Beyond PS5 enthusiasts, Sony’s InZone gaming monitors and headphones are available

Sony’s new InZone brand of gaming displays and headsets is part of the company’s effort to reach out to a wider audience than only PS5 enthusiasts. If you’d rather watch or listen to me discuss these electronic devices, you can watch the video in which I demonstrate how I got my hands on them.
The InZone M9, which retails for $899 and was designed for use on personal computers but also features specifications that allow it to make the most of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, is the most expensive product in the group. It is a 27-inch 4K IPS gaming monitor that was designed to match the appearance of the PS5, and it has almost every conceivable spec that gamers may conceivably want, with the exception of an OLED display, of course. It has a 144Hz refresh rate, a 1ms reaction time, variable refresh rate (VRR, both for consoles and with G-Sync compatibility for Nvidia GPUs), as well as DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 connectors. Finding a 4K screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz is not as frequent as finding one with a response time of 1ms. Additionally, video can be seen through the USB-C port.
Notably, the M9 has full-array local dimming with 96 zones, in addition to DisplayHDR 600. These two technologies allow for darker blacks, brighter highlights, and the ability to juggle both without too much of a haloing effect. Some features that are unique to this monitor (and that trickled down from high-end Bravia TVs) include auto HDR tone mapping. This feature automatically recognizes the M9 when it is plugged into a PS5 and claims to optimize the display’s HDR output. Other features that are unique to this monitor include a 4K resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. When you start a video streaming service or a Blu-ray, the auto genre image mode will move to a cinema mode automatically. When you start gaming again, it will switch back to a low-latency mode. There is also a picture mode that automatically switches between different genres.

Beyond PS5 enthusiasts, Sony's InZone gaming monitors and headphones are available

It’s incomprehensible that Sony would sell the M9 for $899 without including any video cables of any kind. The needed cable type, version, and length are variable based on a customer’s use case, according to a statement that was provided by a spokesperson for Sony named Chloe Canta and shared with The Verge. The statement explained that the firm made the decision not to do so. I suppose Sony has a point there, but their decision to not provide any video cables is completely unacceptable.
This coming winter will see the release of a cheaper M3 monitor priced at $529. This display will make significant exclusions in order to match the lower price point. It reduces the resolution to 1080p, eliminates full-array local dimming, and brings the maximum peak brightness of HDR down to 400 nits. Aside than that, the feature set is comparable, with one significant difference being that the refresh rate can go up to 240 Hz.
Moving on to the next product category, headsets, Sony’s InZone is also debuting for consumers to purchase. The H9 is the most advanced model in the company’s new lineup. It features large cans that cover the ears and has the capacity to manage 2.4GHz wireless as well as Bluetooth at the same time. The design has nothing in common with Sony’s Pulse 3D headset, which was released simultaneously with the PS5. Instead, it is more comparable to other gaming headsets on the market. It has side arms that are highly adjustable, a microphone that can offer a healthy dose of sidetone (hearing yourself in the headset), and pillowy ear pads that Sony says borrows build materials from its most recent WH-1000XM5 model.
The H9 is the only model in Sony’s collection that includes digital noise cancellation, and the company says that it has a battery life of up to 32 hours on a single charge. During my hands-on experience with them, I compared them to my personal set of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, and I found that they were comparable in quality, featuring excellent comfort, efficient noise cancellation (Sony claims that it is “inherited” from the 1000X series, but it didn’t appear to be quite as good as the XM3), and outstanding sound quality. The fact that they are absolutely enormous when worn is, however, a drawback of these hats. One of the shots in the film that can be found above demonstrates how much bigger they look when they are on my head.
To my knowledge, Sony is the only company that makes displays, and the H9 has a distinctive feature that no other manufacturer of hardware has implemented. PC users can achieve a more individualized spatial audio profile by installing Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer in addition to the game’s companion program, InZone, for the game. Oddly enough, this will need you to snap images of your ears, but Sony asserts that doing so will really increase the quality of the sound produced by your device. During the little hands-on test that I conducted of the function, I did not detect any change; however, I will make it a point to test it more completely before writing the review.

Beyond PS5 enthusiasts, Sony's InZone gaming monitors and headphones are available

Sony offers an additional wireless headset known as the H7 for a price of $229 in addition to a wired gaming headset known as the H3 for $100. The H7 has a somewhat decreased range of functionality compared to its predecessor, but it has the same design and offers dual wireless connectivity. You will not receive noise cancellation, but eliminating this feature will increase the amount of time that can pass between charges to 40 hours. When compared to the H9 and H7, the styling of the H3 is simpler and less elaborate than that of the other two models. However, the sound quality it produces is adequate.
It wasn’t exactly on my bingo card for 2022, or, well, ever — not that it hasn’t tried to release its own gaming monitors previously. Sony has tried to release its own gaming monitors in the past. However, the company’s new InZone gear seems and acts like fully formed concepts that are being brought to life. Unknown at this time is whether or not Sony intends to follow the lead of its rivals and release new versions of these items on an annual basis. On the other hand, what will be released in 2022 appears to be relatively future-proof. Keep an eye out for the final reviews that will be published very shortly.

InZone gaming monitor
INZONE Gaming Headset

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