Deeper In the Mine Quest Guide

Deeper In the Mine Quest Guide

Mining in Stardew Valley is an thrilling mix of useful resource gathering, fight challenges, and quest-driven exploration. It permits gamers to discover the underground world and uncover hidden treasures, such because the Dwarf Scrolls.

Situated within the north space of the Mountains, the Mines are initially blocked by rock particles. Gamers can got down to discover Pelican City’s outdated mine shaft after Spring 5, Yr 1. A number of Story Quests within the recreation are linked to the Mines, one in all them being the “Deeper within the Mines” quest. These quests are an integral a part of Stardew Valley and permit gamers to uncover the secrets and techniques hidden beneath the floor.

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Full the “Deeper within the Mines” Story Quest

When gamers attain Stage 5 of the Mines and full the “Discover the Mine” quest, one other Story Quest triggers encouraging gamers to enterprise deeper. The “Deeper within the Mine” quest textual content states that the mini elevator continues to be practical, and it permits gamers to shortly return to any elevator doorways they’ve found.

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Elevators can be found each 5 flooring. Which means ranges ending in 0 or 5 may have an elevator door, which serves as a checkpoint permitting fast entry to deeper ranges at any time. To finish the “Deeper within the Mines” story quest, gamers are required to achieve Stage 40 of the Mines.

To advance deeper into the Mines, gamers should break rocks and defeat all kinds of creepy monsters crawling round. Doing so robotically spawns a ladder which gamers can use to maneuver down a ground within the Mines. Rocks may be mined utilizing a Pickaxe and solely have a base probability of two% to spawn a ladder. They’re a fantastic supply of Stone and numerous sorts of Ores and Geodes.

However, every monster killed has a 15% probability to randomly spawn a ladder. Gamers might encounter the next enemies on their option to Stage 40 of the Mines:

  • Inexperienced Slimes
  • Duggies
  • Bugs
  • Rock Crabs
  • Grubs
  • Cave Flies
  • Bats
  • Stone Golems

A participant’s progress is saved each 5 ranges within the Mines.

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Alternatively, gamers who’ve reached Mining Stage 2 can craft a Staircase that features as a ladder, enabling them to maneuver down one stage within the Mines. Nevertheless, a Staircase can solely be used as soon as and can’t be positioned on ranges 0 or 120. To craft a Staircase, gamers want 99 Stones.

Whereas there isn’t any particular reward for finishing the “Deeper within the Mines” quest, gamers can purchase a Slingshot from the Chest at Stage 40 of the Mines. As soon as gamers attain Stage 40, the graphics transition to a frozen theme. This new part of the Mines is known as the “Frozen Earth”.

Stardew Valley is on the market now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Swap, and Xbox One.

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