How To Build The Magneto Inductive Inspector In My Time At Sandrock

Issues are by no means simple for the city in My Time At Sandrock. Due to the Geegler President and his nefarious plan-gone-wrong, the principle bridge in Sandrock is damaged. With out the bridge, Sandrock is successfully reduce off from different cities, and it is as much as you and your fellow builder Mi-an to assist restore it.

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Repairing the bridge is a protracted and sophisticated course of, and you are going to want plenty of supplies and a few dungeon-diving to seek out what you want for it. We’ll present you how you can discover all of the supplies, the place to discover a Energy Core, and even how you can struggle a large robotic cat.

How To Build The Bridge Trusses

Repairing the railway bridge entails a number of steps inside the principle quest In Trusses We Belief, and fixing three further quests throughout it: Paradise Misplaced and Discovered, Qi’s Gungam Opus, and The Inspector.

Particular commissions may even seem on the Commerce Guild from Heidi for bridge supplies. These do not rely in direction of your day by day fee restrict and reward extra Gols than traditional commissions.

This quest turns into accessible after witnessing the Hearth Assembly on the subsequent Sunday after finishing Stomach of the Beast and defeating the Geegler President.

Your first process on this quest is to construct two Trusses for the bridge, every of which requires three supplies: Bronze Frames, Metal Bars, and Copper Screws.

Truss Materials

Machines Wanted

How To Receive

Bronze Body x6

Intermediate Worktable

Crafted from Bronze Bars and Bronze Rivets at an Intermediate Worktable.

  • Bronze Bars will be smelted in a Furnace of any tier from Copper Ore and Tin Ore, each of which will be present in Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.
  • Bronze Rivets will be made at a Grinder of any tier from Bronze Bars.

The Intermediate Worktable will be unlocked by researching the design from Qi or on the Analysis Machine in his lab.

Metal Bar x16

Civil Recycler and Civil Furnace

Crafted from Iron Ore, Graphite, and Dinas in a Civil Furnace.

  • Most of your Metal Bars can be obtained from recycling Iron Scrap, which is offered from breaking ruined Robots, Hypersleep Chambers, and Ruined Bus Frames in and round Eufaula Salvage together with your pickhammer. These junk piles present up after Stomach of the Beast is accomplished.
  • Graphite will primarily be obtained from presents given to you or left exterior your workshop by the villagers, in addition to any obtained whilst you had been in Gecko Station Deserted Ruins.
  • Dinas will be obtained from mining within the Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.

Copper Screw x40


Crafted from Copper Bars at a Grinder.

  • Copper Ore will be obtained from most layers in Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.
  • Copper Bars will also be obtained from recycling Copper Scrap at a Recycler.

As soon as you’ve got obtained each Trusses, head over and converse to Heidi. She’ll settle for them and inform you that you will have to wait a short while since repairs are going sluggish.

How To Navigate Paradise Misplaced Ruins

Player character in the Paradise Lost Ruins and picking up a Yellow Mall Key from inside a broken robot shell in My Time At Sandrock.

The subsequent day after speaking to Heidi concerning the accomplished trusses, Qi will ship you a letter within the mail.

He thinks there could be a Energy Core within the Paradise Misplaced Ruins, and with it, he may have the ability to velocity up the bridge’s restore course of.

Equally to different dungeons within the sport, you may need to deliver alongside some therapeutic objects like Yakmel Milk, and you may need to have ample stock house.

Head to the Paradise Misplaced ruins subsequent to Eufaula Salvage, and meet up with Justice and Unsuur on the gate to the ruins for a quick cutscene. With the door mounted by Mi-an, you may be free to go inside Paradise Misplaced and discover.

On the trail down, you may be combating a number of enemies, akin to Trotters and Sweepers, and there are a number of additional buildings and caves so that you can enter with crates to destroy, and Treasure Chests that you’ll want to scrub off with a Feather Duster.

How To Discover The Orange Mall Key

Make your method right down to the underside, and enter the Paradise Ruins. The first part is 2 massive areas filled with junk, two Broken Sweepers to struggle, and one treasure chest partially hidden by mine-able dust close to a fence.

You may start to get Iron Ore from the dust inside these ruins, so ensure that to dig them up.

Stroll up the damaged yellow tunnel to the second flooring, then curve round by the room with two Trotters, two Sweepers, and a Disgruntled Safety. There can be a second treasure chest towards the first pillar with a robotic signal on it.

