We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

Transferring dry products from grocery packaging to airtight containers is not only a terrific way to organize the kitchen, but it also helps ward off unwelcome pests while retaining the freshness of the product, whether you’re seeking for consistency or something decorative.

The right containers, whether glass or plastic, are essential for safely keeping dry items. Glass and ceramic containers provide an eco-friendly appealing choice that may be used as counter decor, while modular plastic models offer a sleek, space-saving design. The best dry storage containers make it simple to know how much food you have on hand and ensure that it doesn’t go bad—all while saving space and keeping your pantry clutter-free.

“While it’s fine to store some dry products in their original packaging while unopened,” says Todd Ferensak, culinary director at Citizen Chicken & Donuts, “I highly recommend investing in some clear, good quality, reusable food storage containers with airtight seals.”

To help you decide which dry food storage containers are best for you, we put them through their paces and compared their design, performance, capacity, durability, cleaning, and overall value. To ensure that these dry food storage containers are indeed the best, they were filled with a variety of foods such as brown sugar, flour, and corn flakes (as well as water to test the seal’s integrity).

According to our tests, these are the best dry storage containers for all of your pantry needs.

Click Clack Cubes with Stainless Lids are the best overall ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • It is simple to open
  • Stacking is simple.
  • BPA-free

What We Don’t Care For

  • If dropped, it is fragile and may fracture.
  • Lids must be washed by hand.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large ranch, space is always an issue when it comes to kitchen storage. These Click Clack Cubes stack easily, reducing their counter and shelf footprint. The stainless steel lids have a classy look and are constructed with an airtight seal to keep your pantry products fresh.

These BPA-free food storage containers (available separately) are constructed of BPA-free plastic.

1 The lids are simple to open and close, ensuring that your dry products are protected and have a longer shelf life. To keep the seal intact, hand washing is recommended; the cubes are not intended for use in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or freezer.

Plastic is BPA-free, and the lids are stainless steel | What’s in it for you: Containers with lids in 1-quart, 2-quart, 3.5-quart, and 4.5-quart sizes are available.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids is the best design ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Reasonably priced
  • It’s simple to scoop and pour from this container.
  • Design that saves space

What We Don’t Care For

  • It’s possible that you’ll need to order more parts than what’s included in the set.
  • Cleaning the lid could be tough.

When it comes to organizing your pantry, having a choice of container sizes and compatibility is crucial. Rubbermaid Brilliance containers, which are available separately or as a set, include a stacking line with airtight lids that latch in place, as well as a tiny rim on each container that keeps it secure when stacked.

The line’s robust plastic structure, which is also odor- and stain-resistant, impressed our tester, ensuring that storing something more potent won’t come back to haunt you weeks later. The design makes scooping and pouring effortless, whether you’re using them for flour, snacks, or cereal. Rubbermaid Brilliance containers can even be stored in the freezer.

This dishwasher-safe range comes in nine sizes with three replaceable lids, but to complete a pantry, sets are frequently supplemented with other specialty containers.

Plastic that is BPA-free | 19.9-cup, 16-cup, 12-cup, 8.1-cup, 7.8-cup, 6.6-cup, 3.2-cup, and 1.3-cup containers are included, as well as two 0.5-cup tiny containers and lids.

Progressive ProKeeper 4-Quart Flour Container is the best for flour ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Stacks easily
  • It’s made for leveling and measuring flour.

What We Don’t Care For

  • It may be tough to remove the attached label.

Flour is one of those dry items that benefits from a storage container; aside from keeping pests out, the correct container will make scooping and leveling easier. ProKeeper includes useful extras like this model’s detachable leveler, which aids in precise and mess-free measuring. The cup measure indicators on the side of the container add to its practicality, letting you know whether you have enough for a recipe or need to go to the store.

The ProKeeper container has a lot of great features, including a large capacity. It can hold up to 5 pounds of flour and is airtight thanks to the easy-open cover. If you’re a baker with a lot of various types of flour in your cupboard, the stackable design will save you a lot of space.

