Beware the Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin, Which Can’t Assault however Is Killing Hardcore Characters Anyway

The Treasure Goblin just isn’t meant to instill concern within the hearts and minds of Diablo 4 gamers. It’s, in any case, an enemy that spits out loot and can’t assault. And but, gamers throughout Sanctuary have a newfound concern of the unassuming demon after it killed a raft of high-level Hardcore characters.

Let’s begin with Diablo 4 participant Killthuzad. Icy-Veins reported this Hardcore character unexpectedly died to a Treasure Goblin whereas working a tier 37 Nightmare Dungeon. Surprised into silence, Killthuzad has no choice however to return to the character creation display. They ultimately rise up from their gaming chair and put their head of their fingers.

What occurred right here? Killthuzad had the Demise Pulse affix enabled. This implies “killing a monster releases a lethal lightning pulse after a brief delay”. Watch the clip rigorously and also you’ll see the Demise Pulse emit from the useless Treasure Goblin, killing the character in a single hit.

Let’s not overlook, in Diablo 4, when a Hardcore character dies it’s misplaced ceaselessly. IGN has reported on a number of cases of high-level Hardcore characters dying due to a disconnect and even while in a loading screen. Now, Treasure Goblins are getting in on the act.

Killthuzad just isn’t alone. Some gamers imagine the Treasure Goblin Demise Pulse is doing far more harm than it ought to, a lot in order that they reckon it is bugged. Diablo 4 participant “faraddox” took to the Blizzard forum to report his character dying as a bug, complaining concerning the lack of their Hardcore degree 60 Druid whereas in a tier 9 Nightmare Dungeon with the Demise Pulse affix enabled.

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“I had greater than sufficient harm reductions and armor to tank something, all earlier explosions from Demise Pulse affix triggered virtually no hurt,” faraddox mentioned. “In final room of this part I noticed Goblin, there have been no different monsters close by (one monster left for job, no different marks on minimap). I had full life and fortify since I did not take any harm combating Goblin. As quickly as he died, my Druid died too.”

Faraddox mentioned Diablo 4’s Corridor of Fallen Heroes, which paperwork misplaced Hardcore characters, states they have been slain by an “unknown killer”.

One other participant, referred to as Chillout, mentioned they misplaced their degree 76 Necromancer after a Treasure Goblin died whereas working a tier 26 Nightmare Dungeon. “I’m an informal participant and dropping 86 hours to such a bug is de facto dangerous” they mentioned.

“All I did was kill the Goblin. It says I killed myself. So… I’ve some questions for Blizzard.”

MythiZena recorded the shocking moment they misplaced their degree 97 Druid to a Demise Pulse from a Treasure Goblin. “I can’t imagine how a lot harm that did,” MythiZena says within the clip. “Is {that a} bug? That’s acquired to be a bug, proper? I’m so confused proper now. It’s simply the Demise Pulse. All I did was kill the Goblin. It says I killed myself. So… I’ve some questions for Blizzard.”

There are a number of studies on-line from gamers who suffered the identical destiny. Blizzard has issued quite a few patches since Diablo 4 got here out. Maybe the subsequent hotfix will pressure the Treasure Goblins to relax a bit.

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Diablo 4 launched massive, turning into Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever. Additionally it is a hit with critics, and, usually, has gone down effectively with followers. Nevertheless, the cost of Diablo 4’s microtransactions has raised eyebrows, and, surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg called on Blizzard to release Diablo 4 on Mac.

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