All Confirmed Features for Total War: Pharaoh So Far


  • Whole Warfare: Pharaoh takes gamers again to 1200 BC within the Bronze Age Collapse, permitting them to rewrite historical past and information their nation to victory.
  • The sport options turn-based grand technique and real-time battles, with a map stretching from Anatolia to Nubia.
  • Gamers can select from three cultures (Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hittite) and eight playable factions, with distinctive perks. The sport additionally contains dynamic climate, dynamic fires, and a late-game Sea Folks invasion that threatens the crumbling empires.

Artistic Meeting and Sega introduced Whole Warfare: Pharaoh in Could. The subsequent historic Whole Warfare sport will take gamers to 1200 BC, in the beginning of the Bronze Age Collapse. The next century would see the start of Egypt’s decline and the destruction of the once-mighty Hittite Empire. Nonetheless, it was additionally a interval of technological development, with the speedy adoption of ironworking throughout the traditional world.

Whole Warfare: Pharaoh gamers could have a chance to rewrite historical past as they information their nation to victory beginning October 11. Artistic Meeting has proven off an excellent little bit of the sport, together with prolonged appears to be like as numerous factions’ alpha gameplay. These embody a variety of new options coming to the sport. This is a fast rundown on every thing Artistic Meeting revealed about Whole Warfare: Pharaoh to date.

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Whole Warfare: Pharaoh Confirmed Options

Total War: Pharaoh Seti

  • Flip-based grand technique and real-time battles
  • Map stretching from Anatolia to Nubia
  • Three Cultures: Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hittite
  • Eight playable factions with distinctive perks
  • Dynamic climate
  • Dynamic fires
  • Gods that present buffs to factions that worship them
  • Late-game Sea Folks invasion
  • Egyptian and Hittite Courtroom positions
  • Occupy Sacred Land to construct Legitimacy and turn out to be Egyptian Pharaoh or Hittite King
  • Throne claimants can equip totally different crowns, offering distinctive advantages
  • “Pillars of Civilization” Mechanics representing the Bronze Age Collapse
  • In depth Marketing campaign Customization choices
  • Gamers can assemble Outposts exterior of Cities
  • Garrison Outposts present reinforcements in battle
  • “Royal Decrees” tech tree unlocking numerous bonuses
  • Chief Talent Timber
  • Evening-Day Cycle
  • Altering seasons have an effect on useful resource manufacturing

Whole Warfare: Pharaoh‘s Marketing campaign Map stretches throughout the traditional Close to East from the Egyptian province of Kush, in modern-day Sudan, to Anatolia, in modern-day Turkey. The south is dominated by 4 Egyptian factions waging a warfare for the throne. In the meantime, two playable Hittite factions battle for Anatolia, whereas the 2 Canaanite factions are sandwiched between the crumbling empires to their north and south. Nonetheless, the invading Sea Folks and impending Bronze Age Collapse threaten to convey all of them to their knees.

The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses is the sport’s mascot, although he is not the one one who’s vying for the Egyptian throne. The princes Amenmesse and Seti actively search the title of Pharaoh, whereas Seti’s spouse, Tausret, is poised to capitalize on the impasse. Within the north, the Hittite leaders Kurunta and Suppiluliuma battle to manage Anatolia. In the meantime, the Canaanite factions are led by the brutal warlord Irsu and the scheming manipulator Bay, each of whom are desperate to capitalize on the empire’s civil wars. Every of the eight leaders has distinctive talents and items, encouraging radically totally different playstyles.

Nonetheless, gamers aren’t simply battling the opposite factions. The Sea Persons are on their approach, coming to pillage and plunder the destabilized empires. Gamers can attempt to face them alone, although they could be higher off searching for allies among the many different factions. The Sea Folks additionally tie into Whole Warfare: Pharaoh‘s Pillers of Civilization mechanics, which simulate the speedy onset of the Bronze Age collapse.

Scattered throughout the map are 19 nice cities representing the facilities of Bronze Age civilization. Warfare, plague, famine, and different disasters can completely harm these settlements, weakening all three societies. The upper ranges of collapse enhance the frequency of disasters and make Sea Folks assaults extra harmful. Nonetheless, gamers can work to reverse the decline and even stop it altogether.

One other of the sport’s most vital new options is Whole Warfare: Pharaoh‘s dynamic climate system. Battlefields would possibly turn out to be obscured by sandstorms or soaked with sudden heavy rain. Some items deal with totally different climate situations higher than others, and gamers should adapt their methods to account for that.

The brand new historic Whole Warfare sport additionally introduces fireplace as a sport mechanic. As soon as set, fires can unfold throughout grass, bushes, and buildings, threatening to envelop items and destroy settlements. Gamers can use this to their benefit, burning siege gear to the bottom and torching forests to engulf enemies. Nonetheless, gamers will must be cautious if they begin taking part in with fireplace, because the flames may be unpredictable, and do not care who they burn.

One other of Whole Warfare: Pharaoh‘s new options is that it provides gamers in depth choices for the best way to customise their campaigns. For instance, gamers who really feel like the sport is getting too predictable can select to randomize every faction’s beginning location. Gamers may also change issues like useful resource capability, staring cash, AI persona, pure disasters, character motion, attrition depth, and far more.

Whole Warfare: Pharaoh releases for PC on October 11, 2023.

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