Best New World builds for PvE and PvP combat

Best New World builds for PvE and PvP combat

New World

New World is here, and it may end up being one of the biggest MMOs in PC gaming.
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The perfect combination of weapons, armor, and qualities can turn you into a steadfast tank, a ruthless damage dealer, or anything in between, thus putting together a specific build is one of the finest methods to boost your effectiveness in New World combat situations. Whether you choose to take on PvE tasks with your buddies or charge into New World’s PvP modes, adopting builds like these will greatly increase your chances of victory.

Here are some of the greatest builds you can make in New World, as well as the playstyles that their stats, weaponry, and armor types support.

Tank is the finest construct in the New World.

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Strength and constitution are two of the most important characteristics.

  • Sword and Shield are the primary weapons, and the Defender skill tree is the primary skill tree.
  • Great Axe, Mauler skill tree OR War Hammer, Crowd Crusher skill tree as a secondary weapon
  • Heavy-duty armour

If you wish to play as a conventional tank in New World, focus on Strength and Constitution while using Sword and Shield as your primary weapon and the Great Axe as your secondary. These two weapons have tremendous damage output thanks to Strength, while Constitution improves your health to extremely high levels.

Additionally, the Sword and Shield’s Defender skill tree minimizes damage taken and boosts regenerative powers, but the Great Axe’s Mauler skill tree allows you to pull foes close and stun or do strong crowd control damage (you could use the War Hammer with the Crowd Crusher skill tree as well). In terms of armor, you’ll want to put on strong armor to shield yourself from harm even more.

DPS is the greatest build for the New World.

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  • Dexterity and constitution are two of the attributes.
  • Rapier is the primary weapon, and the Blood skill tree is the primary skill tree.
  • Musket, Sharpshooter skill tree OR Bow, Skirmisher skill tree as a secondary weapon
  • Type of Armor: Light OR Medium

Dexterity-heavy stat distributions with Constitution as a secondary attribute are recommended for players who seek to maximize their damage against opponents. This is because the Rapier, Musket, and Bow all deal a lot of damage when you have a high Dexterity spec, while a little Constitution will keep you from getting too squishy.

This build revolves around the Rapier’s Blood skill tree, which lets you to do massive amounts of damage while simultaneously inflicting the Bleed status, which damages foes over time. Both the Musket and the Bow are good secondary weapons for ranged combat; the Musket produces a lot of damage in a short amount of time and is stronger at longer ranges, whereas the Bow is better for shorter encounters and constant damage. Finally, you should wear light or medium armor so that you can maintain your agility and avoid taking hits like a tank character.

Support is the finest way to build in the New World.

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  • Focus and Intelligence are two characteristics.
  • Life Staff is the primary weapon.
  • Ice Gauntlet, Ice Conjurer skill tree as a secondary weapon
  • Light-weight armour

Regardless of whether you’re playing in PvE or PvP, healers and support characters are always vital assets in any MMO group. In New World, the optimal approach to play support is to spec into Focus and Intelligence to make the most of the Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet, respectively. The Life Staff heals you and your allies while simultaneously strengthening them with defensive magic, while the Ice Gauntlet, when combined with the Ice Conjurer skill tree, allows you to create turret-like ice pylons that attack foes, debuff them, and enhance your teammates.

When it comes to armor, light protection is recommended so that you can dodge over extended distances. Because you don’t have as much health as beefier builds, being able to efficiently escape damage is crucial.

Mage is the finest build in the New World.

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  • Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution are some of the attributes.
  • Fire Staff is the primary weapon, and the Fire Mage skill tree is the primary skill tree.
  • Ice Gauntlet, Ice Tempest are secondary weapons.
  • Light-weight armour

If you wish to play a damage-oriented mage, you should focus on Intelligence first, with Focus, Constitution, or both as secondary stats. Intelligence is what gives your magic its destructive power, while Focus boosts your mana regen and Constitution boosts your HP. Then you’ll want to utilize a Fire Staff with the Fire Mage skill tree, which focuses on dealing massive quantities of damage with fire spells from afar.

The Ice Gauntlet, which has the Ice Tempest skill tree, should be your secondary weapon. If adversaries get close, the Ice Gauntlet is a good weapon to wield, and the Ice Tempest tree’s slowing area-of-effect powers will help you keep groups of enemies at bay.

Berserker is the finest construct in the New World.

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  • Strength and constitution are two of the most important characteristics.
  • Mauler skill tree, primary weapon: Great Axe
  • Hatchet as a secondary weapon, Berserker skill tree
  • Medium-weight armour

What if you want to play fully melee, but instead of tanking, you want to focus on damage? You’ll love a berserker build that combines Strength and Constitution with a Great Axe and a Hatchet. The Mauler skill tree on the Great Axe can produce some of the highest melee DPS in the game, and with plenty of Strength, you’ll have no trouble chopping down enemies left and right.

Your Hatchet is also effective, and you can use the Berserker skill tree to gain speed and endurance bonuses that will help you keep in front of your opponent. Medium armor is the greatest choice for armor because you want to be able to dodge decently while still being able to take some hits.

Best builds in the New World: Solo

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  • Strength, dexterity, and focus are some of the attributes.
  • Hatchet as primary weapon, Berserker skill tree
  • Life Staff, Healing skill tree as a secondary weapon
  • Medium-weight armour

While it’s true that the MMO experience is enhanced by the presence of other players (New World in particular is one of the best PC multiplayer games published recently), there’s no reason why you can’t play New World alone. As a solitary player, though, it’s often wiser to go with something well-rounded because there aren’t any other players to hide the shortcomings of specialized builds. Your best bet is to use the Hatchet as your primary weapon and the Life Staff as a secondary, with an even distribution of Strength, Dexterity, and Focus.

The Hatchet’s Berserker skill tree is excellent for increasing your battle speed and endurance, while the Life Staff lets you to effectively heal yourself when needed. When playing solo, staying alive is more important than doing a lot of damage, and this weapon combination is the greatest in the game for single survival. Medium armor is suggested for defense since it provides a decent balance of damage reduction and dodge speed.

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