Every Snow Globe And Landmark In Starfield

Gotta catch ’em all, proper? Starfield has much more of those collectible snow globes than we would imagined, so we’re making an all-in-one record for you.

Starfield has loads of collectibles, however none are so uniform and huge as snow globes. Acquiring them is just half the enjoyable, in reality; they’re your tangible reward for visiting varied landmarks on the ruins of Earth (and a few different close by locales).

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Once we began chronicling snow globe places, we did not notice simply what number of of them Bethesda Sport Studios had in thoughts for us. They’re just like the Dragon Priest Masks of the celebs, besides you need not battle historical and highly effective enemies – you simply have to gaze up at cool real-world buildings. A worthy commerce, to be sincere.

Up to date September 29, 2023 by Quinton O’Connor: We have included two extra snow globe places. Please be affected person as we create particular person guides for them, however within the meantime, our ‘Information’ column should be sufficient to get you the place you should go!

Each Starfield Snow Globe Location

Apollo Snow Globe Starfield

Under, we’ll doc every snow globe we have discovered, alongside a snippet on what to do in an effort to purchase it. The snippets ought to suffice to get you going, however we’ll hyperlink our full guides for each as properly, in case you need extra concerned instructions. The selection is yours, explorer!

In an effort to acquire entry to a landmark vital for locating a snow globe, you will need to learn a selected ebook. These books are scattered throughout the Settled Techniques, and we’re studying them with nice enthusiasm.

This can be a work-in-progress information. We’ll maintain it up to date for you as we discover increasingly of those charming trinkets.

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