All Delamain Car Locations (Epistrophy Quest)

While you first come throughout a Delamain automobile in Cyberpunk 2077, its location might be marked on the map to be able to begin a significant aspect quest proper after. There are six Delamain automobiles in whole, and V might be tasked to search out all of them in Night time Metropolis. Nonetheless, not like the primary automobile, the remainder won’t be marked on the map, and you’ll have to find them with none clues or steerage. Discovering all of them will reward V with lots of Road Cred, EXP, and Eurodollars (Eddies).

To get the questline began, you will need to converse to the taxi AI in Delamain HQ. The AI will give V a particular Scanner that can allow them to find rogue Delamain taxis scattered across the metropolis. Some automobiles in Cyberpunk 2077 might be straightforward to search out; nonetheless, a lot of them would require some additional effort to recuperate. Regardless, in case you are seeking to wrap up this questline quick, you’ll require the precise areas of each Delamain taxi in order that you do not have to spend an excessive amount of time exploring.

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How To Discover Delamain Vehicles

Earlier than venturing out to search for Delamain taxis in Wellsprings, it’s value declaring that a number of the automobiles face emotional issues and won’t return to the HQ simply. You can be required to do some duties as a way to calm the taxis. For additional particulars about every Delamain automobile location and encounter, gamers can consult with the index under. Discovering all of the Delamain automobiles can take fairly a little bit of time, however thankfully ZaFrostPet on YouTube has supplied an especially useful visible breakdown if gamers wish to merely see the place all of the Delamain automobiles are situated:

Delamain Car Location In Wellsprings

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Heywood
  • Sub-District: Wellsprings
  • After gamers arrive on the Cab’s location in Wellsprings, the hostile taxi will try and run over V, after which the rogue AI will exclaim a vulgar greeting and drive off.
  • Chasing after the Cab on foot is impractical, so gamers must be ready to present chase with their very own car.
  • To subdue this Cab, gamers should proceed to deal harm to the automobile till it offers up.
  • Assault the car by ramming it whereas driving or by capturing it with any weapon in Cyberpunk 2077.

Delamain Car Location In Northside

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's Northside map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Watson
  • Sub-District: Northside
  • This Delamain automobile might be parked in a small alleyway in Northside.
  • While you strategy the car, it can immediately develop into energetic, darting off by way of the economic sector.
  • Drive after the Cab, chasing it by way of the grime trails and empty warehouses. Don’t fret about damaging it.
  • Finally, the automobile will attain a set location the place it can crash right into a pile of trash, concluding the search goal.

Delamain Car Location In North Oak

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's North Oak map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Westbrook
  • Sub-District: North Oak
  • This subsequent Delamain automobile will be discovered driving slowly and endlessly inside a roundabout on the outskirt roads of North Oak.
  • After a chat with V, Delamain will specific their disdain for the loud and crowded life within the metropolis.
  • It doesn’t want to return to Delamain HQ by itself however as a substitute requests that gamers get into its driver’s seat and manually return it.
  • Though it asks that gamers drive rigorously and never crash, there is no such thing as a penalty for doing so.
  • Nonetheless, if you happen to drive relentlessly for an prolonged interval, Delamain will power V to drop driving for a number of seconds.

Delamain Car Location In Rancho Coronado

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's Coronado map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Santo Domingo
  • Sub-District: Rancho Coronado
  • Within the southeastern neighborhoods of Rancho Coronado, the following Delamain Car is driving aimlessly by way of the streets.
  • Delamain claims that the flamingo decorations exterior individuals’s properties are tormenting its thoughts.
  • Due to this fact, to peacefully convey this Synthetic intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077 again to HQ, you will need to observe the HUD markers and destroy the flamingos in yards of the neighborhood.
  • Gamers can destroy flamingos with autos or with their weapon of selection.

Delamain Car Location In Badlands

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's Badlands map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Purple Peaks
  • Sub-District: Badlands
  • This is without doubt one of the best Delamain automobile to search out in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • All you will need to do is strategy the Cab, climb into the backseat, and converse with the rogue AI for lower than a minute.
  • As soon as the dialog is over, Delamain will name V and ship the Eddies to your account.
  • The one problem is getting by way of all the rubbish alongside the slim roads of the Badlands; the collision containers of the trash heaps will be annoying to take care of.

Delamain Car Location In The Glen

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's The Glen map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Heywood
  • Sub-District: The Glen
  • Much like the runaway Cab within the Badlands, the Delamain automobile situated in The Glen solely needs to talk with V earlier than agreeing to return to the taxi headquarters.

The Final Delamain Car Location: Coastview

An image of a Delamain Cab Location on Cyberpunk 2077's Coastview map

Delamain Cab Location

Walkthrough Particulars

  • District: Pacifica
  • Sub-District: Coastview
  • The ultimate Delamain automobile encounter will start much like the Cab chase in Northside.
  • You can be compelled to chase after the car by way of the streets of Pacifica; nonetheless, this Cab has a shock ambush in retailer alongside the best way.
  • After pursuing Delamain, it can finally cease beneath an underpass the place a gaggle of Gangoons will try and kill V.
  • Thankfully, there are many particles and objects to make use of as cowl whereas defeating these hostile enemies.
  • After clearing the world, converse with the Delamain automobile once more to steer it to return to Delamain HQ.

After you come the final Delamain Taxi, you’ll be able to head again to Delamain HQ to return the scanner. You’ll obtain some Eddies and EXP in your efforts and for finishing this main aspect gig.

To start out the following Delamain quest in Cyberpunk 2077, “Do not Lose Your Thoughts,” it’s worthwhile to head to Corpo Plaza in Night time Metropolis, the place you’ll study of a site visitors jam attributable to three Delamain Cabs. Johnny Silverhand will advise that V ought to go to the headquarters to see what’s going on, triggering the following a part of Delamain’s story, the place gamers must make an vital resolution concerning the AI’s destiny.

Supply: ZaFrostPet/YouTube

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