All you have to know concerning the 2023 VALORANT Champions skin Bundle

In addition to exciting cosmetics, animations, kill banners, and player cards for the fans, the 2023 VALORANT Champions skin bundle will bring a huge opportunity for partnered teams to earn large sums of money from the sales of skin bundles.

As Valorant Champions 2023 approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the exclusive cosmetic bundle that will accompany the event. According to reports, the Valorant Champions Bundle 2023 will be made revealed on July 30, 2023.

A feature video released by Riot at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles purportedly teased the Champions 2023 skin bundle, along with the event’s feature song and its tagline. Similar to the last two iterations of the event, half of the proceeds from the sale of the upcoming skin bundle will go to VCT partner teams from the Americas, Pacific, and EMEA regions.

The Champions skin bundle will continue to support Valorant’s ecosystem 

All you have to know concerning the 2023 VALORANT Champions skin Bundle

The Champions Skin package is a part of Riot’s ongoing efforts to create a solid and long-lasting framework for its esports ecosystem that addresses both the front-end and back-end parts of the industry. Teams selected for the partnership were promised financial support from Riot when the league system transitioned to a partnered one in 2023.

The redesigned framework gives organizations financial support in the form of an annual stipend, in-game item sales from esports competitions, and team-branded content. In exchange, the partnered team helps with marketing efforts, content creation, drawing crowds to VCT events, and supporting professional athletes. The developer has previously released exclusive in-game bundles for the LOCK/IN So Paulo and two prior world championships, with revenue going to the competing teams.

Next VALORANT Champions 2023 Bundle will be revealed JULY 31st

— Valorant Updates (@ValorantUpdated) July 3, 2023

The 2022 VCT Champions skin bundle, which included an upgradeable Phantom and butterfly knife in addition to a player card, spray, and gun buddy, brought in a total of $42 million for Riot in 2022. Each participating team received over $1 million as Riot allocated half of the skin bundle revenue to the teams that participated in the competition. A total of more than $18.7 million has been raised from the sale of the first Valorant Champions skin bundle, with $9.36 million going to the teams that qualified for the international competition.

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Moreover, the VCT LOCK/IN bundle generated sales of about $10 million, giving each participating team $312,500 just for showing up to the event. As with the previous two world championships, Riot Games shared the revenue generated from in-game item bundles with the participating teams irrespective of the performance at the event. However, as more than half of the partners will not be participating in Champions 2023, it is uncertain whether they will still be eligible for a portion of the package.

In early 2023, Riot Games also stated that partnered teams in its VCT leagues will be able to add team-branded skins to Valorant, but no team-branded content has yet been made available for fans to buy on the Valorant storefront. Nevertheless, in a recent interview with the Sports Business Journal, Valorant Esports Global Head Leo Faria accidentally revealed that these team-branded skins are scheduled to launch in 2024.

Expected Skins at the 2023 VALORANT Champions skin bundle

The contents of the Valorant Champions 2023 bundles have not yet been revealed, but based on the contents in past bundles, two skins—one for a rifle and another for a melee weapon—will probably be in there. A new version of the Champions logo will be displayed, and the color scheme of the finishes is anticipated to be a blend of black, gold, and a vibrant shade of green.

The weapon skin is expected to have four levels of enhancements, including a new finisher, a kill banner, and music. Given the price of the bundle, another single gun skin like the Operator makes the most sense. Alternatively, two skins with submachine guns and shotguns, along with melee, would be logical.

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Also, the skins might have distinctive effects related to Gekko or Los Angeles. Furthermore, the skins included in the upcoming bundle won’t be returning to the Night Market, so this will be the players’ sole opportunity to get them. The inaugural Champions bundle included two skins, the Champions Vandal and the Champions Karambit, each with four upgrade tiers, a new finisher, theme music, and a kill banner.

Similarly, the second Champions bundle also included two skins: the Champions Phantom and the Champions Axe with four levels of upgrades, a new finisher, a kill banner, and music. The VCT bundle featured an upgraded Misericórdia melee which was available in multiple different colors to represent the different regions that attended the tournament and featured an animation similar to the Xenohunter knife.

The 2023 VALORANT Champions skin bundle release date:

The previous two bundles were made available around a week before the start of the annual world champions. Following suit, the Champions 2023 skin bundle is anticipated to release on August 1 following its formal announcement on July 31.

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