All The Ways To Alter Tav’s Appearance (Without The Magic Mirror)


  • Customized characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 permit for all kinds of appearances, however altering appears would not cease with the character creation display.
  • Some look modifications are short-term, coming from battle, spells, or class options.
  • Many others, although, completely have an effect on a BG3 character, usually offering new talents or drastically altering the story.

Though Baldur’s Gate 3 presents loads of choices when making a brand new customized character, there are nonetheless some who could wish to change Tav as soon as their journey has begun. After many requests, developer Larian Studios added the Magic Mirror in Patch 3 permitting customized character appearances to be altered after leaving the character creator. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless different methods Tav’s look might be modified without having this magical merchandise.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3.]

Whereas there are various who will spend hours in character creation to attain the proper search for a customized character, there are others who don’t thoughts if Tav’s look modifications all through the course of Baldur’s Gate 3. This may be accomplished via everlasting and non-permanent means from the very starting proper via to the tip of Baldur’s Gate 3. From objects to encounters, under are all of the methods to change a personality’s look without having the Magic Mirror.

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7 Dust, Blood, & Bruises After Battles In BG3

Alters Appearance Till A Quick Or Lengthy Relaxation

One of the noticeable and customary ways in which a personality’s look will change is after battles. All characters, participant characters and companions, after ending a combat will usually be lined in blood and typically grime. These lifelike touches could make even essentially the most bookish wizard appear to be a hardened adventurer, and the impact will persist even after therapeutic.

Blood, acid, and different substances might be washed off characters and surfaces with the create water spell, a sponge, or cleaning soap.

One other cool impact in BG3 is that if a personality’s heath is especially low, then their look will replicate that. Cuts and bruises will cowl the character’s face throughout cutscenes, exhibiting the injury they’ve sustained in battle clearly. As with the blood and dirt, these results will stay till therapeutic or both a brief or lengthy relaxation is taken.

6 Utilizing Disguise Self Or The Masks Of The Shapeshifter

Spells & Legendary Objects Can Quickly Change A Character’s Race

One other short-term to alter a personality’s look is to make use of both a spell or legendary merchandise. The spells disguise self and seeming each change the looks of targets utilizing phantasm magic. Disguise self is a stage one spell that solely targets the caster, who can select from both the male or feminine variations of all of the playable races. Seeming is a fifth stage spell that may change the looks of all 4 lively get together members to randomly chosen disguises. Characters can then use can motion to don a brand new disguise as soon as or to dispel the disguise.

The Masks of the Shapeshifter is one among Baldur’s Gate 3’s 5 legendary armor items and might be discovered within the camp traveler’s chest. This helmet acts the identical because the disguise self spell, however doesn’t use a spell slot and has no limits to what number of occasions it may be used per lengthy relaxation. The Masks of the Shapeshifter is ideal for squeezing via small areas as a smaller race or talking with the lately departed if the get together have simply killed them.

5 Auntie Ethel’s Hag Eye

Take Ethel’s Supply To Take away The Parasite

Female human player character with one clouded hag eye in Baldur's Gate 3

For a extra everlasting change to a BG3 character’s look, Auntie Ethel is very happy to assist. The NPC might be first met within the Druid Grove and can invite the get together to her residence to the south of the Blighted Village. As soon as there, Ethel will reveal herself to be a hag and make a suggestion to take away the troublesome tadpoles in alternate for one Tav’s eyes. When requested about why she desires a watch, Ethel will probably be evasive and easily state that it’s her enterprise.

This deal will probably be unavailable if Tav has already given up a watch to Volo or when enjoying as Wyll.

If the get together conform to this deal, Ethel will kindly let Tav select which eye she’s going to “kiss” earlier than plucking it out. Then Ethel will return the attention, leaving the character with a completely clouded look in that eye. From then on, that character can have the everlasting BG3 situation Paid the Value, which provides a plus one bonus to Intimidation checks, however drawback to all Notion checks and assaults in opposition to hags.