The fact that the container maintained to open and close as predicted after repeated use was extremely pleasing to our tester. When closing the lid, make sure the notch fully snaps into place, as this is a clear indication that the lid is entirely sealed and secure. We filled the container halfway with water and shook it to make sure it was airtight. There was not a single drop that got away.

This container will fit a variety of dry measuring cups without problem, and there is a lever provided that may be put just below the top of the container to level out scoops before removing them. This item can be stored in the freezer and is also dishwashing safe.

BPA-free polycarbonate with a silicone seal and stainless steel hinges | What’s in it for you: one 4-quart lidded container

PrepWorks by Progressive Large Cereal Keeper is the best for cereal ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Design is slim for simple storage.
  • For mess-free distribution, use the pour spout.
  • Dishwasher-friendly

What We Don’t Care For

  • Prices are higher.
  • The lid does not come off.

With Progressive’s 4.5-quart cereal dispenser, product-specific design triumphs once more. It comes with a pouring spout and can handle a family-size box of cereal. The container is made of BPA-free2 food-safe plastic with an airtight silicone closure to keep food fresh. This one, like other Progressive products, is designed for vertical storage to maximize pantry space and is dishwasher safe.

The broad aperture made it very easy to fill the container, according to our product tester. Because the lid has such a tight seal, she recommends washing it by hand on a regular basis to ensure that the groves of the lid are well cleaned. The rest of the container can be sterilized in the dishwasher on a regular basis. If you have a family with various tastes, these containers are slim enough to hold a couple of different varieties of cereal, and the design makes pouring spill-free a breeze.

Plastic with a silicone seal | One 4.5-quart container with lid is included.

Oxo Good Grips 8-Piece Pop Container Baking Set is the best set ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Plastic that is BPA-free
  • Stackable with ease

What We Don’t Care For

  • Cleaning the gasket on the lid may be challenging.

Oxo has a reputation for producing high-quality, low-cost cooking utensils. It’s a go-to brand for everything from peelers to can openers to turkey basters. Oxo’s famous Pop Containers were recently modified to improve the seal and stackability with a new button design that assures an airtight closing when pushed.

The set includes useful extras such as scoops that attach to the undersides of the lids. You won’t have to hunt through your canister for a measuring cup anymore.

These containers are made of strong BPA-free plastic, are dishwasher safe, and include easy fill lines for measurement. Five different-sized containers, five matching lids, two scoops, and a brown sugar saver are included in the set.

Plastic that is BPA-free | Two 0.4-quart, one 1.1-quart, and two 4.4-quart containers are included, as well as two 1/2-cup scoops and one brown sugar saver.

Libbey Vibe Mini Glass Jars with Lids are ideal for spices ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Glass that is free of lead
  • Stylish
  • Mouth agape

What We Don’t Care For

  • There are no labels included.
  • Breakable

Spice cabinets are notoriously disorganized—unless you’re checking Instagram pictures by interior designers—but with these little Libbey jars, a well-stocked home cook may also get a professional décor look in the kitchen. This set’s flexibility is matched by how attractive it will look when lined up in a pantry or on a shelf.

Each jar has a broad mouth that may hold a variety of measuring spoons. They’re food-safe, and the lids are BPA-free2 and designed to keep food fresh for as long as possible. Spices lose their effectiveness when exposed to air, so having airtight storage on hand is crucial, and our tester was impressed with how well these little jars sealed—especially considering how easy they are to open. These containers give a fashionable, uniform, and tight closure for a variety of herbs and seasonings, whether you mill your own spices, buy in bulk, or buy from a supermarket.

Glass is the chosen material for this project. 12 4.5-ounce jars with lids are included.

Progressive Prep Solutions are the best for brown sugar. Keeper of Brown Sugar ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Lids that are simple to clean
  • Storage space in abundance
  • Stacking is simple.

What We Don’t Care For

  • Weekly soaking of the terracotta disk is required.
  • Expensive

When it comes to storage, sugar presents some particular issues. Because molasses is added, it has more liquid than white sugar, is slightly less sweet, and has more minerals. As the liquid evaporates, the dark syrup causes it to solidify faster than white sugar. There are ways to make it softer, but selecting the proper container requires forethought.

