The top 5 dumbbell sets for strength training

Dumbells are one of the most popular and sought-after pieces of fitness equipment, whether you work out at a gym or at home. They’re not only effective when used correctly, but they’re also quite versatile, allowing them to be utilized for a range of exercises such as curls, presses, and rows.

Dumbbell buying often goes one of two ways because of their multi-purpose use: either it’s simply too expensive to acquire many pairs of weights, or they’re completely out of stock. This type of Catch-22 makes buying dumbbells a difficult task.

However, there was a logical remedy within that problem: increasing brand competition. Anyone wanting to buy options is the ultimate winner of this avalanche of options.

As the fitness editor for the Insider Reviews team, I set out to find the best for anyone’s home gym setup, and I’ve compiled a list of my top six picks below. At the end of this article, I’ve included answers to a few frequently asked questions, as well as information on how I test dumbbells.

Powerblock’s dumbbells – Best dumbbells overall

Powerblock 24 dumbbells -- best dumbbells

Powerblock’s dumbbells are incredibly versatile in that they provide a variety of weight variations in only one easy-to-stow kind issue — if you will discover them on the market, purchase them.

Pros: Max weight of 90 kilos, comparatively reasonably priced, sturdy, and pure feeling

Cons: Barely awkward weight-changing mechanism, could also be a bit lengthy at max weight.

When I initially saw these in a weight gym, I assumed they’d be really difficult to lift. I was impressed by how smoothly the rectangular dumbbells moved during workouts like Romanian deadlifts and chest presses.

The handle of Powerblock dumbbells is more centered in the apparatus. Because the weight is evenly distributed over your hands, they are easy to maneuver. They’re also made of steel, which makes them seem more solid and durable than plastic-based alternatives.

My favorite feature of these dumbbells is that they can hold up to 90 pounds of weight, which means you’ll get a lot of use out of them as you get stronger. I’ve only used these a few times, but they’ll undoubtedly be my first purchase when I begin building my ultimate home gym.

To be picky, I believe the selection method is less efficient than Bowflex’s dial system. The weights are selected directly on the bell with a vertically positioned pin with Powerblock. To change the weight, pull the pin from the side of the bell and move it up (lighter) or down (heavier) (heavier). While it isn’t as smooth to operate as a dial, it isn’t a deal-breaker.

Overall, you’ll save money by not having to buy 28 pairs of individual dumbbells, or 2,565 pounds of weight. That’s a save of thousands of dollars on its own.

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NordicTrack’s iSelect dumbbells – Best adjustable dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 560 dumbbells -- best dumbbells

For those who’re a techie or just meticulous about monitoring units and reps, the Bowflex SelectTech 560 app-connected bells are for you.

Pros: Tracks units and reps through a companion app, space-saving, simple to regulate weight

Cons: Max weight of 60 kilos

Aside from the Powerblocks, these are the different adjustable dumbbells on our record. They are not as sturdy as our general choice, although they seem to be a strong pair of dumbbells that look smooth and save a ton of house. In addition, they include a flooring stand for higher storage.

The knurled deal gives loads of grip, and the sq. plates on every finish feel safe for much more dynamic actions like snatches and clean. Additclean, in addition to all units and reps per train. That is helpful for monitoring complete quantity, mainly when your progress is less.

Compared to Bowflex’s SelectTech 552 dumbbells, which solely go as much as 52.5 kilos, these regulate to an excellent 60 kilos. That is an honest quantity of weight for most individuals and may serve you nicely for nearly any train.

Thompson Fat Bells – Best dumbbells for comfort

thompson fat bells dumbbells -- best dumbbells

You will not discover these in any business health club; however, the Thompson Fat Bells are a modern tackle to the traditional dumbbell.

Pros: Very comfy, extra pure to carry, made out of sturdy forged iron

Cons: Costly, have to purchase several pairs, not space-friendly

Fat Bells are a unique spin on the kettlebell, invented by powerlifting champion Donnie Thompson in 2006 – yet, to me, they’re interchangeable with dumbbells as well.

The fact that you may become one with the weight is something I enjoy about these. Instead of a clumsy chunk of iron, you have a compact load that will go unnoticed — except for the fact that it’s heavy. They’ll feel a little strange at first because you’re not used to where the weight is centered, but it will pass soon. I prefer to wear them for techniques like chest presses and rows because I usually go heavier with them and they feel more comfortable.

