Devil Fruits That Would Be Perfect For Zoro


  • Zoro doesn’t depend on Satan Fruits, but when he have been to eat one, the Buki Buki no Mi would enable him to rework into a number of weapons, increasing his fight choices.
  • Onigumo’s Satan Fruit could be an incredible match for Zoro as it will give him the flexibility to wield 8 swords and acquire improved bodily attributes, making him a formidable fighter.
  • The Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryuu could be excellent for Zoro as it will grant him the ability to rework right into a dragon, management components of nature, and have almost impenetrable scales, making him one of many strongest characters.

Roronoa Zoro is the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the vital beloved characters in One Piece. Zoro set out on his journey to turning into the best swordsman on this planet by defeating Dracule Mihawk, the person who presently sits on the stone.

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Over time, he has come a good distance and grow to be one of many strongest pirates on the seas. Zoro has attained terrific power, however he doesn’t depend on a Satan Fruit in any respect. Nonetheless, had Zoro eaten a Satan Fruit, there are some that may swimsuit him greater than others.

Up to date on September 27, 2023, by Rei Penber: Zoro is a superb fighter and definitely one who doesn’t must depend on any Satan Fruits. Nonetheless, having a Satan Fruit is at all times a bonus over not having one. This has already been confirmed within the story on a number of events already. If, for the sake of it, Zoro have been to eat a Satan Fruit, there are fairly a number of that may match him completely. Whereas this listing already goes over the perfect Satan Fruits for Zoro, there are others that may support him vastly and, thus, deserve a point out of their very own. With that in thoughts, this listing has now been up to date.

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10 Buki Buki no Mi

Baby 5 One Piece

The Buki Buki no Mi is a really highly effective Satan Fruit that permits the consumer to show their physique into any weapon that they’ll consider. This fruit was used extensively by Child 5 through the Dressrosa Saga. Utilizing this Satan Fruit, Zoro would be capable of flip himself into a mess of weapons. Whereas he’s primarily a swordsman, having the choice to make use of one thing else will surely not be dangerous in any respect.

He would additionally be capable of flip any a part of his physique right into a sword or another type of a blade after which use it in fight. This Satan Fruit is one that may be very enjoyable for the followers to see Zoro use and given his unimaginable preventing mind, he will surely make superb use of it.

9 Onigumo’s Satan Fruit

Onigumo One Piece

Onigumo is a Vice Admiral of the Marines whom followers have seen a few instances in One Piece. He was current through the Paramount Battle, the place he displayed his Satan Fruit skills to the followers. Curiously, his Satan Fruit was a Zoan kind that allowed him to show into some form of spider. He is then in a position to develop furry limbs from his physique and create six extra arms to wield a complete of eight swords.

This Satan Fruit is definitely one that may match Zoro completely. Not solely wouldn’t it give him the flexibility to wield 8 swords in fight, however it will additionally give him the ability of a Zoan kind. Which means Zoro would acquire all the advantages of this classification of Satan Fruits, corresponding to improved bodily attributes. He could be a lot sooner, stronger, and have a significantly better restoration price as nicely. All these attributes would make him a greater fighter and somebody who would undoubtedly be troublesome for the overwhelming majority of the fighters to cope with.

8 Urouge’s Satan Fruit

Urouge using a weapon

Urouge is a member of the Worst Technology pirates and that robotically implies that he has made an incredible identify for himself. Whereas he’s a really attention-grabbing character, essentially the most attention-grabbing factor about him is his Satan Fruit. This Satan Fruit can even be extremely becoming for Zoro.

Basically, this unnamed Satan Fruit permits the consumer to absorb as a lot harm as they’ll. The harm can then be retaliated as karma utilizing a way known as Inga Zarashi. On condition that Zoro is an absolute tank who loves to absorb harm, this fruit would profit him vastly in fight. After taking life-threatening assaults, Zoro would be capable of retaliate with all that energy and extra, along with his counterattacks. This may imply all his assaults would get an incredible increase, making him a a lot stronger fighter general. There are virtually undoubtedly different functions of this Satan Fruit that followers haven’t seen simply but. Below Zoro, followers would undoubtedly be handled to different skills that this fruit gives and, that may be one other constructive of Zoro having this fruit.

7 Legendary Zoan Oni Satan Fruit

ice oni virus from one piece

Each fan of One Piece is aware of that Zoro has drawn comparisons to the demon itself on a number of events. In truth, Zoro has additionally drawn some comparisons to Oni as nicely. The very fact is, on this planet of One Piece, Historical Giants, definitely exist. The Oni form can be prevalent within the One Piece world as nicely, and Kaido and Yamato are proof of that.

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As such, somebody wishing for his or her powers would then give beginning to an Oni Satan Fruit and it is not outdoors the realms of prospects for this fruit to really exist. Zoro would completely be the right consumer for this Satan Fruit.

Being an Historical Zoan form, it will give Zoro unimaginable bodily prowess and an enormous quantity of power increase, which is what he craves most. On the similar time, all his bodily attributes could be drastically improved. The largest benefit of getting this Satan Fruit could be the elevated power and, extra importantly, the elevated restoration price. Zoro could be virtually not possible to cease with this energy.

