Best VALORANT Agents for Sunset in 2023: All Agents Ranked from Best to Worst

Sundown is VALORANT’s newest addition to the aggressive map pool. Listed below are the perfect Brokers to play in Sundown to maximise your profitable probability.

Riot Video games provides new maps to VALORANT to maintain the sport recent and thrilling. Every map VALORANT releases comes with a terrific backstory that ties it to the sport’s universe. Aside from thrilling lore, each new map additionally introduces one thing new.

As of now, VALORANT has launched 10 distinctive maps within the recreation. Though it initially began with Bind, Haven, and Cut up, Riot Video games saved including new ones with each single season, apart from Episode 4.

VALORANT’s final two maps, Lotus and Pearl, weren’t as welcomed by the neighborhood as Riot Video games anticipated. So, for Sundown, VALORANT went with a fairly simple map structure with numerous angles and make contact with factors that encourage gunfights whereas not limiting the strategic use of skills.

Every VALORANT map has its personal distinct design and uniqueness that closely impacts what forms of Brokers will shine on a map. However, with so many Agent selections, it will get actually complicated which Brokers to select. However don’t fear! We’ll make your life simpler and inform you which Brokers are finest in Sundown Map.

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Sundown Structure and Agent Decisions

Riot Video games launched Sundown within the VALORANT 7.04 replace. The map is positioned in Los Angeles, which can also be the hometown of Gekko. Additionally it is the second map within the USA and the seventh within the Omega Earth sequence.

Sunset Layout and Agent Choices
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Sundown has a fairly simple map structure with out noticeable gimmicks. Aside from irreversible bomb doorways just like Ascent, there isn’t something that stands out in comparison with another maps within the rotation. Sundown’s map structure encourages a whole lot of gunfights for Duelists, particularly within the center half, which is a vital space to maintain underneath management for any facet.

The map additionally has tons of angles and chokepoints. Groups all the time want to look at their backs; in any other case, flanks might break any strategic performs within the equation. So, the Sentinels play a vital position in preserving the movement of the sport going.

The A and B websites have a couple of entrances, all of which will be blocked by the Smokes from Controller Brokers. To not point out, it’s not possible for any Agent to clear that many angles in Sundown. So having particular Initiators can change the tide of a recreation.

Greatest Brokers for Sundown (A Full Tier Listing)

To match Sundown’s structure and options, we’ll now record the perfect Brokers that go hand in hand with the present meta. As there are 4 forms of Brokers in VALORANT, with every being equally vital, we’ll categorize the tier record primarily based on the Brokers’ particular roles: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator.

The record will comprise every Agent’s tier standing, from S to C. Nevertheless, we’ll solely talk about the S and A-tier Brokers and clarify to you why you need to decide them over others. So, whether or not you’re taking part in solo or with a staff, this record of the perfect Brokers in Sundown will show you how to get essentially the most victories.


Tier Brokers
S-Tier Raze, Neon
A-Tier Phoenix
B-Tier Yoru, Reyna
C-Tier Jett
Sunset Agent tier list (duelists)
Sundown Agent tier record (duelists)


As Jett received closely nerfed within the 7.04 patch, Raze stays the perfect Duelist different. Furthermore, as a consequence of Sundown’s chokepoints and tight angles, there’ll be many Cypher and Impasse gamers who’ll use their traps to stop any push from each Defenders and Attackers. So, solely Raze can hurdle over these traps utilizing her Blast Packs, which no different Agent can do proper now.

Even with out contemplating her satchels, Raze’s Growth Bot and Paint Shell are helpful in clearing corners. Paired with good Initiators’ skills, shifting ahead as a staff turns into a lot simpler.


Neon can interact and disengage from a struggle shortly utilizing her Excessive Gear skill. Furthermore, Sundown is a fairly small map, which makes it even higher for Neon as a Duelist as she will be able to use her mobility to pretend, rotate, and hold them occupied.

Her Relay Bolt is a useful utility to deliver out enemies from all of the corners and angles that may be discovered throughout Sundown. If she’s the one to get cornered, she will be able to shortly get out utilizing her Quick Lane partitions. Additionally, don’t overlook Neon’s Overdrive, which might flip the tide in an eco-round.


Phoenix’s favourite playgrounds are the maps with sharp angles and tight corners, simply as present in Sundown. Phoenix is the one Duelist who can flash across the nook, clear an angle utilizing Sizzling Arms, and enter the location utilizing the Blaze wall.

