Everything You’ll Need for a Disney Vacation

Are you unsure what to bring to Walt Disney World? This ultimate packing guide includes a checklist, bag essentials, and 50+ unique products that will save you money, keep you comfortable in Florida’s weather, and enhance your holiday.

The first section of this Disney packing list focuses on the less-obvious items–items you didn’t realize you needed. These are some exciting and occasionally strange things we’ve learned over the years, some of which have significantly improved our travel experiences. When we go to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo, Paris, and other places, we bring some. Consider getting some of them with you on your trip.

The second half of our Disney packing list is available for download and printing. This includes items you probably already have–but might forget about if you don’t have this Walt Disney World packing list. We utilize this checklist to ensure that we’ve covered all of the essentials. In terms of unique goods, we continuously update this list with new ideas and staples based on reader feedback and requests. We’re always looking for new ways to improve travel, so please share your discoveries and tips in the comments!

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World between now and the middle of 2022, you should be aware that several components of the experience have changed. This will alter what you need to bring–and what you don’t need to get–in some ways, all of which are detailed below.

Disneyland Park

You’ll also need to bring your face masks because Walt Disney World needs them indoors. (For more information, see our Walt Disney World Face Masks FAQ and Guide.) The good news is that face masks are not required when visiting the parks, where most people spend their time. At Walt Disney World, we estimate that you won’t need a face mask about 75% of the time. With that in mind, we recommend bringing the Powecom FFP2 Face Mask, which has a far higher filtration efficiency than surgical masks (and isn’t fake, unlike many KN95 choices).

Making a supermarket run upon arrival or having food delivered to your accommodation is something else we’d recommend right now. This is due to restaurant hours and menus being shortened, fewer dining establishments being open, and those not filling all tables owing to physical distance. As a result, finding a spot to eat breakfast has become more complex, and eateries are routinely overbooked. See our Guide to Grocery Delivery at Walt Disney World for more information.

This tip applies to all of your orders, including non-perishable goods and snacks. If you’re ordering many things and don’t want to worry about bringing them with you, you may place an order with Amazon.com before our vacation and have the products delivered to your Walt Disney World resort. Indicate your arrival date in Address Line 2. Alternatives now charge a $6 package handling fee for all packages received by the hotel. Grocery delivery is exempt from this charge.

The next item you should know is that our Disney packing list isn’t geared to any particular season. If you’re planning a vacation between now and March 2022, check out our Winter Packing Tips for Disney for more precise advice on what to bring. The weather in Orlando can be like a roller coaster, and unlike at Walt Disney World, it isn’t always pleasant. There are roughly three weeks per year when the weather in Central Florida is predictable and satisfying!

Those visiting the parks in May 2022 or later can reference our Summer Packing Tips for Disney post for tips on how to battle the heat and deal with humidity. You should also be aware that Storm Season at Walt Disney World coincides with the hottest and most humid months of the year. If you plan on going in the summer or early fall, be prepared.

Finally, the point of this list isn’t for you to go out and buy everything on it. These are simply suggestions, not a comprehensive list of Walt Disney World requirements. You’d be taking way too much if you packed everything. We are adamant about not overpacking. It’s critical to go over this list, figure out what might assist you have a better vacation, and then do it. Everything on this page isn’t for everyone; it’s just a collection of ideas.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the Disney packing list, followed by the packing checklist. We’ll start with the clever goods that our readers adore–those that will save you time, money, stress, or (literally) bodily anguish and suffering!


Body Glide – Many people had recommended this product when we first made a list as the best way to prevent chaffing. Unless you walk 10+ miles every day at home for several days in a row, this is a genuine problem that many people will face unexpectedly. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Moleskin Padding Roll – Your “dogs will be barking” in the same way. Seriously, one of the biggest surprises for tourists is how much walking there is at Walt Disney World, which may be taxing on the feet. This substance is a fantastic “insurance policy” that can save your feet a lot of pain and anguish.

Toggs Frogg Chilly Pad — By far the most popular item on this list, Chilly Pads are “cold and dry” at the same time thanks to some space-age technology substance (or witchcraft?). After being soaked and wrung dry, the towel becomes more relaxed than the outside air, delivering cooling comfort without the mess. Re-wet the towel and wring it out after it stops cooling. Viola, it’s freezing once more.

While these are technically disposable, they are thicker, higher-quality material than the ponchos above. We’ve discovered that they’re simple to repurpose–hang them in your room to dry at the end of the day! Unless you intend to throw your ponchos away after each use, this is unquestionably the better alternative.

