Hilarious Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Sigma’s Rock Being Used as a Meteor

Hilarious Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Sigma’s Rock Being Used as a Meteor


  • A clip from Overwatch 2 showcases Sigma utilizing a singular technique of flinging a rock within the air to hit an opponent like a meteor.
  • Sigma’s skills have been enhanced in Overwatch 2, together with a buff to his rock means, which usually does harm and knocks opponents again.
  • The Sigma participant’s intelligent use of the rock means caught the enemy Sigma off guard, disrupting their final means and probably giving the attacking workforce a bonus.

An Overwatch 2 clip reveals Sigma flinging a rock upwards earlier than it shoots down on an opponent like a meteor. Sigma was launched to Overwatch in 2019 and since then his skills have been utilized in distinctive methods, together with this hilarious Overwatch 2 rock throw.

Because of his utility, Sigma has turn into a preferred hero with Overwatch League gamers like Indy Halpern and Gi-Cheol Nam. Whereas Sigma was a part of the unique Overwatch lineup, the hero noticed some modifications with the discharge of Overwatch 2. In contrast to Doomfist who grew to become a tank in Overwatch 2, Sigma was a bullet sponge that merely improved within the sequel. Sigma noticed vital buffs to his base protect and talents like Accretion and Experimental Barrier when Overwatch 2 was launched. Whereas his rock means usually does harm and knocks opponents again barely, this participant could not have anticipated to be hit by a meteor.

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Reddit consumer Harvest3r not too long ago shared a clip of an Overwatch 2 multiplayer match. The workforce pushing the payload by Havana contains Ana, Illari, Junkrat, Sigma, and Widowmaker, with the opposing workforce having Illari, Mercy, Sigma, Soldier 76, and Widowmaker. With the workforce sharing a number of Overwatch 2 heroes, the Sigma enjoying offensively thinks exterior the field and makes use of their barrier to dam an Accretion from the enemy Sigma. The tank hero then flings their Accretion boulder upward from behind the barrier. The stone almost reaches the Overwatch 2 skybox earlier than falling again to the bottom and hitting the defending Sigma.

As a result of the rock was airborne for many of its period, the enemy workforce seemingly disregarded it, inflicting some probably sudden harm. Though the defending Overwatch 2 Sigma did not get killed by the Accretion, they had been seemingly shocked simply as they tried to make use of their final means. Unable to make use of Gravitic Flux on the attackers leaves the defending workforce weak because it usually pauses the motion whereas gamers are flung up and down. This reset the defending Sigma’s final means again right down to zero, whereas the attacking one had a 90% cost. The Sigma that was hit by the meteor was shortly healed by the close by Mercy and Illari.

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Provided that the Sigma means was used on the primary nook for the Overwatch 2 Havana payload, it could have enabled the workforce to push additional. As a result of Harvest3r’s clip concludes earlier than the attacking workforce is ready to transfer the payload, it is unclear if the unimaginable Sigma play made a distinction. As Harvest3r apparently performed for the defending aspect, it is probably that gamers from either side seen the distinctive Overwatch 2 technique.

Overwatch 2 is offered now for PC, PS4, PS5, Change, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X/S.

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