Five Games to Play While You Wait for Breath of the Wild 2

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The open-world feature of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is popular. Breath Of The Wild 2 will not be released until Spring 2023. Players will need something to do till Breath Of The Wild 2 is out.

This is a common theme in open-world games. Some games stress global exploration to progress. Elden Ring, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and others. One of the most linear is Rune Factory 4. They still promote exploration. These tasks help develop the main tale and learn more about the worlds and characters.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Shows A Different Take On Breath Of The Wild

Age Of Calamity is a remake of Breath Of The Wild. In each mission, players hack and slash their way through enemy groupings. Some missions are required to complete the game, but many others are sidequests that flesh out specific characters. They also allow for new abilities and upgrades. In the Expansion Pass DLC in 2021, users can play as Purah, Robbie, and Sooga. They can also unlock new adversaries, weapons, and story stages.

Kirby & The Forgotten Land Is Another Big World For Players To Explore

In comparison to Breath Of The Wild, Kirby & The Forgotten Land offers a memorable 3D world. The first 3D Kirby. It has a vibrant environment full of minigames, memorable bosses, and more. By advancing the main game, Kirby will have rebuilt a community full of rescued Waddle Dees. This allows for more minigames like fishing and feeding Waddle Dees. In a competition, the player can face Meta Knight.

Elden Ring Has Many Comparisons With Breath Of The Wild

Elden Ring’s open-world feature has drawn similarities to Breath Of The Wild. As the Elden Lord, you must restore the Elden Ring. Finding all the Great Runes is part of their major objective.

Explore the map to learn new talents. These can be used with various objects, weapons, and equipment found throughout the environment. Players can customize their characters and tools. This includes spirit helpers. Players can also play co-op to explore the planet together.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Is Also Compared To Breath Of The Wild

Open-world Pokémon fans will love Pokémon Legends: Arceus. In many ways, Arceus resembles Breath Of The Wild. Throughout the game, players can collect Pokémon and fight other characters. They also have a vast world to discover. Pokémon can now chase, attack, and even knock out players, a first in the Pokémon series. Villages, personalities, and sidequests can all be visited. They can make Pokéballs and other gear for subsequent exploration.

Horizon: Forbidden West Has Rich Open Worlds And History To Explore

Horizon: Forbidden West occurs after Horizon: Zero Dawn. The player controls Aloy. Aloy ventures into a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters. Unlike in Breath Of The Wild, the player can dive. They must use tools and stealth to traverse the realm, defeat foes, and discover more about it. Its immersive role-playing is lauded by many Compared to the last Horizon game, more focus is placed on exploring.

Moonlighter Has The Player Running A Shop By Day And Exploring Dungeons By Night

Daytime shopkeeper in Moonlighter. They scout dungeons at night for new stock. Each trip’s dungeon format is randomized. Exploring the dungeons keeps the player on their toes, especially when they unlock new ones.

They can sell the materials to enhance their armor and storage. Some purchases even expand their shop. The player can discover more about former adventurers as they explore and sell new goods. But they didn’t make it out before dawn.

Tree Of Savior Has Many Quests And Events For The Player To Explore

Tree Of Savior is a quest-driven MMORPG. The main storyline has some tasks, but many are sidequests or seasonal activities. Tree Of Savior offers a complex fantasy environment where they can solo or co-op with other teams. There are numerous PvP alternatives. The Team Battle League, Gemstone Feud, and Guild and Guild Territory Wars are examples. The player can also select classes. The game starts with five fundamental classes. Later, players can switch to three more classes.

Rakuen Requires Player Exploration To Advance The Main Story

In Rakuen, the player travels between the fantastical and real worlds. The player’s character is dying, but he has one more adventure traveling both worlds and aiding their citizens. Some chores are part of sidequests that help characters grow. Also for the main story.

Breath of the Wild was more linear. Some regions are locked unless certain goals are achieved. This is compensated for by a good tale, character development, and other features

Rune Factory 4 Has The Player As An Amnesiac

The player in Rune Factory 4 loses their memories after falling from an airship into Selphia. The player is the town’s new Prince or Princess. They must learn to cultivate, cook, battle, and help the townspeople. Many quests are sidequests aimed to help the player meet the locals. The game world increases when the player completes key tasks. The main game can be completed at any moment. The player can complete primary objectives and attend town activities. They may woo bachelors and bachelorettes.

Minecraft Has The Player Exploring New Terrain And Building Their Way Through The Game

Minecraft is known for its random worlds and adversaries. Anything is possible to build. Some people use this game to build incredible camps. The game encourages users to explore. So the player discovers new recipes and supplies. In addition, they can meet villagers from other communities and undertake cave exploring or mountain climbing. Players can play Minecraft in Survival, Adventure, and Creative modes.

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