Anna recommends this reusable “Minnie Mouse-Inspired” Polka Dot Poncho if you want something with a little more personality. Other patterns are available for guys and those who aren’t polka dot fans.

Disposable Ponchos, 10-Pack — These will save you a lot of money. Capes in the parks cost $10 each, which adds up quickly throughout a stay. We recommend that you bring a 10-pack (or more) of ponchos for your group. They’re compact and lightweight, making them ideal for packing in a bag.

Parade Blanket — This is an excellent alternative to sitting on the ground when waiting for Disney parades, but it can be used in various situations throughout the parks. This one has weighted corners, is small enough to fit in a pocket, and is puncture-resistant. It’s also water-resistant, so in an emergency, you may use it as a cape. It’s highly adaptable!

Airbags by Apple — This is a new item for 2022, and we’re introducing AirTags after using them to track our car (valid for rental cars that get lost in the TTC sea), checked baggage (excellent for peace of mind), and much more that isn’t related to travel.

The stroller track is the best possible use of anything we haven’t tested. Several readers reported in a previous story about Walt Disney World’s new strollers that Cast Members move parked strollers, making them difficult to spot. AirTags should be a great answer to this issue! Airbags, or their non-Apple sibling, Tile Pro Tracker, have many non-Disney applications.

Stroller Fan — This is technically a clip-on desk fan. According to the reviews, practically everyone who buys it does so for strollers. It’ll keep your kids cool for 5-10 hours before needing to be recharged–which can be done through USB with one of the external chargers listed above. This is ideal for visiting Walt Disney World during the warmest hours of the day!

Mickey Mouse Stroller Clip — Use this to hang other products on this list (such as the backpack below!) from your stroller handle for easy access. It’s also Mickey-themed!

“Stuff” that Glows in the Dark – Okay, this may appear foolish or pointless at first (as did my initial reaction), but these glow-sticks are pretty handy. They make it simple to locate your family (or stroller!) among the evening crowds. Kids enjoy making cool things to wear out of them–it’s a lot of fun!

External Charger for Small Devices – Poor service in the parks, as well as the desire to monitor wait times, plan trips, and share images on social media, might deplete your battery. Depending on how much power we require, we use three external batteries.

  • Anker “Lipstick Sized” Battery — Due to its shape and size, this is popularly referred to as a “lipstick charger,” and it holds around two full phone charges. This is small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Anker Ultra-Compact Battery (TOP PICK FOR VALUE AND CAPACITY) — This battery has twice the capacity of the original, allowing you to charge your phone for up to four times. It’s a little bulkier, but it’ll still fit inside a small backpack. This is a good one for the two of us.
  • Anker High Capacity Battery – With 8 full charges, this battery will last an entire family (or one adolescent) a whole day at WDW. This charger provides the most value for your money.

Lightweight & Waterproof Travel Backpack – You probably already have a backpack, so bear with us. Because the material is so thin, it will simply fit inside your luggage. The light and breathable material is the main selling point, essential in the Florida heat. It’s made to keep you cool when hiking and doing other brutal activities…like visiting Walt Disney World!

Life Straw Go Filter Water Bottle — The water in Florida tastes terrible straight from the tap, so getting a bottle with a filter is essential. Without a doubt, this bottle is the most excellent alternative. It’s long-lasting, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe, with a 2-stage activated carbon filter that eliminates odors, chlorine, and aftertaste!

Is Disneyland the great American artwork? - BBC Culture

Brita Filter Water Bottles is the second-best alternative if you don’t want to spend as much money. It’s both cheap and long-lasting. Although not as practical or durable as the previous alternative, it is still a solid choice. In any case, we strongly advise bringing a water bottle. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to get cups of water at counter service restaurants (or open snack stalls).

Collapsible Water Bottles — These don’t have filters, which we need because of the taste of Florida’s water. Still, they’re a terrific alternative if you’re more concerned with saving space and convenience. Perhaps you enjoy the flavor of swamp water!

Packing Cubes – These are great for organizing and managing your stuff easier. This 4-piece kit is ideal for organizing a carry-on suitcase because it’s the appropriate size.

Compression Cubes – There are two attractive options here–I’ve switched to these compression cubes because they save more space in my suitcase, which is extremely important to me. If you’re only seeking to stay organized, the cheaper option is listed below.

Company with Integrity Coastal Surf Hand Sanitizer Spray — Hand sanitizer is now available for free throughout Walt Disney World. It’s impossible to miss. However, unless you want your hands to be dry and painful after a day, we strongly advise carrying your own higher-quality items. This is the recipe we use the most.