Fat Bells aren’t cheap, so you’ll probably need to buy several pairs. If you want to invest on your home gym, I’d recommend getting one moderate set (35-50 pounds for men and 15-35 pounds for women) so you can use them in a variety of ways.

Finest finances dumbbells – Best budget dumbbells

Titan dumbbell handles -- best dumbbells

Although these dumbbells from Titan Fitness require you to purchase weight plates, the handles themselves are top-of-the-line offers you may discover.

Pros: Cheap, can deal with as a lot of weight as you personal, excellent grip, space-friendly

Cons: Requires weight plates, not as simple to load as adjustable dumbbells

The best thing about these handles is how inexpensive they are in comparison to other options. Of course, you’ll need to purchase weight plates, but if you possess a home gym, there’s a strong chance you already have some. I also suggest purchasing a set of barbell collars to prevent the weights from sliding off the handles.

The dumbbell’s sleeve, or end, accepts normal Olympic weight plates. If you already have a squat rack and a barbell, the plates you already have should adequate, but double-check before buying.

Another benefit is that these Titan Fitness handles are 20 inches long, allowing you to load them with a lot of weight. You won’t be limited to 90 pounds for techniques like rows and chest presses if you’re a stronger lifter. Many powerlifters and bodybuilders, for example, can press and row weights of over 100 pounds.

One minor criticism is that manually loading plates is more difficult than using adjustable or fixed dumbbells.

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Finest versatile dumbbells – Best versatile dumbbells

Kyubell dumbbells -- best dumbbells

Kabuki Energy’s Kyubells aren’t your typical dumbbell. They have been designed to be multi-functional, permitting variable grips that open them up for use for extra than simply curls. 

Pros: Variable load design permits for a wide range of exercises, accessible from 10 kilos on as much as 50 kilos, can purchase as singles or as a pair, premium high quality, and development, not costly 

Cons: Might not be intuitive for newbie customers (Kabuki does provide coaching movies, although)

Don’t be fooled by the quirky design of Kabuki Strength’s Kyubells: they’re one of the most adaptable and high-quality dumbbells on the market. The Kyubells, dubbed a “handheld training system” by the company, offer far more than a standard dumbbell — and at first appearance, it’s evident these are anything but standard.

The Kyubells, which come with three different handles, can be used for a variety of exercises such as curls, pec fly, lateral raises, and chest presses (among others). Because of the changeable load, you can perform the same workout with a different grip angle to achieve different results.

What’s fantastic about this is that it makes something that would normally be reserved for more experienced weight lifters available to beginners as well. Although there is a higher learning curve, Kabuki provides instructional videos on its website that walk you through numerous instances of how to use the Kyubells and the many ways they can be held and used.

I was given a set of 20-pound Kyubells, while they are available in ten-pound increments from 10 to 50 pounds. They’re also available as a pair or individually, allowing purchasers to mix and match as they see appropriate.

CAP Barbell – Best traditional dumbbell set

CAP dumbbell set -- best dumbbells

The CAP Barbell 150-pound Dumbbell set (with rack) is a good starter set for first-year students and feels (and appears) essentially the most acquainted. 

Pros: Feels acquainted, excellent grip, secure when lifting

Cons: Have to purchase several pairs which might get costly, takes up a whole lot of house, included weight solely goes as much as 25 kilos

These aren’t the best dumbbells you can get in terms of performance, but as the adage goes, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. The fact that these dumbbells don’t have any complex weight mechanisms or require a complicated manner of use is one of their main selling points.

The handles are knurled (a pattern of angled lines etched into the dumbbell’s steel) so they won’t slip out of your hands, and the hexagonal rubber ends won’t roll around on the floor. In comparison to the current variants in this guide, I like using this sort of dumbbell for heavier chest lifts since it feels more secure in my hands and the weight is more uniformly distributed.

The disadvantages are that you must purchase numerous pairs in order to have access to a variety of weights. As a result, the cost soon mounts. Furthermore, the more dumbbells you have, the more space they take up, so you’ll most likely need to purchase a dumbbell rack to accommodate your growing collection.

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How do we put dumbbells to the test?