This BPA-free canister has a robust seal and can carry 2 pounds of brown sugar (although our tester did note that it leaked a little from one side of the container after filling it with water and giving it a couple of shakes). The removable terracotta disk that comes connected to the underside of the lid makes it a clear standout when compared to other storage solutions in terms of practicality. A quick soak in water helps to keep the sugar from drying out or creating hard clumps within the container by locking moisture in the disk.

To clean between the groves of the lid, our product tester recommends hand washing every now and again. The remaining contents of the container can be washed in the dishwasher.

Plastic, silicone seal, and stainless steel hinges What’s in it for you: a 1.5-quart container with a cover that can be hinged

Le’raze Glass Kitchen Canisters with Airtight Bamboo Lid are the best glass ?

We Tried and Loved These 10 Dry Food Storage Containers

What We Enjoy

  • Eco-friendly
  • Set of various sizes
  • Individual pieces and a set are available for purchase.

What We Don’t Care For

  • Breakable
  • Hand-washing the lids is required.

These glass containers have a tight-fitting bamboo lid and are constructed of lead-free borosilicate glass. While the opening doesn’t particularly accommodate measuring cups for scooping flour and similar components, our tester claimed dry measuring spoons fit easily inside. Dry pasta, almonds, chocolates, oats, popcorn kernels, coffee beans, and other items can be stored in them.

Don’t worry if you don’t require all five. Several of the sizes are available in sets of three or individually. Another key benefit is the streamlined design, which allows this functional set to serve as both dry food storage and ornamental kitchen items. Keep in mind that the glass’s fragility makes it relatively heat and cold resistant, but the lids must be hand-washed because only the bodies should be put in the dishwasher.

Lead-free borosilicate glass with a bamboo wood cover What’s in it for you: Containers with lids: 6.75-cup, 5-cup, 3.7-cup, 2.8-cup, and 2-cup

Kaloh Stoneware Kitchen Canisters with Wood Tops are the best ceramic ?

Kaloh Stoneware Canisters

What We Enjoy

  • Full bags of pantry supplies can be stored in this container.
  • Individually or as part of a set
  • Design that is appealing

What We Don’t Care For

  • Expensive
  • Breakable

If you want to create a minimalist vibe in your kitchen, a West Elm Kaloh Stoneware Kitchen Canister is a great option. The maple lid complements the glazed stoneware and gives an attractive touch to any eating area or counter top. Aaron Probyn, the designer, is concerned about sustainability and producing long-lasting products to help reduce dependency on disposable objects.

These jars are available in four different colors and can be purchased separately or as a set. Although the lid is not airtight, the ceramic base will hold moisture within better than most plastic equivalents, making this house an excellent investment if you want to use it largely to keep flour and other dry baking products in big or bulk quantities fresh.

A 1-cup dry measuring cup, according to our tester, can easily reach the bottom of the huge, 114-ounce container. Scooping and sweeping are simple with the broad hole at the top (and the equally wide shape of the rest of the base). To minimize scratches, this container should only be washed by hand with warm, soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth or sponge.

What’s Included: Stoneware with maple wood lids | Material: Stoneware | What’s Included: Individually or in sets of three, four, or five (12-ounce, 44-ounce, 65-ounce, 114-ounce, and 194-ounce canisters with lids)

iDesign + The Spruce 14 x 6-Inch Plastic Multi-Use Insert Drawer Organizer is best for snacks ?

14 x 6-Inch Plastic Multi-Use Insert Drawer Organizer

What We Enjoy

  • Snack dividers are used to keep snacks apart.
  • Handles are built-in for easy transport.
  • Sides that are transparent

What We Don’t Care For

  • Not recommended for loose foods.

While this isn’t the best container for loose meals like unpackaged cereal, pretzels, or pasta, it’s ideal for snack packs, protein bars, fruit cups, and other individually packaged goods. The 14 x 6 x 8-inch sturdy plastic bin (also available in a smaller 12 x 8 x 8-inch size) is a space-saving gadget for inside cabinets and refrigerators.

The diminutive size makes it easy to slide into and out of a number of places, including overhead cabinets and built-in lazy Susans, according to our tester. The removable dividers (which keep snacks divided and upright) and integrated handles, as well as the see-through sides, providing an unimpeded view of the delicacies inside, are three more fantastic design components. You could even put this container in your refrigerator if you wanted to. All that is required for cleaning is a simple wipe-down with soap and warm water.