Go throughout the bridge, then head up the wood platforms to the left, bypassing the interactable console by the door. There’s additionally a 3rd treasure chest on a platform reachable utilizing the skinny wooden beam.

Observe the trail round, seize the Orange Mall Key, then head again to the console and work together with it to unlock the door.

Ensure to seize any of the tiny Junk Piles, as every one can comprise a helpful materials akin to Graphite or Engines.

Struggle by the following curved room, seize the treasure chest sitting on one of many benches towards the wall, and ensure to seize the Small Blue Key 1 off the metallic construction in your proper as you undergo.

Take the ramp again down, and you may start to run into each Hauler and Broken Haulers on the underside flooring. There’s additionally going to be one other treasure chest towards the again wall close to a Broken Hauler.

Subsequent, head previous the Broken Sweepers and by the hall utilizing the damaged practice automobiles.

How To Discover The Yellow Mall Key

The path to the precise wraps round to a lifeless finish with a Broken Hauler and one other treasure chest. After you get the chest, head again round and take the left path, wrapping round to a hall lined by blue chain fences. There may even be a treasure chest in a single practice automobile behind you.

Head by the following practice automobile and out to one other space with a Trotter, a Disgruntled Safety, and a Hauler. Defeat them, then head round to the stairs blocked by a Broken Hauler.

At the highest of the steps you may have one other console and locked door, and you may have to wrap round to seize the important thing once more. Head to the precise over the wood bridges, seize the Yellow Mall Key off a damaged robotic, after which observe the trail again right down to the underside flooring and round till you are again on the console.

How To Discover The Purple Mall Key

Use the Yellow Mall Key, and stroll into the following room. There can be one Sweeper close to the door, and an exit on the precise facet of the room subsequent to a Therapeutic Station, and a treasure chest.

Ignore the exit for now, seize the chest and heal up and save if it is advisable to. Seize the Small Blue Key 2 from a shelf within the nook, struggle the following Sweeper and Disgruntled Safety, after which proceed round.

Defeat the Hauler and two Disgruntled Safety throughout the bridge, then head down the ramp to the underside flooring once more the place you may should struggle two Haulers and one other Disgruntled Safety.

The Purple Mall Key you may want subsequent is within the left nook of the room, sitting on a set of blue transportation chairs. Return as much as the bridge and work together with the console to open the following door.

How To Discover The Pink Mall Key

Observe it round, seize the chest within the nook by the chain hyperlink fence, after which seize the Small Blue Key 3 from the damaged practice automobile. Lastly, head again to the underside flooring the place the 2 Haulers and Disgruntled Safety had been, and you’ll unlock the console on the massive doorways with the three blue keys.

Undergo the 2 doorways, seize the treasure chest within the nook behind the counter, after which proceed up the steps. The sliding door is the place you may have to go, however head up yet another flooring and seize the Pink Mall Key from the chairs within the nook earlier than you exit to the following room.

Defeat the 2 Haulers, then use the Pink Mall Key on the console on the wall to open up a room with three chests. Head again to the room, and head up the ramp to the massive blue doorways.

Use the final Therapeutic Station if it is advisable to and save, then head throughout the 2 bridges to the orange door to face the boss.

How To Discover The Energy Core

Player character standing in front of the defeated Control Cat and receiving a Strange Power Core from it in My Time At Sandrock.

The boss you may be going through is Management Cat, and it cannot be broken till you destroy the three management consoles situated on either side of the room.

Rotate round the room to the precise and destroy the primary console, taking care to keep away from the electrical rod arms. Not solely do they do a truthful quantity of injury and might break your toughness shortly, however they will stun you for just a few seconds, permitting the boss to get a number of hits on you.

After the first console is lifeless, the Management Cat will break down, permitting you to get to its again, the place you may have to assault the open blue port on its again.

As soon as the first port is destroyed, the Management Cat will wake again up and enhance its rotation velocity. Heal as you want, then repeat the method for the subsequent two consoles and the subsequent two ports on its again.

Defeat the Management Cat, and you will get the Unusual Energy Core from its physique, and a number of tier-two supplies, akin to Bronze Plates and Copper Wire. Take the exit within the room, and you will be again exterior the Paradise Ruins.