Each dumbbell set in this guide was put through a series of tests to determine how they stacked up in four different categories: design, quality, portability, and value. Here’s how each category had a role in determining which dumbbells made the cut:
Design: Although new innovations from manufacturers like Powerblock and Bowflex have transformed the basic dumbbell into a versatile all-in-one gym, dumbbell design is mainly uncomplicated. What I mean is that both of the dumbbells included in this guide from both brands are designed to be many sets of dumbbells in one package.
This eliminates the need to purchase a set of 5 pound weights, a set of 15 pound weights, and a set of 25 pound weights. If you acquire one of those, you’ll be able to hit any weight you require. In conventional dumbbells, the design options I looked at were how well they felt in my hands and if they were adaptable for a number of exercises.
Quality: Most steel dumbbells are of such high quality that they can survive for decades (if properly cared for) before needing to be replaced. As a result, it’s simple to recognize a dumbbell that isn’t constructed of high-quality metal. Fortunately, this was never an issue during testing. This area was helpful in determining how well the Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells’ adjustable mechanisms will hold up over time.
Another feature that the adjustable dumbbells are praised for is their portability. When you’re compelled to acquire many sets of dumbbells in various weights, the issue of where to store them can rapidly become overwhelming. Though some, like as the CAP classic set, come with their own stand, not other options are as simple.
Value: Given how expensive dumbbells can get when purchasing many sets (especially when supply is limited and demand is high), value is an important consideration. However, if you have no other choice, it’s critical not to acquire a subpar set. I consider value to be the sum of the categories described above, as well as the final sticker price, and believe that spending more on a high-quality product is preferable than spending less on a low-quality product.


Which dumbbells are the best?

Rubber dumbbells are less prone to harm flooring (or walls), making them ideal for anyone working out on hardwood or linoleum, as well as anyone working out in a small space.

Steel dumbbells, on the other hand, might be a better fit for someone who has a dedicated home gym room or garage with a rubber flooring mat. This isn’t to say that steel dumbbells are solely for persons who have protected flooring, but if you do decide to acquire steel dumbbells and use them on hardwood or other potentially damaging flooring, proceed with caution.

I’m not sure how much I should budget for dumbbells.

Dumbbells can cost anything from a few hundred dollars (for a set of 5 to 10 pounds) to several thousand dollars (this includes higher pound individual weights or smaller varied sets).

The precise quantity you should spend is mostly determined by your budget. Find something good in that price range that still satisfies your fitness goals if you can only manage to spend less than $200 or even $100. You can even be creative and combine dumbbells and resistance bands, which some people believe is even more effective.

What types of exercises can I perform using dumbbells?

Dumbbells can be used for a wide range of exercises other than bicep curls. Squats, flies, bent-over rows, Romanian deadlifts, and shoulder presses are just a few examples.

For more ideas, check out our guide on the best dumbbell lifts.

What is the right technique for using dumbbells?

The purpose of a dumbbell workout is to gradually increase the volume of each move. Increase your total reps or add weight to increase your volume.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a weight that you can do three sets of eight repetitions with. Each week, add one rep to each set, and when you reach 12 reps, add five pounds and return to eight reps.

If this is your primary source of exercise, you should have a light, moderate, and heavy pair of dumbbells. You’ll be able to boost your total volume without having to do a ridiculous number of reps with a lighter pair.

Is it possible for everyone to use dumbbells?

Dumbbells are an excellent introduction to weight training for beginners and are versatile for any weight lifter. You can do everything you can with a barbell with a dumbbell – but with less weight.

Lifting dumbbells is an excellent way to learn techniques like the squat, overhead press, and row before progressing to the larger weights that a barbell can provide. They’re also easier to store in your home or apartment than barbells.

Dumbbells let you to isolate your muscles unilaterally (one side at a time) for more advanced trainees, as your right and left sides must operate independently to balance the weights. As a result, you’ll develop your weakest side, resulting in overall stronger and more efficient lifts.

Is it true that dumbbells are just good for arm workouts?

They’re wonderful for arm workouts, but that’s not the only advantage. Lifting dumbbells, according to personal trainer Chris Parnell, is also a terrific technique to focus on your core.

Dumbbells, according to Parnell, pose a greater challenge to your body’s stability than barbells. With a barbell, you’re working with a single mass, whereas with a dumbbell, you’re working with two independent masses.

“Using two independent masses, dumbbells allow the beginning or advanced lifter to exercise using compound actions [moves that move more than one joint at once] with modest to high intensity,” Parnell added.

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