5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

Single reclining sofas are among the most popular seats today, particularly in homes with limited space. Their space-saving and ergonomic designs are ideal for any living room.

If you’re on a budget, one of the best 5 inexpensive recliners under $100 in this post will let you to sit, slumber, and rest in style. Not only that, but there’s a purchase guide for these seats as well.

These low-cost recliners double as lovely living room decorations, brightening up your living room or bedroom and displaying your personal style anytime visitors come over.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the products’ outstanding features. Then pick the ideal product to complement your modern lifestyle at home.

1. Homall Recliner Chair

5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

The Homall recliner chair is at the top of the best list. What should you anticipate from this model?

This Homall single recliner chair is upholstered in high-quality PU leather that is both skin-friendly and easy to maintain. It also contains a thick sponge with a high density for elasticity and permeability. You can sit or lie comfortably all day as a result of this.

Homall also comes with a slew of impressive features. You can have a backrest with an adjustable footrest, a wide armrest with a flawlessly curved shape, and a spacious and thickly padded seat and back, for example.

To add to your relaxation, this chair has a timer, a message timer, and a vibration mode. All of these will provide you with the ideal spot to unwind at home.

Not only that, but the chair’s foot has a sturdy steel frame with a thick foam cushion so you can easily place your foot while you recline and watch TV shows, listen to music, or just relax. You also have the excellent double stitch pattern, which gives products with a weight capacity of 265 lbs an appealing appearance.

This single recliner has solid four feet with rubber pads for adequate protection of couches and hard flooring. Finally, after unboxing, you may simply build the chair, which measures 27.6″ x 64.2″ x 27.9″.

Because there are no sidebars to pull, you need push back with a bit of force to bring your leg up when sitting in this manual recliner.

This style is great for reclining or lying flat totally if you require a soothing chair for a small space. It allows you and your family to watch your favorite TV shows for hours.


  • Tremendous snug
  • Simple to arrange
  • Sturdy reclining mechanism
  • Easy and delicate supplies
  • Fashionable and easy design


  • Small dimension

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2. JUMMICO Adjustable Cloth Recliner Chair

5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

Let’s meet the JUMMICO fabric recliner now. Unlike the other items on this list, the manufacturer has covered this chair with linen.

Is it up to par?

The use of high-quality soft linen material allows for adequate breathability. For enhanced comfort, the chair comes with deep padded cushions and wide armrests.

In addition, the footrest is supported by a steel frame for added stability. During your break at home or at work, you may instantly alter the legroom’s angle for maximum relaxation.

Plus, there’s more.

You may adjust the reclining posture from 90° to 165° for a variety of activities such as reading, watching TV, napping, or listening to music. This chair can be used in tiny locations such as the living room, bedroom, home theater, or the company’s resting room. The device is simple to put together by sliding the backrest into the base connection and screwing the four legs together.

Not to mention the massage feature, which includes eight different types of massage, the ability to modify vibration intensity, and massage time. You and your family can now benefit from a simple home massage.

This model, like many others, comes with rubber feet to protect your hardwood floor. The chair can hold up to 265 pounds and is 19.8″ x 62.6″ x 29.8″.

Tall people, on the other hand, cannot sleep properly by resting their heads on a chair.

Despite this flaw, this model is a fantastic complement to any tiny space. You can read books or drink tea while watching TV or listening to music after a long day at work.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nicely-made and good look
  • Cozy and light-weight
  • Sturdy supplies


  • The chair arms are usually not reasonably excessive.

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3. Vnewone Recliner Chair

5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

The Vnewone Recliner Chair is the next item on the list. The sleek, modern look of this device is its standout feature.

This chair is masterfully crafted by Vnewone to add the right finishing touch to your living space or office. Because of its delicate appearance and great sun protection, it can also be used in bars and other places of business.

How about its ease of use?

To help you relax and relieve stress, the chair includes extended functioning twin legs and a robust reclining back. This type comes with a push-back recliner, readily adjustable leg rest, broad arched support, huge seat cushions, and sturdy seatbacks, according to the manufacturer.

You may adjust the angle from 95 to 160 degrees to watch TV, read books, play games, listen to music, or sleep comfortably.

Here’s something exciting for you. The recliner chair is made of a tough PU material that is waterproof and washes off easily.

For enhanced stability and longevity, Vnewone crafts the chair legs and frame out of solid wood. Footrest has a thick foam padding and a high-strength steel frame. Furthermore, this single recliner is supported by four solid legs with unsigned pads that adequately protect the single sofa and hard floor.

The product assembly takes roughly 2 minutes. The backrest is easily placed into the base connection and the four feet are screwed in place. Users weighing up to 275 pounds can use this chair, which has an open size of 63 “x 26.6′′ x 30.”

However, because the chair’s upper is rather delicate, you should not use railings to pull yourself onto it.

If you’re looking for a great little theater seating chair for short individuals, this Vnewone model is a great option.


  • Easy setup
  • Agency and delicate
  • Comfy and
  • Good trying


  • Not for tall folks

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4. Furniwell Fashionable Single Reclining Couch

5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

You can trust the Furniwell name when it comes to recliners under $100. Now let’s take a closer look at the Furniwell reclining sofa with footrest.

