Every Way To Counter Gojo’s Infinity


  • Area Amplification and Area Growth are efficient methods to bypass Gojo’s Infinity method in Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Mahoraga, a strong shikigami, can adapt to Infinity and exploit its weaknesses, making Gojo susceptible.
  • The Inverted Spear of Heaven, a cursed instrument, can nullify highly effective strategies like Infinity, as demonstrated by Toji Fushiguro.

Gojo Satoru is without doubt one of the strongest sorcerers on the planet of Jujutsu Kaisen, and far of that’s right down to his unimaginable Cursed Strategy of Limitless. This method is extremely highly effective and it additionally gives him the facility of Infinity that surrounds his complete physique and retains all assaults from hitting him. This Infinity is lively round Gojo always and protects him from hurt perpetually.

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It is usually part of what makes Gojo an invincible character and what offers him the shout for being the strongest sorcerer of all time. Whereas Infinity is extremely overpowered, there are particular methods to interrupt by means of it and followers have already seen a few of them being demonstrated in JJK already.

6 Area Amplification

Domain Amplification Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the crucial helpful methods to nullify Infinity is through the use of Area Amplification. This talent merely sees the person coat their our bodies in a skinny veil of their Innate Area which then helps them to nullify any Cursed Approach or any Area Growth as nicely. That is an extremely helpful energy however solely a handful of individuals on the planet of JJK can depend on it.

The primary folks seen utilizing this talent had been Jogo and Hanami, once they fought towards Gojo in Shibuya. Afterward, followers additionally noticed Sukuna use this potential when he fought towards Gojo. His utilization of this energy was extremely immense and he was simply capable of bypass the Infinity and land bodily blows on Gojo.

5 Area Growth Certain Hit

Sukuna's Malevolent Shrine

Utilizing a Area Growth can be one other unimaginable solution to bypass Infinity. Primarily, each Area Growth has its certain hit method and they’re extremely tough to counter. Whereas they will positively be countered in numerous methods, if the person doesn’t achieve this, they are going to absolutely be hit, even when energy like Infinity is lively.

When Gojo fought towards Sukuna, he was topic to very highly effective strikes from Malevolent Shrine, regardless of having the facility of Infinity surrounding him always. In Gojo’s struggle towards Sukuna, he was left closely injured and bleeding after he took the certain hit from Malevolent Shrine, nevertheless, it didn’t quantity to a lot since he has unimaginable Reverse Cursed Approach utilization and he instantly healed as if nothing occurred.

4 Adaptation With Mahoraga

Gojo’s last resort Mahoraga jujutsu Kaisen 233

Mahoraga is the strongest shikigami provided by the ten Shadows Strategy of the Zenin Clan. This beast has by no means been absolutely tamed in historical past, nevertheless, if one does summon it, it may well absolutely adapt to Infinity and in addition bypass it. That is one thing that Sukuna relied on in his battle towards Gojo. By making use of Mahoraga, he tailored to Infinity and this made Gojo susceptible to any and all assaults.

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Primarily, after being hit repeatedly by the assaults, the variation course of hurries up, and ultimately, the very nature of the cursed power possessed by this shikigami adjustments and permits it to adapt. Moreover, the variation course of continues to evolve over time, which implies Mahoraga retains on discovering new methods to assault the goal. Whereas Infinity could be very tough to interrupt by means of, gaining access to Mahoraga actually is of nice assist in that regard.

3 Inverted Spear of Heaven

Toji Inverted Spear Of Heaven Jujutsu Kaisen - Featured

Choose Cursed Instruments also can help the method of nullification of highly effective Cursed Methods corresponding to Limitless. The Inverted Spear of Heaven is one such instrument that was wielded by none aside from Toji Fushiguro. This weapon is imbued with overseas cursed power and it has particular properties due to it.

Primarily, any cursed method that it is available in contact with, it nullifies instantly. Even cursed strategies as highly effective as Limitless, which gives Infinity, can simply be nullified through the use of the Inverted Spear of Heaven. This Cursed Device is how Toji was capable of injure Gojo and put him in a near-death state once they fought for the very first time.

2 Attacking The House Itself

Mahoraga Sukuna jujutsu kaisen 231

One other unimaginable solution to cope with Infinity that’s provided by the Limitless method is to assault the world itself. It is a method that no character aside from Mahoraga and Sukuna can make the most of. Primarily, Sukuna, who possesses the facility to cleave issues aside, determined to focus on your complete world and the area that exists in it, as a substitute of Gojo.

This meant that the Infinity itself was a goal to be chopped up and when he launched this highly effective assault, it sliced proper by means of it and lower Gojo as nicely. This method may be highly effective, nevertheless, the best way it really works makes little sense. Nonetheless, it actually does work very nicely to bypass Infinity.

1 Operating Out Of Cursed Vitality

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 33

The least environment friendly solution to bypass Infinity can be to let Gojo run out of cursed power ultimately. This might be extremely tough to realize, provided that Gojo possesses Six Eyes and his utilization of cursed power is probably going the easiest in your complete sequence.

He can recuperate extra power than he expends and which means he won’t ever be really out of power. Nonetheless, if, in excessive conditions, Gojo ever does run out of cursed power, he will be unable to make use of Limitless and the barrier of Infinity that surrounds him may even subside. This might permit the opponents to hit him usually.

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