American Horror Stories: Rubber(wo)Man Ending, Explained


  • The 2-part episode of American Horror Tales titled “Rubber(wo)Man” takes viewers on a macabre journey as Michael, Troy, and Scarlett transfer into the notorious Homicide Home and encounter a sinister energy throughout the iconic rubber go well with.
  • The storyline explores the twisted connection between tainted innocence and malevolent spirits, as Scarlett’s darkish previous and fascination with violence lead her to commit a number of murders sporting the go well with.
  • The episode concludes with a chilling new period of ghosts within the Homicide Home, as Scarlett continues to roam the earthly realm searching for vengeance, whereas Ruby displays on their relationship and finds solace in Scarlett’s annual return.

The spinoff to Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, American Horror Tales, plunges viewers again into the depths of terror with its first two episodes, aptly titled “Rubber(wo)Man.” Set within the iconic Homicide Home of Los Angeles, this chilling collection diverges from the normal anthology strategy of its predecessor, providing viewers a contemporary storyline for every episode.

Nonetheless, “Rubber(wo)Man” kicks issues off by stretching throughout two episodes, weaving a sinister narrative that not solely pays homage to the unique collection but in addition introduces new characters and horror parts.

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What’s American Horror Tales: Rubber(wo)Man about?

american horror stories rubber (wo)man cast

American Horror Tales Season 1, Components 1 & 2 is a twisted story about Michael (Matt Bomer), Troy (Gavin Creel), and their teenage daughter, Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), embarking on a macabre journey as they transfer into the notorious Homicide Home. Their bold plan? To transform the haunted mansion right into a mattress and breakfast for thrill-seekers and historical past fans. Unfazed by the supernatural legends that encompass the home, Michael and Troy are skeptics who dismiss the chilling tales which have plagued the mansion for over a century.

Scarlett stumbles upon Tate Langdon’s (Evan Peters) notorious rubber go well with, hidden away in one of many home’s closets. Intrigued, she tries it on, solely to find its disturbing energy. When the go well with mysteriously reappears after her makes an attempt to eliminate it, Scarlett offers in to its eerie attract. Because the story unfolds, it turns into obvious that Scarlett has her personal darkish previous and an unsettling attraction to the extra violent elements of BDSM pornography. The narrative takes a sinister flip, delving into the twisted connection between tainted innocence and the embrace of malevolent spirits, who discover solace in one another.

In a pivotal second, Scarlett’s eyes flip fully black throughout her second encounter with the rubber go well with, suggesting a supernatural affect at play. By the tip of Half Two, Scarlett has dedicated quite a few murders whereas sporting the go well with, together with the ugly slaying of a gaggle of imply ladies who tormented her. Sadly for her victims, those that perish on the grounds of the Homicide Home are condemned to an eternity of haunting, retaining Maya (Paris Jackson) and her clique trapped in its eerie halls.

As “Rubber(wo)Man: Half Two” unfolds, a number of weeks have handed since Scarlett’s ugly homicide spree. Throughout this time, she has crossed paths with one other stressed spirit, Ruby (Kaia Gerber), and a darkish romance has blossomed. Each characters share a disturbing fascination with bloodshed and homicide, making them an ideal match within the horrifying tapestry of the Homicide Home.

Nonetheless, a surprising revelation happens when Ruby discloses her personal tragic previous. She recounts being despatched to dwell together with her abusive Uncle Tony after her dad and mom’ alleged loss of life, solely to find that they had been alive all alongside however had deserted her. This revelation explains Ruby’s violent inclinations and provides a layer of darkness to her character. In the meantime, Michael and Troy’s once-solid marriage begins to crumble. Michael needs to promote the home because of monetary considerations and his eerie encounters with ghosts, together with the notorious Piggy Man from AHS: “Homicide Home.” In distinction, Troy is set to remain, resulting in a fateful and ugly finish for each of them by the hands of Ruby.

How does American Horror Tales: Rubber(wo)Man finish?

american horror stories rubber (wo)man ruby

The 2-part episode concludes with a chilling new period of ghosts throughout the Homicide Home. Michael and Troy settle for their roles as surrogate father figures to the teenage ladies trapped in the home for eternity. Ruby quickly steps again from her relentless homicide spree among the many different spirits haunting the Homicide Home. In the meantime, Scarlett decides she shouldn’t be able to embrace the afterlife and continues to roam the earthly realm, donning the dreaded rubber go well with to actual vengeance upon those that tormented her family members.

The episode closes with a haunting voiceover from Ruby, reflecting on the fragile steadiness of management of their relationship. She describes happiness as one thing to look ahead to and finds solace in Scarlett’s annual return for one night time of bliss.

“Rubber(wo)Man” not solely pays homage to American Horror Story‘s iconic “Homicide Home” arc but in addition attracts parallels between characters and themes from the unique collection. Scarlett’s journey from a brand new tenant to a homicidal determine mirrors the character arc of Violet Harmon. Initially launched as an harmless newcomer to Homicide Home, Scarlett’s darkish tendencies and eventual embrace of the rubber go well with place her as the brand new Tate Langdon. Furthermore, Scarlett’s potential future path appears to reflect that of Jessica Lange’s character, Constance Langdon. Simply as Constance opted to not finish her time on Earth and dedicated suicide, Scarlett might observe an identical path, turning into the unofficial dwelling tenant of the notorious Homicide Home.

Each tales, regardless of their horrifying parts, finally conclude with a way of domesticity and household. Simply because the Harmon household discovered themselves collectively as ghostly entities across the Christmas tree in “Homicide Home,” “Rubber(wo)Man” gives a surprisingly blissful ending. Scarlett and Ruby have cast a option to make their relationship work, and Michael, Troy, and the imply ladies from Scarlett’s college coexist as ghosts in a semblance of home bliss.

American Horror Tales’ “Rubber(wo)Man” episodes provide a terrifying and thought-provoking storyline that delves into darkish themes of affection, violence, and the legacy of horror. With a contemporary tackle the anthology format and a return to the enduring Homicide Home, the collection guarantees extra spine-tingling tales that push the boundaries of terror and love within the twisted world of American horror. In the long run, it reminds viewers that even within the midst of horror, residence will be the place the guts finds solace, and darkish love will be simply as enduring as some other.

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