First and foremost, with the massage function, it is the ideal chair for ultimate relaxation at home. You may adjust the vibration function with the remote control to suit your demands. As a result, you may efficiently loosen up your back and complete body.

Furthermore, when watching TV or napping on this sofa, there is a soft foot cushion in front of the seat and curved armrests to stretch your legs and rest your arms comfortably.

To build the greatest elastic chair for a long period, the maker also employs high-quality skin-friendly imitation leather and comfy soft sponges. When you need to rest, watch TV, or nap at home or at work, simply set the temperature from 90 to 170 degrees.

Simultaneously, the ergonomic design includes a chair back that conforms to the human body’s curve. With a large foam cushion, the chair can aid your blood circulation or relieve tension whether you sit or lie down.

Finally, it takes only 5 minutes to put the three pieces of the package together and install them without difficulty. The product’s weight capacity is 265 pounds, and its completely open dimensions are 27.9″ (H) x 27.6″ (W) x 64.2″ (D).

The massaging function cannot be turned off; it can only be adjusted in intensity. You must unplug it to turn it on and off.

Overall, this is one of the greatest under $100 recliners for those who don’t have a lot of money or room but yet want the best comfort. Purchase and enjoy this living room theater seats.


  • Extremely snug
  • Simple to assemble
  • Good design
  • Smooth and sturdy supplies


  • Restricted therapeutic massage operate
  • Fairly slim

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5. Topeakmart Fashionable Reclining Chair

5 Best Budget Recliners Under $100

Now is the time to discuss the Topeakmart Sofa Recliner. Is it unique among the other items on the list?

The company claims that it will give you the sensation of sitting in a marshmallow chair. This very comfy couch chair is made from a robust composite wood frame, natural soft rayon fiber, waterproof PU, and PVC leather by Topeakmart.

The durable composite wood frame allows you to recline deeply in this single recliner chair with a maximum capacity of 265 lbs. This model may also be adjusted with a simple press on the backrest, which causes the seat foot to pop up and stop anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees.

You and your family may now enjoy your preferred sitting posture on this chair, which measures 26.5′′ x 61.8′′ x 30.5″ when fully reclined, whether you choose to sit upright, with legs up, or lie up straight.

A plush padded seat and thick foam and rayon fibers have been added to the seat and footrest of this inexpensive modern chair. To provide you a terrific experience, the outside of the chairs are covered with PU leather and PVC to increase flexibility and suppleness.

Its coating also provides it a rich appearance and makes it water and stain resistant. You remove the spots gently with a moist towel and a light detergent.

The reclining function is not locked, which is a minor flaw. Even if you try to lie down, the seat reclines when you change your weight.

Choose this Topeakmart chair if you have a tiny living area and need something that doesn’t take up a lot of room but still feels comfortable.


  • Fashionable trying
  • Very snug
  • Fast meeting
  • Sturdy building


  • It might have a foul odor.

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Things to Think About Before Purchasing Low-Cost Recliner Chairs

You should consider the following factors before purchasing a chair of this type. Right now, go check them out.

  1. What to Expect and What Not to Expect

Recliners, whether expensive or inexpensive, provide you with the relaxation you need to unwind after a long day. You’ll be able to watch TV, read books, listen to music, or even sleep while sitting in these low-cost recliners.

Manufacturers use durable frame architecture and soft upholstery to create compact and ergonomic designs. However, you may not have powerful massage capabilities, integrated phone chargers, sophisticated electrical controls, warmers, or beautiful leather if you have a low budget.

  1. Dimensions and Weight

Before purchasing the most appropriate size product, you must first measure the location of the seat. It’s important to examine the chair’s size while it’s tilted because this chair might take up a lot of room when fully reclined.

You should also consider the weight of the chair before shifting it to the desired location. Because some recliners are too hefty for your home’s construction, check sure it can support their weight.

  1. Weight Carrying Capacity

If you want to utilize those cheap recliners for a long time, especially if your home has a lot of heavy people, be sure the chair can handle the weight. When a chair’s weight restriction isn’t set appropriately, it can soon become damaged if it’s used regularly.

  1. Finishing Quality

The finish quality is determined by the recliner’s material. To ensure comfort and durability, you should select high-quality materials.

Because imitation PU leather or fabric is less expensive than real leather, manufacturers frequently utilize it to wrap these products. It does, however, provide a nice and smooth feeling when sitting or resting on them, as well as outstanding indoor durability.

You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your home’s design.

  1. Characteristics

The product inclination and reclining mechanism are the sole distinguishing aspects of affordable recliners. You can determine how much tilt you want, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, the reclining mechanism on this sort of chair is usually manual, requiring greater strength to operate.


It’s difficult to get an excellent recliner for under $100. Even if you have a large budget, this is the case. With the list of cheap recliner chairs under $100 and the buying guide above, you’ll be able to choose one that meets your needs, whether you’re looking for something for the living room, bedroom, or man cave.

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