What’s Included: What’s Included: What’s Included: What’s Included: What’s Included: What Two removable dividers in a 14 x 6 x 8-inch bin

How We Conducted Our Research

Our product testers received ten dry food storage containers, which they used to store brown sugar, flour, corn flakes, and other items. We even had them add water to the seals to see if they were still intact. The design, performance, capacity, durability, cleaning, and overall value of each container were all evaluated. Our experts then provided more information on the advantages and disadvantages of each dry food storage container.

What to Look for in Food Storage Containers for Dry Food

Airtight Closure

It’s not only about organization when it comes to transferring flour and sugar bags to containers. It also extends the product’s life and keeps pests like pantry moths at bay. 3 The fewer dry items come into touch with air, the fresher they will be, which is why airtight containers are so crucial. Sugar won’t harden, cereal won’t get stale, and the freshness of other pantry items will be preserved.


When looking for containers, consider how easy they are to use and how efficient they are. A canister that can’t fit your measuring cup comfortably loses its purpose, and a cereal keeper without a working spout will cause an over-pour; a wide opening is important if you plan on measuring dry items directly from the container.

Shapes and sizes that are useful

Capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting canisters. Consider the things you wish to store and select containers that will replace the original packaging while also fitting all of the contents, ensuring that nothing goes bad.

Another factor to consider is the amount of space available. You’ll need something compact if you have a small counter or pantry. Containers that are square or rectangle in shape stack more easily, while narrow, vertical-style vessels save room by reaching up rather than out. Whether you’re working with a countertop, a kitchen cabinet, or a pantry, what you need relies entirely on the area you have available.

Convenience and Cleaning

Most dry storage containers don’t need to be washed frequently, but they do need to be cleaned before use and on a regular basis to keep their interiors clear of debris. The container you choose should be simple to clean, with no complicated nooks or gaskets to make the job more difficult. You don’t have to get rid of hand wash-only containers because cleaning happens so infrequently. Before filling glass, plastic, or ceramic containers, make sure they’re clean and dry.


Why is it necessary to store dry foods in airtight containers?

Dry foods should be stored in airtight containers for two reasons: pests and freshness. Uncooked pasta, flour, sugar, cereal, and other dry commodities can be stored in an airtight container to extend their shelf life. A good seal also helps to keep bacteria and mold at bay. 3 When you take steps to prevent air damage, you may anticipate fresh, non-musty dry goods.

If you don’t store your food in an airtight container, pantry moths, flour mites, grain weevils, and ants can become an issue.

The majority of these pests can enter through paper sack fractures or dig through mesh, paper, and cardboard containers. They are kept away from dry products by a hard material such as plastic or glass.

Is storing dry food in plastic containers safe?

The numbers on the bottom of the container indicate whether or not it is suitable for storing food. Food-safe triangles have numbers 2, 4, or 5, however only number 2 plastics are totally recyclable. PBS has prepared a guide to help people understand what the figures represent.

Is it better to store dry foods in glass or plastic?

The answer to this question is contingent on the purpose for which it is being asked. Plastic is more modular and less expensive if you have a large quantity of pantry products to organize. Slimline, stackable containers constructed of heavy-duty plastic, which are lighter than glass choices, are available.

However, if you want to be environmentally conscious, glass or ceramic are the finest options. These materials have an infinite lifespan and can be recycled if they become damaged or broken. Unfortunately, this is not true of all plastics. Glass is also non-porous and does not collect odors, but it is heavier and takes up more space on counters and in pantries, as well as being prone to cracks and breakage.

Look for a safe, recyclable plastic choice for individuals wishing to save room or invest in something a little more budget-friendly. Consider glass or ceramic if you want something durable that still provides flair to your kitchen while keeping items.

Can liquid be stored in dry food containers?

Dry food containers are not designed to keep liquid, especially hot liquid, for long periods of time. Airtight seals on dry food containers are designed for pantry items, and while they may hold liquid in place, they aren’t intended for that purpose.

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