6 Bara Bara no Mi

Small sized Buggy from One Piece

The Bara Bara no Mi is yet one more unimaginable Satan Fruit that may be becoming for the Straw Hat Swordsman. It belongs to the Paramecia class and it principally makes the consumer impervious to slash-based assaults. It additionally permits them to separate their physique components aside and management them as they’ll inside a sure sphere.

The flexibility to fly can be granted with this Satan Fruit with solely the ft of the consumer staying on the bottom. This fruit would make Zoro a really troublesome swordsman to struggle towards, provided that his physique wouldn’t obtain any cuts. It might additionally make him rather more unpredictable as a fighter, particularly as a result of he would be capable of chop his physique components up and management them nevertheless he desires.

5 Supa Supa no Mi

Daz Bones using his devil fruit

The Supa Supa no Mi, additionally known as the Cube Cube Fruit, is a strong Paramecia kind of fruit eaten by none aside from Daz Bones, a former member of the Baroque Works. This Satan Fruit is exceptionally highly effective and it permits its consumer to show their complete physique right into a blade. Any a part of their physique can be utilized as a blade, as was seen within the Alabasta arc of the story.

The Supa Supa no Mi is an exceptionally highly effective fruit, particularly when coupled with somebody who is aware of find out how to wield it. Mr. 1 turned a world-renowned murderer with its powers. Below Zoro, this Satan Fruit could be excellent. That is particularly right down to the truth that Zoro is an distinctive consumer of the Shade of Arms Haki. He also can produce long-ranged slashes and defeating him in fight could be a nightmare for anybody.

4 Hana Hana no Mi

Nico Robin in Kokoro no Chizu

The Hana Hana no Mi is a strong Paramecia-type of Satan Fruit eaten by Zoro’s crewmate, Nico Robin. This Satan Fruit permits the consumer to sprout any a part of their physique from anyplace. With superior management, the consumer may even create a whole clone of themselves. What’s extra, they’ll additionally create large constructs of themselves and even flip into demonic figures. This Satan Fruit could be becoming for Zoro as it will give him a number of arms to wield much more swords. As a baby, Zoro believed that the extra swords he wields, the stronger he shall be.

Followers know that at his strongest, Zoro wields 9 swords in fight along with his Asura kind. Moreover, this Satan Fruit would even be thematically becoming for Zoro as he has drawn connections to demonic powers up to now as nicely. The powers of Demonio Fleur will surely be becoming for a person believed to have a demonic aura.

3 Riki Riki no Mi

Jesus Burgess using the Riki Riki no Mi

The Riki Riki no Mi is one other highly effective Paramecia kind of Satan Fruit that was just lately launched within the story after the occasions of the Wano arc. This Satan Fruit is presently within the possession of none aside from Jesus Burgess, the captain of the primary ship of the Blackbeard Pirates. This Satan Fruit works in a quite simple method because it grants an incredible quantity of uncooked energy increase to its wielder.

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With its powers, Burgess was seen turning into able to lifting a whole mountain with ease. Whereas there may be possible a restrict to how a lot it will increase the power of the consumer, that restrict has not been confirmed to the followers but. Zoro is a personality who values uncooked power quite a bit and followers have seen him make use of his uncooked power on a number of events. With this Satan Fruit, Zoro would acquire even additional power and this is able to make him stronger than ever earlier than. All his assaults would hit tougher and stronger and his general powers could be boosted considerably with the Riki Riki no Mi.

2 Neko Neko no Mi, Mannequin: Tiger

Rob lucci one piece 1069

Out of all of the Satan Fruits on this listing, the Neko Neko no Mi, Mannequin: Tiger is the one one which has not been confirmed to exist up to now. Nonetheless, provided that the Leopard mannequin has been confirmed to exist, eaten by Rob Lucci, this one definitely would as nicely. Zoro has at all times drawn connections to Tigers and, as such, this Satan Fruit could be excellent for him.

It might symbolically match his character and, on the similar time, make him a lot stronger as nicely. Zoro’s already spectacular sword abilities could be boosted even additional. What’s extra, he would additionally get a strong hybrid kind that may make him a significantly better fighter than he’s presently. Zoro would additionally obtain a lift in all his attributes, corresponding to power, velocity, in addition to restoration price.

1 Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryuu

Kaido in his hybrid form

The Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryuu is likely one of the strongest Satan Fruits to exist on this planet of One Piece. This Satan Fruit belongs to the Legendary class and was eaten by none aside from the Yonko of the Sea, the King of Beasts, Kaido. This Satan Fruit permits its consumer to rework right into a dragon and a dragon-human hybrid at nicely. It additionally grants the ability to manage sure components of nature, corresponding to lightning, fireplace, and even wind.

Oda has already talked about that if Zoro have been to have a Satan Fruit, he would have the Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryuu. This Satan Fruit would immediately make him one of many strongest characters on this planet of One Piece and provided that he already possesses highly effective Haki, he could be virtually unstoppable. Together with the large power increase and the ability to manage the weather, Zoro would additionally acquire the powerful scales of a dragon, that means that his physique could be almost impenetrable. Really, this Satan Fruit could be excellent for Zoro in almost each method.

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