Final Fantasy XVI Guide: Important Combat Advice

Final Fantasy 16 is the first game in the series to include a more action-oriented style of fighting. Action battles are known to be more challenging than turn-based battles, so if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy but don’t have much experience with action games, you could find that there is a bit of a learning curve involved in playing the game. 

We have created a list of some of the best combat techniques for you to use in this guide so that you can become an expert in the art of battle in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy XVI Guide: Important Combat Advice

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 deviates from what fans may have come to expect from a Final Fantasy game with its fast, reflex-driven, action-heavy combat, but it still has some of the best world building, characters, and stories the series has to offer. Additionally, its ground-breaking Active Time Lore feature ought to set a new benchmark for how lengthy, story-heavy games can keep players invested in their world.

Essential FF16 Combat Tips

The Bells of Time

Utilizing the Timely Rings is the optimal and most productive way to solve any problems you may be having with the fight system in Final Fantasy 16. Timely Rings are accessories that are introduced at the beginning of the game and have the potential to help you in practically every facet of the battle. These rings are quite useful, and the fact that you may equip up to three of them at once makes the combat experience significantly less stressful. To the best of our knowledge, they won’t interfere with your ability to accumulate Battle Rewards (Spoils), and every point you rack up while wearing them will contribute toward accumulating those rewards!

The following is a list of the Timely Rings and the various ways in which they can assist you:

  • Simply hitting the attack button once activates the Ring of Timely Strikes, which thereafter automatically executes combos and other battle methods.
  • The Ring of Timely Evasion allows the wearer to automatically dodge assaults whenever it is possible to do so.
  • The Ring of Timely Focus allows you to gain additional time to avoid being struck by slowing down the passage of time right before you are about to be struck. It is not possible to use this item in conjunction with the Ring of Timely Evasion.
  • The Ring of Timely Healing automatically consumes a healing potion whenever the wearer’s health bar drops below a certain threshold.
  • The Ring of Timely Assistance will automatically issue commands to Torgal, allowing you to concentrate solely on your own assaults rather than having to worry about communicating with him.

Accurate Ducking and Weaving

The most important thing to take away from this compilation of fighting advice is to train yourself to become an expert at the Precision Dodge. When it comes to combat in Final Fantasy 16, Precision Dodging is one of the most important aspects to master because it may make all the difference in a fight.

Pressing the R1 button will cause you to dodge right as you are about to be hit, allowing you to pull off a Precision Dodge. Because of this, Clive is able to shift through the move without sustaining any kind of damage to himself. If you hit your opponent immediately after they complete a Precision Dodge, you will conduct a Precision Counter, which is an attack that deals significantly more damage than a standard attack. 

Staggering Your Enemies

Final Fantasy XVI Guide: Important Combat Advice

In Final Fantasy 16, staggering larger foes as quickly as you can is the most effective strategy for taking them out of the fight. When an opponent has their Stagger Gauge filled, they will tumble to the ground as their Stagger Gauge continues to fill. During that period, they are unable to move, and as a result, they absorb significantly more damage than they normally would. This presents the ideal opportunity for you to significantly reduce their health without them being able to defend themselves.

The Stagger Point at the Half-Way Mark

It is possible to throw your opponent off balance by reducing their Stagger Gauge by half. If you use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace at that time, your opponent will be pulled to the ground, giving you additional time to land some more strikes before they are able to regain their footing. Because this move can be used against even the most powerful foes, having Deadly Embrace equipped can be an incredible asset when engaged in combat.

Stagger and Damage Abilities

You will notice that each Eikonic Ability in your Ability Tree has two distinct star ratings when you are browsing through them. This is because each ability can be used in different situations. The first rating next to the sword icon indicates the amount of physical damage that is caused by the move. The second rating indicates the amount of damage that the move inflicts upon the stagger gauge of your opponent. It is possible to significantly increase the total amount of damage you are capable of dealing in combat by ensuring that your Stagger Abilities and Damage Abilities are well-balanced.

Magical Explosions

Final Fantasy XVI Guide: Important Combat Advice

Because there are so many fascinating and exciting maneuvers in Final Fantasy 16, even the most fundamental ones might be easy to overlook. When you press the triangle button, a spell is activated that can be added to combos to increase the amount of damage dealt. 

If you want to conduct a Magic Burst on an opponent while you’re hacking away at them with your sword, click the triangle button in between each strike. Magic Bursts are potent spells that can not only increase the number of hits in a combo from four to eight, but they can also inflict additional stagger damage on the target. 

The Loyal Dog’s Name Is Torgal

Don’t put Torgal out of your mind! In addition to being Clive’s most reliable ally and constant companion in life, Torgal is an absolute monster on the battlefield. During a battle, you can access Torgal’s menu by pressing the left button on the D-Pad. From this menu, you can give Torgal attack commands to assist you take down your opponents. Additionally, Torgal has the ability to do some limited healing on Clive, which, especially early on, can be of great assistance.

Eikonic Abilities and Feats

Even though Clive is a powerful warrior and his enormous sword is intimidating, nothing can compare to the Eikonic Abilities and Feats that are available in Final Fantasy 16. Not only are they fantastic in and of themselves, but they are also, by a wide margin, the most powerful movements in the game.

while you acquire a new Eikon, in addition to gaining access to three new skills, you will also receive a new Eikonic Feat. This Eikonic Feat is a special move that is mapped to the circle button and can only be used while you have that particular Eikon equipped. The following are some suggestions on how to make the most of each Eikonic Feat:

Eikons in Final Fantasy 16

  • You can use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to especially target spellcasters who like to use healing or buffing spells, but you can also use it after the last hit of either a ground or air combo to bring an enemy right back to you and continue the punishment. This is an excellent tactic for precisely targeting spellcasters who prefer to use healing or boosting spells.
  • Because each hit also imbues the victim with a ball of lightning, Ramuh’s Blind Justice is an excellent way to start a fight against a large number of weak enemies. This is because the lightning orbs, when struck, will discharge and do additional damage to the target as well as the enemies that are surrounding it.
  • You may simply block damage by holding down the Titanic Block button, but if you time it just right, you can execute a strong counter by slamming the square button three times in quick succession.
  • If you timing your dodges correctly while charging Megaflare with Wings of Light, you can actually shorten the amount of time it takes to fully charge the ability by a significant amount.
  • By pressing circle when you are in the middle of a dodge while using Cold Snap, you actually have the ability to turn the dodge into an attack. If you avoid an attack at the very last second before it lands, you will freeze all nearby adversaries and infect them with permafrost. This condition causes an opponent to become immobilized for a period of time that is proportional to the opponent’s strength.
  • Even if you switch Eikons, the Zantetsuken charge that is associated with the Arm of Darkness ability will still save. You may turn this to your advantage by leveling it up early in the fight and then using it as one of your primary damage dealers once the opponent has been stunned and their multiplier has increased to 1.5. This will allow you to deal significantly more damage to the opponent.

Limit Break

Clive is able to enter an augmented state known as Limit Break when his Limit Gauge reaches its maximum capacity. When you use Limit Break, your attacks will deal far more damage than normal, and you will also have the opportunity to heal yourself with each successful strike. If the gauge is at its maximum, you are free to activate Limit Break whenever you like. When your health is low or when your opponent has the Stagger status effect, however, is the optimal time to activate this powerful option.

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