The only pod espresso machine I trust is the Breville Nespresso Pixie

The only pod espresso machine I trust is the Breville Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie by Breville

Pros: Simple, practical, inexpensive, and tiny footprint.
Cons: Pods can be pricey, and pod grounds aren’t always fresh, especially at the lower end of the espresso market.

Although the Pixie is the tiniest Nespresso machine we’ve tested, it provides the best overall value due to its user-friendly design and constant delivery of high-quality drinks. Turn it on, insert a pod, push a button, and you’ll get an espresso-like beverage with fluffy crema in under a minute.

The Pixie only has two settings: espresso and lungo, which is simply a longer or more diluted espresso pour. Take it easy on this machine and only request a few shots at a time, and it will last you a long time. We have one that has been going strong for five years.


Dimensions12.8″ L x 4.4″ w x 9.3″ H
Warm-up speed25 seconds
Special featuresAutomatic shutoff after nine minutes, lungo and espresso buttons
Warranty1-year limited product warranty, through Breville 

The vendor claims that this machine uses 19 bars of pressure (10 is the maximum required for espresso), but given the density of the coffee it makes, we’re not convinced. While espresso has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) ratio of 8 to 12 percent, the Pixie’s drinks have a TDS ratio of closer to 6 percent. True espresso has a substantially richer flavor, texture, and body (or viscosity) than imitation espresso.

That is not to disparage the Pixie. While it won’t enhance the flavor of your coffee like an espresso machine can, it will produce a frothy drink that comes close to — and sometimes just misses — espresso, which is quite an accomplishment. If you prefer espresso-based drinks to drip coffee, this is the quickest and most straightforward way to replicate them at home.

Within 25 seconds, the Nespresso Pixie is primed to the perfect temperature, and your shot is ready in under a minute. The gadget automatically shuts off after nine minutes to save energy.

Notes on taste

When it comes to the intensity and texture of their shots, or viscosity, espresso machines will always win out over pod machines. That’s because even the freshest pods have no chance against freshly roasted (and ground) beans.

Even though the pods we used were months (if not a year or two) old, there was plenty of crema, and we appreciated the coffee that resulted from them.

Everyone in the testing group agreed that this machine works in a pinch, which is probably how most coffee is made at home.


When contrasted to espresso machines with group heads and portafilters, it’s crucial to understand the Pixie’s limitations. It does not create “genuine” espresso, as previously said, although it comes close. You’re also reliant on pods, which often include a trace amount of pre-ground, stale coffee.

There are refillable capsules (see our guide to coffee and espresso pods), and you can obtain better results by using fresh beans and grinding them yourself, but committing that much time and effort defeats the purpose of a pod machine. Filling and tamping tiny capsules with tablespoons of grounds is manageable, if somewhat irritating, if this is the road you wish to take.

Compare with similar items

PixieEssenza MiniInissiaCitiz
Pump Pressure19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar
Heat-up time25 sec.>25 sec.25 sec.25 sec.
Programmable, one touch buttonsEspresso & LungoEspresso & LungoEspresso & LungoEspresso & Lungo
Movable cup support for large recipesFoldable cup supportMagnetic cup supportFoldable cup supportFoldable cup support
Energy consumption classA+A-40%A-40%A-40%
Automatic power off
Water tank capacity24 oz20.3 oz24 oz34 oz
Dimensions (WxDxH)4.4 x 9.3 x 12.8 in3.3 x 8 x 12.9 in4.7 x 9 x 12.6 in5.1 x 10.9 x 14.6 in
Weight6.2 lb5.1 lb5.29 lb7.5 lb
Special features– Compact machine – Metal side panels– Compact machine – Metal side panels– Lightest machine – Wide range of fashionable colors– Retro-modern design

In conclusion

The Nespresso Pixie is a wonderful (and relatively reasonable) solution if you want convenience and appreciate espresso-like beverages almost as much as the real thing. Sure, utilizing pods can be costly — some can cost more than 60 cents each — but there’s no faster way to get espresso (or almost-espresso) into a demitasse than this.

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