The $350 Switch OLED was just introduced, and it’s already sold out – here’s where you can get the upgraded console.

  • Nintendo Switch OLED launched on October Eight for $350 — $50 more remarkable than the unique Change.
  • The brand new mannequin has a more excellent display screen, twice the storage, a wider kickstand, and a LAN port within the dock.
  • Switch OLED and the original Switch nonetheless share identical video games and total efficiency.
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On October 8, Nintendo released the Switch OLED, a new version of its successful Switch console. The Switch was first introduced in July, amid rumors that Nintendo was working on a machine that could play games in 4K resolution. Switch OLED, on the other hand, maintains to the original Switch requirements of 1080p docked gameplay and 720p portable display.

The inclusion of an OLED screen for increased contrast and overall picture quality is the most significant upgrade, but Nintendo has also added other smaller improvements, such as a better kickstand and double the built-in storage space. In comparison to the ordinary model, the Switch OLED‘s processor and graphics capabilities are unchanged.

Nintendo will continue to offer the standard Switch and Switch Lite alongside the new model, and the new device is compatible with all current Joy-Con controllers and docks. The Switch OLED‘s new dock is also compatible with older Switch consoles.

Pricing and availability for the Nintendo Switch OLED

  • On October 8, Nintendo released the updated Nintendo Switch OLED, which costs $350.
  • Nintendo’s website and other stores sell the new system in white and black color variants.
  • Red and blue Joy-Cons will be included in the black model, while white Joy-Cons will be included in the white variant.

What stores sell the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo began accepting preorders for the Switch OLED variant on July 15, and the system was officially released on October 8.

The Switch OLED is presently out of stock, although stores like Best Buy and GameStop regularly update their online product listings.

To discover if the console is presently in stock, click on the merchant links below. As new buying options and inventory updates become available, we’ll update this page.

What makes the new Switch unique?

The screen is the most significant change between the new Switch OLED and the standard edition. The new model sports a larger 7-inch OLED display than the previous generation, which had a 6.2-inch LCD display.

Because OLED screens are self-illuminating, each pixel emits its own light, they have superior contrast and viewing angles than LCD displays. When compared to LCD screens, this allows OLED screens to approach true black levels, resulting in much improved contrast. In general, OLED screens have better viewing angles, which could be especially advantageous while using the Switch in tabletop mode. However, the 720p screen resolution remains constant.

The largest enhancement is the new screen, but Nintendo has also made some minor tweaks. Nintendo has increased the onboard storage capacity from 32GB to 64GB and added a built-in LAN connector to the new dock.

The kickstand has been upgraded as well, with a broader design that now allows for various viewing angles, similar to the built-in stand on Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

Nintendo also claims that the audio quality has increased, and that the Switch firmware has recently been upgraded to enable for Bluetooth headphone connections.

Should you purchase the new Nintendo Switch with OLED display?

We won’t be able to make a recommendation until we’ve experienced the new Switch OLED. However, because of the larger OLED screen and more flexible kickstand, it appears to be a particularly appealing alternative for individuals who use their Switch primarily in portable and desktop mode.

Nintendo appears to be marketing the new Switch as a replacement for the previous device rather than a next-generation improvement. According to the information on Nintendo’s website, the OLED Switch has the same graphics performance and battery life as the original, and there is no support for 4K output. However, these adjustments appear to be appropriate for a new model that costs only $50 more than its predecessor.

For enhanced contrast, the Switch OLED has a bigger screen with OLED technology. More storage, a better kickstand, and an Ethernet port in the dock are also included. The Switch OLED was introduced on October 8, but most outlets have already sold out.

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