Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

What are the best Valorant maps? We ranked all of the maps on Riot’s hit FPS from best to worst.

There are many reasons why Valorant continues to expand its domain in the competitive gaming landscape. And alongside Riot Games’ continuous support, the brilliant maps of Valorant are definitely among the reasons why we love the game.

There is no doubt that the successful FPS will add new faces to its ever-growing character roster. And new arenas are certain to follow with new patch updates. But while we wait for new ones, here are the best Valorant maps ranked from best to worst.

Best and Worst Valorant Maps (2023)

Maps are one of the most crucial elements of a competitive game. Especially when we talk about a first-person shooter title, maps gain even more importance.

That’s because a map can help you decide which agent you’ll choose. As they all have their unique features, playing with certain agents can yield great results.

With that said, let’s dive in and rank the best Valorant maps.

9. Fracture

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

Fracture has been a source of complaint among Valorant players. First appeared back in 2021, Fracture offers a distinct structure that pushes most players away. That’s because it is filled with corridors, maze-like halls, and various other distinct features.

Along with its complex design, Fracture also adopts rather unorthodox choices like spawning the defenders in the middle of the map. The attackers, on the other hand, need to traverse the map to reach the sides with ziplines.

That being said, even though Fracture forces attackers to use ziplines, it does favor them as it has been proven many times in the past. That’s because attackers have more than a normal amount of alternatives to rush to the critical points. Naturally, this results in a massive disadvantage for the defenders.

Best Agents for Fracture

    • Breach
    • Viper
    • Killjoy
    • Raze

8. Icebox

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

Icebox was the first map Riot introduced after Valorant’s debut. This highly vertical map takes players to the cold mountains of Russia. It offers a high level of verticality favoring those who pick Jett and Omen.

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While Icebox can be fun for both sides, playing on Icebox can feel repetitive after a while due to the map’s layout. That’s because the B side is arguably the easier to plant. Especially after the arrival of Patch 4.04, the attackers often rush to the B site.

Two years after its arrival in the game, players still have mixed opinions on Icebox. In any case, picking Jett in Icebox can yield great results.

7. Pearl

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

Pearl offers a nightmarish experience for newcomers. It also provides a solid test of game sense for Valorant veterans as well. Indeed, it is not the first one to come to mind when we talk about the best Valorant maps.

That being said, unlike the two previous maps on our list, Pearl has a balanced layout that doesn’t favor attackers or defenders. That being said, it is wide mid area can leave you vulnerable against lurkers and snipers.

All these reasons and more make Pearl a better option for Valorant veterans. It is also one of the worst Valorant maps to play with random players.

6. Breeze

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

Introduced back in 2021, Breeze takes players to a chilling landscape where they will often get shot in its long corridors. Breeze offers lots of open spaces where you need to depend on your game sense a lot.

That’s why you will often see players using Marshal and Operator on this map. We also suggest going with long-range weapons to make use of Breeze’s long corridors.

That said, the map also offers great positions for lurkers and sneakers. Especially the various access points of Breeze can help you unleash your creative potential.

On the other hand, some players do not fancy Breeze’s large layout because of these very same reasons. The corners and sneaky access points will force you to be always aware of your surroundings. And this makes Breeze a rather difficult Valorant map to play on for newcomers.

5. Split

Split might not be one of the best Valorant maps in the rotation. But it definitely has its distinct aspects.

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Set in Tokyo’s Shinjuku region, Split divides players into two as they either love or hate every corner. And actually, both of these groups are right due to Split’s main features. For example, the map clearly favored the defenders before Patch 6.0. Even this aspect was enough to push players away from Split.

Thankfully, the patch introduced balance adjustments and made Split a balanced map for attackers as well. Moreover, the ropes and access points of the middle area make Split a fun map to play with.

4. Haven

best valorant maps haven

Haven is one of the best Valorant maps thanks to its three plant sites, potential attack routes, and critical spots.

Unlike many other maps in the list, Haven does not emphasize a certain side because of its brilliant layout.

It features three sites for planting and allows players to traverse across them easily. The ability to quickly switch between the plant sites creates room for new strategies.

On top of that, every plant site has distinct features that can easily change the fate of the round. Some players also believe that it is one of the worst Valorant maps to play in low elo. That’s because hitting A or C plant site can be difficult due to the map’s layout.

That being said, trying to grasp the map control is what makes Haven a fun map to play. Here are the best agents to play on Haven in Valorant.

3. Lotus

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

One of the most recent Valorant maps, Lotus comes with unique aspects that requires a high level of tinkering and strategy.

The map’s layout wants players to get the map control as soon as possible. And because of the revolving door mechanics and destructible barriers, Lotus leaves players right in the middle of a fight as soon as the round starts.

In this context, we can say that Lotus has features similar to Haven. That’s because both maps have three Spike plant sites and want players to fight in the early rounds.

That being said, Lotus has a great way of testing the skills of both sides. As a defender, you always need to make sure that you can rotate as fast as possible when required. Attackers, on the other hand, can stay under fire due to the layout of the plant sites.

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2. Bind

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

Most players would agree that Bind is one of the best maps in Valorant. That’s because it offers critical access points that can easily change the fate of the round. It does not favor the attackers or the defenders.

And thanks to the teleports, it is easier to rotate between plant sites. The easy and quick rotation ensures the map’s balanced layout. Moreover, it also features some of the best features of other Valorant maps.

From strategic points for lurkers to mid-range corridors for snipers, Valorant’s Bind has something for everyone. Here are the best agents to play on Bind.

Ascent also takes the top spot on our map list and stands out as one of the most favored maps in both professional and ranked Valorant play. This map has gained immense popularity within the gaming community due to its straightforward gameplay mechanics. While it slightly leans towards the defenders, Ascent is widely acknowledged as one of the most well-balanced maps in Valorant.

1. Ascent

Greatest Valorant Maps Ranked (Greatest to Worst) (2023)

There are many reasons why Ascent continues to be the best map in Valorant. The great majority of Valorant’s players enjoy trying out their skills on this highly vertical map.

Ascent wants players to take advantage of its heights and critical positions. This type of verticality adds a new layer of strategy for players Ascent. These positions can also allow players to find new angles and lines of sight.

Ascent also offers well-balanced gameplay for both sides. The critical choke points in the map require solid cooperation, though. That’s why Ascent is one of the best maps when you play with your friends.

We ranked Valorant’s maps from best to worst. Try out every one of them to see where you shine!

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