Holocure: Best Characters To Play

HoloCure is a free-to-play motion roguelite, a reverse-bullet hell sport in the same vein to Vampire Survivors. It encompasses a prodigious solid of playable characters primarily based on the performers of the vTubing group Hololive. With such a big solid of distinctive characters, every with their very own principal weapon, three abilities, and ultimate-like particular strikes, it is perhaps exhausting to determine the best character for you.

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When you’re already a fan of particular Hololive characters, play your fave, particularly because the G-Stage system lets you energy up your Oshi with repeated gacha attracts. However for anybody who doesn’t know the place to begin or needs to strive somebody new, listed below are the best to choose up, most fascinating, and simply plain greatest characters to play as.

7 Takanashi Kiara

Kiara performing her special attack, which summons phoenix to blast the battlefield

The fiery Phoenix of HoloMyth, Kiara is a sturdy melee fighter that may set the entire stage aflame along with her dancing abilities. Maybe essentially the most beginner-friendly character within the sport, she combines mobility and sturdiness with some good harm. Although she’s a melee fighter, her Phoenix Blade cuts a large arc at a good vary even at degree one, and when Woke up, strikes many instances and leaves hearth beneath anybody hit.

Her Dancer talent provides well being regen and a harm enhance so long as she retains shifting, which mixes properly with Trailblazer which leaves a flaming path the place she goes, damaging enemies. Phoenix Protect makes Kiara additional exhausting to kill. Phoenix Hearth hits in a good space, ignites the bottom in a circle, and for 15 seconds, returns her to full well being ought to her HP hit zero.

6 Oozora Subaru

Subaru versus a horde of fans. A few got too close and were arrested

A cheerful and spirited member of JP Gen 2, Subaru is a ranged attacker who has a powerful offense and surprisingly strong protection. Her principal assault is Baseball Pitch, which throws a fastball that may penetrate by a number of enemies. As soon as Woke up, it additionally beneficial properties bonus harm that lessens because the ball travels. Duck Shout knocks enemies again repeatedly over a length, dealing harm to any caught in its waves.

Her Duck Whisper creates a soundwave that offers harm in a big space each ten seconds, dealing extra to nearer enemies and probably beautiful them. Oozora Police is probably the strongest defensive talent in opposition to regular enemies, permitting Subaru to stack the Handcuff buff, which depletes a cost at any time when she’s hit, immediately defeating all non-boss enemies in a detailed radius. Sunny Optimism provides Subaru a persistent Haste enhance, making her a naturally quick attacker, but additionally stacks Optimism, which may carry her to life if her HP hits zero.

5 Amelia Watson

Amelia shoots at a horde of zombie fans, the red ones are suffering from 500% of delayed damge from Focus Shades

The time-traveling detective and grasp FPS participant of HoloMyth, Amelia Watson is a strong ranged gunner who’s fairly straightforward to choose up and play. Her Pistol Shot hits a small space, however fires quickly, including bullets, piercing, and harm because it improves. Her particular assault, Gradual Time, permits her to hit the lag swap on her opponents, reducing all targets’ motion speeds by 80 p.c and giving her pistol an enormous pace enhance for ten seconds.

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Her abilities are fairly simple however no much less efficient, with FPS Mastery and Detective Eye rising her weapon harm and crit likelihood, respectfully. The latter additionally provides a two p.c likelihood to defeat a goal in a single hit. Bubba summons the titular canine to the sphere, who can accumulate XP gems and periodically bark, damaging close by enemies. And sure, you possibly can pet the canine.

4 IRyS

IRyS blasts enemies with a dual light and dark attack

Nephilim songstress and personification of Hope, IRyS specializes at dancing on the razor’s edge, having the smallest base HP within the sport however with a package centered on therapeutic and harm boosts. When you have the talent to maintain her alive, she’s some of the highly effective characters within the sport.

Her Nephilim Blast is a long-distance dual-projectile assault, however when Woke up turns into a short-range beam that hits many extra instances. Half Angel provides IRyS an opportunity to heal on crit whereas Half Demon provides her an rising harm buff each time she heals, as much as a cap. Hope provides her a lift to her crit price and an opportunity to knock again opponents and heal herself. Hope is Descending, the best a part of her package, being a big space assault that offers large harm.

3 Gawr Gura

Gura stands in her whirlpools, striking distant enemies with her trident

The diminutive Atlantean Shark of HoloMyth, Gawr Gura is a swift murderer that makes a speciality of mobility and harm. Her Trident Thrust is a fast mid-range assault that beneficial properties additional hits over a bigger space for extra harm when it’s upgraded. Because of her Brief Top, she has a small-to-middling likelihood to dodge an assault, gaining a motion pace enhance and a half-second of invulnerability.

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The Energy of Atlantis permits her to create whirlpools on the battlefield that attract and harm enemies. Shark Chew has an opportunity to afflict targets with Chew Marks (as much as 5 stacks), making them extra susceptible to wreck and probably heal Gura when defeated. Her particular means, Shark Name, summons a shark that offers large harm to all on-screen enemies. It additionally powers up Gura up, turning her crimson for 15 seconds and granting her a lift to assault and pace.

2 Minato Aqua

Aqua stands in the purple area generated by Spider Cooking. She throws several brooms at approaching enemies

The clumsy maid of JP Gen 2, Minato Aqua makes a speciality of flooding the sector with projectiles and combating at any vary. Her principal weapon, Cleansing Broom, throws out a spinning broom in an arc, hitting a big space. Absolutely upgraded, it offers additional harm, throws out additional brooms, and may hit enemies with the Moist standing impact, which stacks and will increase the harm affected enemies take.

Sololive has variable utility, giving Aqua extra HP and extra Assault if there aren’t any close by enemies and extra pace if there are. Klutz provides projectiles to all assaults which might be multi-hit or projectile, together with Cleansing Broom, however these projectiles have an opportunity to deal half harm. Cleansing Maid not solely will increase Aqua’s pickup vary, however any enemies in her pickup vary take additional crit harm. Neko is an efficient, if normal, touring display screen clear.

1 Kaela Kovalskia

Kaela hits a red Ore Deposit with a gigantic Hammer Swing

Blacksmith by commerce and member of Holoh3ro, Kaela Kovalskia is likely one of the most original characters within the sport, with a separate development system all her personal. Her Blacksmith Hammer appears underwhelming at first, with its slender vary and middling harm, however it might grow to be highly effective with some work.

Materials Grind is on the core of her package, producing Ore Deposits from felled enemies. They are often mined along with her principal assault and drop Ores that completely improve the ability of all her weapons in case you accumulate sufficient. No Stress is a defensive device that sends out debilitating waves each two seconds. Blacksmith generates anvils at common intervals, dealing large harm to 1 enemy, with a small likelihood of changing into an Improve Anvil.

Her particular assault, The Rarest Mineral spawns a large mineral deposit that offers large harm to all on-screen enemies when struck. After 5 hits, it’s destroyed, giving Kaela a considerable enhance to her assault energy, pace, and haste.

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