louisiana simply because their home wants renovations?

Photograph through Marvel Studios

The preliminary tussle with the Kree left the Khan’s home in shambles. However certainly that’s no motive to journey that far. It’s not like their home can by no means be renovated, or their new residence will supply further safety. America is already conscious that Kamala is a superhero, so there is no such thing as a hiding, and Carol isn’t actually round to supply 24/7 safety to them.

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Let’s discuss in regards to the handy presence of the newborn Flerkens

The Flerkens in Marvel Studios' 'The Marvels'.
Picture through Marvel Studios

Okay, we aren’t even questioning how Goose laid eggs, and the entire replica course of. However that was one handy beginning of Flerken on a ship able to go down and in want of rapid evacuation.

Are you aware what the precise joke is? That the entire movie was designed with out intending to satisfy any expectation, whether or not wise or baldly insane, and was merely rolled out as filler with the intention to convey within the X-Males. Not a single plot level of The Marvels goes to have an effect on the MCU in the long run or brief time period. And if the X-Males reveal was that was all they have been aiming for, Marvel might have merely stuffed Monica into No Manner House.

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