How To Beat Eldest Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood (Second Time)

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a bunch of 4 miscreants who’ve terrorized many individuals in Krat. Lies of P gamers encounter them not lengthy after they meet the Purple Fox and Black Cat in Malum District. Within the first battle, gamers should battle the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

​​​​​​The battle feels slightly easy to start with, however as soon as the enemy’s HP goes beneath a sure threshold, the opposite siblings be part of the fray. Nonetheless, they don’t have excessive HP, and they don’t deal a lot injury both. After defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, Lies of P gamers must face all of them once more within the Relic of Trismegistus.

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How To Beat Eldest Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood (Second Time)

When gamers battle the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for the second time, issues are going to be a bit extra difficult. In contrast to the primary encounter, this time gamers must battle the three siblings on the similar time. Every of them can afflict gamers with a standing ailment. The Youngest inflicts Decay, whereas the Eccentric Brother can result in Electrical Shock buildup. The third brother imbues his weapon with fireplace to trigger Overheat.

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Gamers ought to make a remark to carry the next gear earlier than combating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Neighborhood for the second time:

On account of being outnumbered, summoning a specter is extremely advisable. Whereas the specter retains them busy, gamers can run behind any of the three and attempt to backstab one in all them for lots of injury.

lies of p eldest of black rabbit brotherhood second time back stab

The important thing on this battle is to kill one in all them as rapidly as potential. Then, slowly chip away on the well being of the remaining two. Once they’re each beneath 20% HP, kill them.

As soon as they’re lifeless, the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will get away of the coffin. If gamers kill two of the enemies and depart the third alive for too lengthy, the Eldest will emerge, after which they will staff as much as demolish the gamers and the specter.

The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood has a Fury Assault, which often begins with him swinging the sword. After a couple of strikes, he retains his blade behind his again and walks a few steps towards the gamers earlier than swinging the large blade once more. To keep away from the assault, all gamers have to do is hold their distance and dodge backward.

lies of p eldest of black rabbit brotherhood second time fury attack

He can even run and throw himself on the gamers, which can be dodged. One essential element to remember is that if the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will get staggered, do not rush in.

lies of p eldest of black rabbit brotherhood second time fatal attack

He’ll use his sword to assault something close by for some time earlier than stopping. When he’s on his knees, method him and use a Deadly Assault. After the Black Rabbit Brotherhood defeated for the second time, gamers will obtain:

Lies of P is offered on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Sequence X|S, and Xbox One.

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