Every Trophy/Achievement (& How to Unlock Them)

Achievement/Trophy Identify

How to Unlock

Escape its Gravity

If gamers occur to get grabbed by an enemy, they’ll escape by utilizing a Hand Flare if they’ve one of their stock. There will probably be a button immediate on the display to use the Hand Flare.

That is the Second

Whereas dodging assaults is pretty straightforward, the tough a part of this achievement/trophy is that it has to be finished on the final potential second. If finished accurately, time will (briefly) decelerate and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

Not the Final

Unlocks upon selecting up the primary web page of the manuscript. Since that is a part of the story, it can’t be missed.

Shining within the Evening

When enemies are approaching, activate a Hand Flare. Not solely will they transfer away from gamers, however this will even unlock the achievement/trophy.

Secret Stashes

Unlocked by merely opening one Cult Stash and one Lunch Field. Each of this stuff could be discovered all over, particularly if gamers take time to discover each nook of the map. These solely seem in Saga’s chapters.

Discovering a Method

That is unlocked throughout Return 3: Native Woman. Since discovering the screwdriver is a compulsory goal, this can’t be missed.

Lower Brief

Unlocked as a part of the story throughout Return 5: Outdated Gods. For the reason that Boltcutters are wanted to advance the story, this can’t be missed both.

Chase the Supply

When the darkness defend is burned away on a Taken, there will probably be a glowing purple level someplace on their physique. Capturing this not solely causes large injury to the enemy but in addition unlocks this achievement/trophy.

Darkness Coiled

All gamers have to do to unlock that is focus the flashlight on an enemy to take away their defend.

Unusual Actuality

All through Saga’s chapters, gamers will encounter dolls that may be picked up and positioned on diagrams. There will probably be a paper close by that offers a touch for what dolls go the place. If finished accurately, a Appeal will spawn close by. Gamers want to resolve 5 of those puzzles to unlock this achievement/trophy.

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The Koskela Brothers

So as to unlock this, gamers will want to watch each single TV industrial in Saga’s chapters.

The Path of the Author

Identical to the achievement/trophy above, this one could be unlocked by watching each TV scene that happens throughout Alan’s chapters.

Carry It

This may be unlocked by acquiring the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Return 2: The Coronary heart.

Prepared for a Combat

Unlocked by buying the Searching Rifle in Return 5: Outdated Gods.

Best Hits

Unlocked in Return 3: Native Woman by acquiring the Crossbow from a Cult Stash.

Cease Proper There

This achievement/trophy could be unlocked by buying the Pump-Motion Shotgun in Return 6: Scratch.

Discover the Mild

Unlocked as a part of the story between Initiation 1: Late Evening and Initiation 2: Casey.

Lights Shining

This achievement/trophy is unmissable, as it’s a part of the musical chapter in Alan’s story.

Yippee Ki-yay

May be unlocked by discovering and buying the Double-Barrelled Shotgun within the Oceanview Lodge bar. As soon as within the bar, use the Angel Lamp.

Aimed Forward

Kill 5 enemies with headshots. Progress is saved, so gamers don’t want to kill 5 enemies directly.

Espresso Thermos

This can’t be missed, as unlocking a save level room is a part of the story.

Felt Good

Use any therapeutic merchandise. It would not matter what variety.


Defeat Nightingale, the boss of Return 2: The Coronary heart.

Brilliant Falls’ Best

Defeat each Mulligan and Thornton throughout Return 3: Native Woman.

Woman in Love

Defeat Cynthia in Return 5: Outdated Gods.

Stuffed with Rage

Defeat Scratch in Return 6: Scratch.

Storm Cloud

Efficiently escape from the Darkish Presence throughout Initiation 2: Casey. That is necessary, so it can’t be missed.

Cease the Monster

That is unlocked by focusing the flashlight on a Taken Thrower simply earlier than they’re about to teleport. This variant of Taken teleports round loads, so gamers will both have to get aware of their assault and teleport patterns or unlock this by luck.