4 The Astral-Touched Tadpole Modifications A Character’s Face

New Illithid Powers Are Granted By The Astral-Touched Tadpole

At the start of Act 3 the true identification of BG3‘s Dream Guardian will probably be revealed because the Emperor, who will provide the get together a particular Astral-Touched Tadpole. With this tadpole, characters will be capable of unlock extra illithid powers and the Emperor’s argument is that this may make the get together extra prone to succeed when combating in opposition to the Absolute. Whereas there are some advantages to utilizing this new tadpole, it actually comes right down to play type and private choice.

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Nonetheless, for individuals who do use the Astral-Touched Tadpole, there are some everlasting look modifications to contemplate. Because the parasite unlocks extra illithid potential, thick black veins will unfold throughout the character’s face, considerably altering their complexion. Whereas companions will initially have one thing to say about Tav’s new visible look, different NPCs won’t remark, and it’ll haven’t any impression on how quests proceed aside from giving the character new powers.

3 Volo’s Ersatz Eye Is A Helpful Change

Volo’s Incompetence Lets You See Invisibility

Volo offers Volo’s Ersatz Eye in Baldur's Gate 3

Equally to Auntie Ethel, world renown creator Volothamp Geddarm can be positive that he might help Tav eliminate their thoughts flayer parasite. Volo will boast that he’s able to performing the surgical procedure essential to take away the tadpole. In one of many funniest Baldur’s Gate 3 moments, Volo will dig round within the character’s eye earlier than popping it out and dropping it within the mud.

Volo won’t carry out the surgical procedure on a personality who already has taken the deal from Auntie Ethel and has misplaced a watch, however one other companion might be chosen to method him.

To compensate Tav for his error, Volo will change the attention with Volo’s Ersatz Eye, which acts as a everlasting situation in addition to altering the character’s look. Volo’s Ersatz Eye permits the character with it to see invisible creatures, which is extraordinarily helpful later in BG3. Whereas the beauty change is minimal with a blue glow, it’s an fascinating one.

2 Wild Form Into Animals To Discover

Druid’s Wild Form Has Many Totally different Appearances

Druids have the chance to briefly alter their appearances by utilizing Wild Form, one of many key options of their class. Wild Form permits druids to show into varied animals and is nice to make use of in fight, however can be nice for scouting in BG3. When making an attempt to view a big space, the dire raven is an superior alternative whereas the cat is ideal for squeezing via cracks to get into new areas.

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All druids can Wild Form, however Circle of the Moon druids are in a position to do that as a bonus motion whereas in fight slightly than utilizing an motion. Circle of the Moon additionally presents among the extra sturdy wild form choices designed for fight in addition to utility. Nonetheless, out of fight it’s also extraordinarily enjoyable to roam concerning the many places in Baldur’s Gate 3 as an animal, chatting to fellow beasts.

1 Grow to be An Illithid For A Whole Transformation

Karlach & Tav Can Grow to be Thoughts Flayers In Act 3

Tav becomes a mind flayer illithid in Baldur's Gate 3

Lastly, for one of the everlasting and excessive look modifications, Tav or Karlach can change into an illithid. The alternative is obtainable near the tip of Baldur’s Gate 3; the get together will face a alternative in how they go about defeating the Netherbrain. Whereas there may be the selection to aspect with the Emperor or Prince Orpheus, there may be the third alternative for both Tav or Karlach to change into a thoughts flayer.

Because the safety of the Astral Prism is lowered, the chosen character will gruesomely remodel into a brand new illithid earlier than the protect is raised round their thoughts once more. Disappointingly, the brand new thoughts flayer has a slightly generic look, slightly than one thing that considerably displays the character they have been earlier than. Clearly, turning into an illithid can have some penalties in how some NPCs will react, so it isn’t a call to take evenly when enjoying Baldur’s Gate 3.

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