To not point out, if there aren’t any healer characters like Sage or Skye in a staff, Phoenix turns into an vital decide in a map like Sundown.


Tier Brokers
S-Tier Brimstone
A-Tier Omen
B-Tier Viper, Harbor
C-Tier Astra
sunset agent tier list (controllers)
sundown agent tier record (controllers)


In contrast to some open maps, Sundown has many chokepoints and slim entries, making it simpler for Brimstone to close them down utilizing Sky Smoke. To not point out, Brimstone’s Smokes last more than another Agent’s, which makes him a must-pick character in Sundown.

Nevertheless, don’t overlook his different skills. Brimstone’s Incendiary is a brutal drive in an after-plant scenario. Then again, his Final can wipe out a full staff in the event that they get right into a nook.


Omen can also be a terrific contender as the perfect Controller Agent in Sundown. All of Omen’s utilities are actually helpful on this map. Though Omen’s Smokes don’t final like Brimstone’s, they’re helpful in their very own means.

Additionally, due to Sundown’s particular map design, Omen is an important character if a staff desires to have a devoted lurker or flanker.


Tier Brokers
S-Tier Killjoy, Cypher
A-Tier Chamber
B-Tier Sage
C-Tier Impasse
sunset agent tier list (sentinels)
sundown agent tier record (sentinels)


In Sundown, Killjoy is a must have Agent. Her Turret can cowl a number of angles directly, relieving her staff of worries for some time. If she is pushed, she will be able to deny them and even kill them along with her Alarmbot and Nanoswarms on the Defenders’ facet.

The Alarmbot and Nanoswarms are essential on the attacking facet too, stopping flanks. Her final skill, Lockdown, is very helpful for attacking or retaking any web site on Sundown.


Cypher is a good different to Killjoy in Sundown. He may even be a more sensible choice than Killjoy, relying on the playstyle. Cypher’s Trapwires are essential in defending websites and stopping enemy flanks from taking place.

Talking of flanks, Cypher’s Spycam is a unbelievable device to have in Sundown. Having Cypher in your staff builds worry within the enemy and reminds them to not make any silly performs by flanking. Moreover, in case your staff has just one Controller, Cypher’s Cyber Cages can be utilized as smokes, eliminating the necessity for a second Controller in a staff.


Opposite to frequent perception, the Chamber is a superb Agent at Sundown. Chamber’s limitations don’t forestall him from making performs on this map as a consequence of its small dimension. Furthermore, as a result of Jett has now grow to be Out of date, the Chamber is the one Agent who can successfully use the Operator to get early picks.


Tier Brokers
S-Tier Fade, Skye
A-Tier Breach
B-Tier Sova, Gekko
C-Tier KAY/O
sunset agent tier list (initiators)
sundown agent tier record (initiators)


Fade is a superb Initiator for maps like Sundown. Because of her Prowlers, you received’t must be continuously conscious of the corners on this map. After you chase your enemies down, your Duelist can take cost and clear the primary few corners. Even should you’re taking part in alone, you should use Seize to stop enemies from leaving that angle.

After clearing corners, pushing into the location or retaking additionally it is vital. In that case, Fade’s Hang-out will clear the trail by both revealing the enemies or eradicating them from the important spots in Sundown.


Fade and Skye are fairly related by way of playstyle, particularly on the Sundown map. Skye’s Trailblazer can clear the lethal spots, whereas Guiding Gentle forces enemies out of the location. Furthermore, should you’re taking part in a tough help position, Skye is a greater possibility than Fade, as she will be able to heal allies utilizing Regrowth.


Breach can also be a sensible choice in Sundown for gamers who wish to annoy enemies whereas dealing a whole lot of injury with out entering into gunfights. Breach’s skills are all well-suited to clearing essential angles and opening paths for Duelists and help gamers in Sundown.

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Ultimate Verdict

Each Agent has distinctive and helpful skills in VALORANT. If utilized correctly, any Agent can lead you to a foolproof win. Nevertheless, some Brokers are all the time most well-liked over others for specific maps. This Agent tier record on Lotus relies on the Agent’s skills and the way properly they match with the map’s structure and construction. So attempt them out, and see what works for you finest in VALORANT’s newest Sundown map.

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