How To Find All Unique Spots In Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Rustic Waterwheel

Expel – Arlia – Close to the waterwheel to the west of the village.

Quietly Gleaming Minerals

Expel – Salva Mines – In the direction of the again of the cave, there’s a big construction of purple rocks.

Daybreak-Lit Cascades

Expel – World Map Close to Kurik – South of Kurik, there shall be some waterfalls, the spot it in entrance of them.

Unusual Laboratory

Expel – Krosse Mountain Palace – This can be a lab discovered on the finish of the Mountain Palace; you will discover this robotically when making an attempt to recruit Opera and Ernest.

Portrait of Prince Clauzer

Expel – Krosse – Contained in the fort, you will discover this portrait to the left of a bunch of portraits close to the steps.

The Monarch’s Roost

Expel – Lasgus Mountains – On the peak of this space once you take the left-hand path.

Jade Inexperienced Columns

Expel – Krosse Cave – On the very finish of the dungeon, the place you discover the chests that comprise an elective boss and the merchandise Celine needs in the course of the story.

Outdated Lighthouse

Expel – Kurik – Upon getting into the city, head up the steps to the proper to search out this lighthouse.

Monument of Fact

Expel – Marze – This can be a giant monument that is troublesome to overlook on the town.

The Emperor of Fish

Expel – Harley – This can be a large fish skeleton that is troublesome to overlook.

Hilton’s Open-Air Market

Expel – Hilton – Because it sounds, that is simply {the marketplace} that takes up a lot of the city.

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Statue of the three Warriors

Expel – Lacuer – This massive statue of three people is within the centre of Lacuer Metropolis’s plaza, close to the doorway.

Lacuer Academy

Expel – Linga – In the back of Linga, you will discover the academy with the Unique Spot set off in entrance of it.

Present from the Sky

Expel – World Map Close to Kurik – This can be a crater to the west of Hilton.

A Grand Burial Floor

Expel – Sacred Grounds – You may discover this assortment of skeletons on the finish of the Sacred Grounds dungeon that Bowman sends you to.

The Glint of Hidden Energy

Expel – Hoffman Mines – This can be a significantly giant rock construction with smaller inexperienced rocks on it, considerably within the centre of the world.

The Lacuer Hope

Expel – Lacuer Entrance Line Base – The large weapon on the finish of this space.

The Claw Marks Of Calamity

Expel – World Map On Ell – The ruins of a port city on the southeastern coast of the continent.

The place Monsters Rule

Expel – Eluria Tower – You may discover this Unique Spot close to a headless statue in between uneven portraits.

Pyramid amidst the Sands

Expel – World Map Southwestern Island – This spot is close to the pyramid within the desert.

Ruins within the Desert

Expel – World Map Via The Lasgus Mountains – Enter the world map by passing by way of the Lasgus Mountains by way of the right-hand path after which discover the ruins within the desert on the opposite aspect.

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A Coral Paradise

Expel – World Map Close to Krosse – South of Krosse Cave there’s a seaside with coral reefs.

Daylight on the Snow

Nede – Discipline of May – The finish of this space to the left.

Otherworldly Backyard

Nede – Outer Gardens – After the story occasions introducing you to Vitality Nede and the Centropolis, head again to the Outer Backyard with the teleporter in Nall’s workplace.

A Enjoyable Aquarium

Nede – L’Aqua – Contained in the constructing, you will discover a big aquarium; the golden mild needs to be straightforward to identify.

The Metropolis of Weaponsmiths

Nede – Armlock – Very close to the doorway of the settlement.


Nede – North Metropolis – Inside the massive constructing on the left-hand aspect of the town.

Crimson Prisms

Nede – Cave of the Crystal Crystals – This can be a giant cluster of crimson crystals in the midst of the trail close to a useless finish.

The Massive White Neighbor

Nede – Princebridge – That is the snowman seen close to the doorway!

Area-Time Journey Relics

Nede – Ruins – In the course of the story occasions close to the tip of the sport that take you thru the ruins through Armlock, discover the world totally earlier than progressing the story.

An Out-of-Place Artifact

Nede – World Map – Upon getting the Psynard, fly to the small island with mountains round it, the spot is within the centre.

A Whimsical Fairground

Nede – Enjoyable Metropolis – In the centre of the plaza.

Pale Metropolis of the Future

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Nede – Centropolis – Close to the doorway to the town.

The Vitality Discipline

Nede – World Map Close to the Centropolis – Regardless of the power discipline surrounding the world map, this spot is on the identical island because the Centropolis.

A Serene Backyard within the Sky

Nede – World Map Close to Enjoyable Metropolis – This Unique Spot is definitely the Discipline of Love, however the spot itself is positioned on the identical continent as Enjoyable Metropolis, on the spot nearest the Discipline of Love.

Islands Shrouded in Ice

Nede – World Map Close to Princebridge – This spot is the small chain of tiny islands to the south of Princebridge.

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