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Rising Stronger

Unlocked by upgrading one in every of Saga’s weapons as soon as. That is finished by discovering scattered manuscript fragments and spending them on upgrades within the Thoughts Place.

All Smiles

Improve one in every of Saga’s weapons fully, which suggests getting all of the upgrades which can be obtainable for one weapon. The simplest manner to unlock that is to give attention to one weapon to improve, particularly since there will not be sufficient scattered manuscript fragments to improve each weapon.

Carry his Phrases

Discover and unlock one Phrase of Energy whereas within the Darkish Place. Whereas these are simply missable, gamers solely want to discover one to unlock the achievement/trophy.

Nightmare Territory

Decide up any map that’s discovered all through the sport. The situation of 1 is named out to gamers throughout Return 1: Invitation.

Grew Greater

This may be unlocked by upgrading stock dimension as soon as.

I am going to Discover You

This may be unlocked by discovering each single doll that’s a part of the Nursey Rhyme puzzles.

Beautiful Vistas

This achievement/trophy can simply be unlocked by tossing a Flashbang grenade on the toes of an enemy.

Gone for Good

Take a Propane Canister and throw it on the toes of a Taken after which shoot the canister to trigger an explosion.

The Story Come True

Beat Alan Wake 2. It will unlock because the credit roll.

Searching Season

Full the prologue, Return 0: The Cult.

Anyone’s Residence

Full Return 1: Invitation

Into the Overlap

Full Return 2: The Coronary heart

Again in Watery

Full Return 3: Native Woman

We Watch within the Evening

Full Return 4: No Probability

The Outdated Gods

Full Return 5: Outdated Gods

Seeing Double

Full Return 6: Scratch

Rock n’ Roll, Child

Full Return 7: Summoning

The Ultimate Deerfest

Full Return 8: Deerfest

Finish of the Street

Full Return 9: Come Residence

Discuss Present

Full Initiation 1: Late Evening

New York Metropolis

Full Initiation 2: Casey


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Full Initiation 3: Haunting

All His Life

Full Initiation 4: We Sing

In a Fancy Lodge

Full Initiation 5: Room 665

Instructed and Retold

Full Initiation 6: Return

Behind the Masks

Full Initiation 7: Masks

The Cult of the Phrase

Full Initiation 8: Zane’s Movie

His Method Out

Full Initiation 9: Gone

All Accounted For

Discover all weapons for each Saga and Alan.

In One Go

To unlock this trophy/achievement, gamers merely have to kill an enemy in a single shot with the Crossbow. Ensure that to take away their darkness defend first after which intention for the top.

Shift in Actuality

Unlocked by finishing each Nursery Rhyme puzzle.

Hidden by the Bushes

Unlocked by discovering each Lunch Field and Cult Stash within the recreation.

Espresso-Themed Enjoyable

Shoot the cardboard cutout of a bear in Espresso World. The cardboard cutout will probably be to the left of an indication that factors to the left for The Percolator and factors to the suitable for The Espresso Specific and Contemporary Pot Reward Store.

Filling the Form

So as to unlock this trophy/achievement, place a attraction on each slot of Saga’s attraction bracelet. There are solely three, and if gamers are doing the Nursery Rhyme puzzles they may have loads of charms.

Rustic Appeal

This achievement/trophy could be unlocked by discovering each attraction within the recreation. These solely seem throughout Saga’s chapters, so do not search for them whereas taking part in as Alan.

Again to Life

So as to unlock this achievement/trophy, all gamers have to do is have a Espresso Mug Appeal outfitted after which take deadly injury from any enemy or boss. The Espresso Mug Appeal will carry gamers again to life.

The Good Issues in Life

That is unlocked by petting the canine who seems in Suomi Corridor in Downtown Watery on the finish of Return 5: Outdated Gods.

The Different Facet

This achievement/trophy is definitely unlocked by utilizing the darkish puddle in a save level room to change between both Saga or Alan.

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