Sanitizer Wipes — These alcohol-free sanitizer wipes work in the same way. Walt Disney World is enchanting, but it is not enchantingly clean. Countless other hands have touched every surface. These are wonderful for cleaning your hands, phone, stroller, or any cover–a must-have to avoid getting sick while on vacation!

EltaMD Face Sunscreen – Anna prefers this more upscale face sunscreen, which dermatologists and eminent scientists worldwide endorse. (Probably.)

Sun Bum Oil-Free Face Stick Sunscreen – My face sunburns easily, and I’ve tried a variety of sunscreens to battle it over the years with little success. While it is a little costly, it is pretty compelling. As an added benefit, it smells fantastic!

The GAIATOP Personal Neck Fan is a small device that is surprisingly effective. Do you remember how refreshing it felt to be assaulted by a rush of air conditioning while walking down Main Street in front of an open door? This is similar to that but on a more consistent basis. Anna prefers it to the Frogg Toggs since it is drier and healthier for her long hair. It’s more of a coin flip for me. While this fan is quieter and possibly more effective than the Chilly Pad, it is significantly more intrusive and annoying.

As technology advances, I believe we will be on the lookout for a more powerful, quieter, and lighter device. It’s a terrific concept, and I’m excited to see where future developments take it. You can already upgrade to a more robust and high-tech model–the TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan is a good example.

Anker 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports on a PowerPort Cube Strip — Many of Disney’s rooms have been remodeled, with USB ports included as part of the process, thus this is no longer essential. It is, however, for many off-site and older hotel rooms. This also includes fast-charging capabilities, allowing devices to be recharged more quickly. (There’s also a USB-C version that’s “future-proofed.”)

The Tourist Cooler Backpack was created in response to reader requests for foldable, more relaxed choices for transporting food into the parks. We considered several options but ultimately decided that this backpack was the most excellent option for keeping drinks, snacks, and sandwiches cold while also being the most convenient option at luggage check. (If you’re not carrying perishable food, our lightweight backpack alternative is a better fit.)

Reusable Straws – This is a recent addition to the list. Walt Disney World and Disneyland have removed plastic straws from their menus (and in-park Starbucks uses terrible paper straws that disintegrate after about 10 minutes). This is a valuable tool to have in your backpack.

Discounted Disney Pins – This is more of a money-saving option than a practical one. If you read our Disney Pin Trading Tips post, you already know that pin trading in the parks is a fun, albeit pricey, activity. However, instead of paying $8-10 per pin, you can pay $1 per pin if you buy them online before your trip. It comes highly recommended!

Anna has used “last-gen” variations of this device for years, swearing by both sleep masks for travel and ‘cozy’ headphones for getting some rest on planes.

Airplane Travel Kit with Memory Foam Neck Pillow — Includes velour cover, sleep mask, and earplugs. Anna uses a pillow, sleep mask, and above-ear headphones for flights. She has a very remarkable appearance.

Pop-up Hamper — After all, you don’t want your hotel room to look like the perfect habitat for Oscar the Grouch halfway through your stay, do you? We’ve discovered that the most significant difficulty is always (ALWAYS!) dirty laundry, and carrying a pop-up hamper is a fantastic method to keep this under control.

Travel Sunscreen Packets – We recommend these sunscreen packets for your arms, legs, neck, and other exposed areas. You know how inconvenient it is when a tube of sunscreen spills in your suitcase or backpack (we have…many times). This difficulty is solved by these separate travel packets, which are also much easier to carry in your pocket or backpack. They are the ideal solution!

Disneyland Reopens In California After Being Closed For More Than A Year :  Coronavirus Updates : NPR

Frogg Toggs Rain Suit – This rain suit is perfect if you want something higher quality, more adaptable, and will keep you completely dry. It’s a low-cost, lightweight, and breathable option. You won’t get too heated because it’s created by the same firm that makes the Chilly Pads. It may appear not very intelligent at first, but after a dry afternoon with it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

Shout Wipes, Tide pens, or anything else that can remove stains. I’m a pro at making messes, so these stain removers come in handy.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser – Suitcase clothes can wrinkle, and no one likes ironing. When I neglect to bring this, I let wrinkled clothes “air de-wrinkle,” a far better approach.

Autograph Book Substitute – We thought this Junior Character Encyclopedia of Disney Characters was the most fantastic thing ever when one of our friends utilized it. Rather than having characters sign a blank page, have them sign this forthcoming book, including over 150 Disney personalities. It’ll be a treasured keepsake after the trip. On Facebook, we’ve gotten a lot of positive comments from folks who have tried–and loved–this! (Please note that meet-and-greets are now suspended; therefore, characters are not signing autographs.) This is usually an excellent item to have on hand, but not until Spring 2022.)

