Hoenn Pokemon That Need an Evolution in Gen 10


  • Cross-gen evolutions in Pokemon video games enable underused critters to shine & take highly effective ones to new heights, like Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • Some Gen 3 Pokemon like Mightyena, Delcatty, Volbeat, and Illumise would profit from cross-gen evolutions in future video games to unlock their full potential.
  • Pokemon like Wailord, Claydol, and Tropius might drastically profit from cross-gen evolutions in Gen 10 to additional improve their look and total skills.

Pokemon video games from the mainline sequence are identified to toy with gimmicks from previous titles and add new ones with every technology, and whereas Gen 7’s distinctive tackle regional varieties shortly grew to become a brand new traditional, cross-gen evolutions stay a fan-favorite. Not like regional varieties and different related mechanics, cross-gen evolutions in Pokemon video games enable some underused critters to shine and even take already highly effective ones to new heights.

A main instance is Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is an evolution of Bisharp, a Pokemon that did not desperately want an evolution, however one which is sensible thematically, and it is cool to see. As with a number of different areas from the sequence, Hoenn’s Pokemon might use new evolutions in future video games, with Gen 10 being the almost certainly springboard. Not all Gen 3 creatures want or may even have evolutions, however some would profit from this greater than others.

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Initially regarded as what Bloodmoon Ursaluna in The Teal Masks DLC for Gen 9 video games actually was, Mightyena is a kind of pocket monsters that might make a whole lot of followers completely happy if it have been to get a brand new evolution. Mightyena would not essentially really feel prefer it’s lacking a bit of the puzzle to unlock its full potential, however with many overpowered Pokemon in trendy video games being added, it will solely make sense to take it to the following degree.


Delcatty attacking

Though it obtained a buff in latest video games, Delcatty stays one of many advanced critters with the bottom base stat whole (BST) throughout all generations. Its evolutionary line stays a cute one, however there are arguments to be made as to why a Delcatty evolution ought to make it into Pokemon Gen 10 video games. From its typing being Regular to the transfer pool, Delcatty might discover new that means with a cross-gen evolution.

Volbeat and Illumise

Volbeat and Illumise facing each other in the anime

Not too long ago added to Gen 9 by way of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s The Teal Masks, each Volbeat and Illumise are principally disappointing creatures, particularly since their kind mixture would not do them any favors. Volbeat’s signature transfer in Gen 3, Tail Glow, was ultimately given to different critters, and Illumise by no means had one to start with. Additionally they have fairly low BST, that means a cross-gen evolution for Volbeat and Illumise may very well be their finest guess to get pleasure from a while within the limelight.


A Wailord swims in the sea

Wailord is an enormous Pokemon, a lot in order that it is rarely scaled correctly in video games – one thing that gamers have been completely happy to see achieved in Gen 8’s Isle of Armor DLC. As a result of Wailord is already huge and it isn’t even a foul Pokemon battle-wise, it will be all of the extra epic to see it get an evolution in Gen 10. Sport Freak might toy with its measurement and make it even larger, however there are lots of different potentialities for this critter.


Claydol In The Pokemon Anime

Claydol would have been OP in The Teal Masks had Gen 9 included it, and because the solely Floor/Psychic pocket monster in the complete franchise, it will be nice to see it getting extra love in new video games. With Claydol and Baltoy’s Pokedex entries speaking about how they got here to life when a mysterious gentle hit these clay dolls, a cross-gen evolution might have a whole lot of potential in relation to its look design, and total package.



Probably the most attention-grabbing designs to return out of Gen 3, Tropius is a dinosaur-like creature with themes closely impressed by its kind mixture, to the purpose that it additionally realized Fly. Regardless of this, Tropius by no means actually managed to succeed both competitively or in informal play, and it grew to become fairly shortly a forgotten addition to the franchise. A cross-gen evolution in future Pokemon video games might do it justice.

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