With the Energy Core in hand, head over to the Analysis Middle, and you will get a temporary cutscene with Qi. Seems the core you discovered is even higher than anticipated, and you may have to watch for his outcomes.

How To Build The R-47 Cell Go well with

Player character speaking to Heidi at the railway bridge site and delivering the R-47 Mobile Suit to her in My Time At Sandrock.

Verify your mail the following day, and Qi will inform you he is had a breakthrough, so head on over to the Analysis Middle.

Go inside, and you will get a temporary scene with Heidi and him, and he’ll inform you about his key to constructing the bridge faster: a cellular swimsuit​​​​​​.

To make the R-47 Cell Go well with, you may want 5 supplies: Easy Circuits, Rubber Shells, Metal Bars, Previous Elements, and the Unusual Energy Core you bought from the Management Cat.

R-47 Cell Go well with Materials

How To Receive It

Easy Circuit x3

Discovered when excavating relics in Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins on layers seven or under.

They will also be discovered sometimes when opening Fundamental Toolboxes discovered inside layers seven or under within the Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.

Rubber Shell x3

Crafted from Rubber at a Processor.

  • Rubber will be obtained by recycling Rubber Scrap in any tier of Recycler.
  • Rubber Shells themselves may also sometimes be obtained by recycling Rubber Scrap.

Metal Bar x4

Crafted from Iron Ore, Graphite, and Dinas at a Civil Furnace.

  • At this level within the sport, Metal Bars will primarily be obtained by recycling Iron Scrap at a Civil Recycler or higher.
  • Iron Ore can nonetheless be present in small portions when digging within the dust piles in Paradise Misplaced Ruins.
  • Graphite will also be present in Paradise Misplaced Ruins sometimes when opening tiny Junk Piles.
  • Dinas will be obtained by mining in Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.

Previous Elements x5

Obtained from recycling Mechanical Scrap at a Recycler.

Previous Elements will also be obtained when digging by dust or excavating relics in Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins.

As soon as you’ve got obtained the cellular swimsuit crafted, head over to the railway bridge and converse with Heidi. She’ll thanks for the swimsuit and inform you that the bridge base can be prepared in two days.

How To Make The Magneto Inductive Inspector

Player character speaking with Mint, Qi, and Matilda in City Hall about a Magneto Inductive Inspector for the bridge in My Time At Sandrock.

At some point after giving Heidi the cellular swimsuit, the bridge’s inspector will arrive, and you will get a temporary cutscene with a quick-time occasion involving him.

After the scene, deliver Mint over to the Metropolis Corridor, and you will find out he is forgotten the software he wants to really examine the bridge, the Magneto Inductive Inspector, and you may have to construct him one.

Wait yet another day, and you will get the diagram in your mailbox. The Magneto Inductive Inspector wants three supplies: Glass Lens, Rubber Shells, and a Bronze Body.

Magneto Inductive Inspector Materials

How To Receive It

Glass Lens x2

Crafted from Glass and Bronze Pipes at an Intermediate Worktable.

  • Glass will be smelted from Dinas in a Furnace of any tier.
  • Bronze Pipes will be crafted from Bronze Bars at a Grinder.

Rubber Shell x3

Crafted from Rubber at a Processor.

  • Rubber will be obtained from recycling Rubber Scrap at a Recycler of any tier.
  • Rubber Shells will also be obtained sometimes from recycling Rubber Scrap.

Bronze Body x1

Crafted from Bronze Bars and Bronze Rivets at an Intermediate Worktable.

  • Bronze Bars will be smelted from Copper Ore and Tin Ore at a Furnace of any tier.
  • Bronze Rivets will be crafted from Bronze Bars at a Grinder.

As soon as you’ve got obtained the Magneto Inductive Inspector, deliver it to the Mint on the ridge overlooking the bridge, and you’ve got simply gotta wait yet another day.

How To Restore The Railway Bridge

Player character at the railway bridge site and installing the two trusses onto the bridge in My Time At Sandrock.

The subsequent morning after delivering the inspector to Mint, you may robotically teleport to the bridge web site after exiting your property.

Take the two trusses, and set up them on every finish of the bridge, and you may lastly have the bridge repaired.

Converse to Heidi and Mi-an, and you will get a fairly hefty set of rewards on your assist: 2,000 Gols, 2,100 Expertise Factors, 15 Relationship Factors with Heidi, 40 Workshop Popularity, and an ideal high quality Froggy Explorer Vest.

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