Photography Equipment — This is just included since we know many people come to us looking for camera recommendations…

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the wrong place! For photography tips and tricks, as well as camera recommendations, see our Ultimate Disney Parks Photography Guide.


Crocs Classic Sandal — If aesthetics aren’t important to you, Crocs are your best bet for staying comfortable while walking through the parks.

WetBrush Pro Detangle — This hairbrush works well with damp hair, and if you’re visiting Walt Disney World, your hair will become wet. Anna’s Disney bag isn’t complete without this item.

Repel Travel Umbrella — This travel umbrella is lightweight, windproof, and comes with a one-year warranty. At Walt Disney World, we’ve ruined quite a few umbrellas due to wind gusts; thus, this is quite crucial.

SPF Anna has numerous colors of this inexpensive and fashionable sun hat, which she wears in parks to keep the sun off her face and stay calm. They’re both breathable and light. The only disadvantage is their great size, which makes packing them difficult (we recommend carrying them on).

Anna has many styles of sandals (the Crocs listed first are her most recent addition) that wonderfully mix comfort and cuteness and provide enough comfort so that your feet don’t hurt after logging miles in the parks.

Aqua Socks for Water Parks and Pools — These are required if you plan to visit Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, or spend time at your hotel’s pool. The pavement gets quite hot–too hot to walk on without these.

Dresses — If you’ve ever read one of our travel reports, you know how much Anna enjoys wearing dresses. According to the emails we’ve received, she’s not the only woman who feels this way.

Check out her What to Wear to Disney page for information on where she shops and clothes that are both cute and practical for those hot days in the parks. She also has Disney Accessorizing Tips so that you may add cute ‘dashes of Disney’ to your regular clothing.

Disneyland | History & Facts | Britannica


Organic Instant Coffee from Mount Hagen — When we break out these packets to make our coffee, it’s one of the most uncomfortable moments (for our traveling companions!). Starbucks isn’t all that great, the lines are always long, and we each “require” 3-4 doses of caffeine to function. Purchasing coffee in the parks would rapidly pile up and take up a lot of time. We save a lot of money by cutting coffee from our trip budget, and it’s worth it even if we look like cheapskates making coffee in the parks.

Caffeine Mints — These mints have about the same amount of caffeine as coffee or an energy drink, so they’ll give you enough energy to get through the evening Extra Magic Hours without giving you coffee breath or forcing you to run to the potty while waiting in line for Toy Story Mania. Win-win!

Clif Bar Energy Bars (Clif Bar) – Clif Bars are an excellent source of nutritional fiber and vitamins, and they’re a tasty, healthful snack to have in between journeys to Aloha Isle. By balancing your diet with them, you’ll feel a bit less terrible about eating three Dole Whips per day.

Complete Protein Cookie by Lenny & Larry — Want something even more nutritious? No high fructose corn syrup, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners are used in these cookies, high in protein and fiber. They’re also vegan.

Chomps Beef Sticks — If it were up to me, I’d bring a whole bunch of Slim Jims. Chomps, which tout a laundry list of “clean” marketing advantages, are not as “healthy.” These are our go-to beef jerky for the parks, and they’re also available at Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores. (Except the cranberry, we enjoy all of the flavors.)

This is about it for us regarding less-ordinary things, at least the less-ordinary ones that would be valuable to others. So, how about you? Are there any unique items in your bag that the rest of us will wonder why we didn’t think of? If so, please share them in the comments section. We hope that this guide will assist you in better preparing for your trip to Disney!

If you’re thinking about buying any of these products or any other vacation necessities, we’d appreciate it if you used the Amazon links in this post to make your purchase. It enriches the site, costs you nothing, and allows us to continue to provide you with relevant material.

This Walt Disney World packing list includes a number of the particular goods mentioned above that we recommend for enhancing your Disney vacation, as well as some more common items that you won’t want to forget. It’s crucial to note that you don’t have to bring everything on this list; it covers all the essentials but may be more than you require.

Disneyland Park | Disneyland Paris

We tried to leave off items that aren’t necessary (such as shampoo, conditioner, or a first-aid kit) because they can be found in your hotel room or at the parks or because they aren’t required for most people. There’s a strong desire to overpack (especially with all of the great ideas on this list) but resist it. On a weeklong trip to Walt Disney World, you don’t need three pieces of luggage per person!

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