How To Get Blaze Breed, Aqua Breed And Kantoniaon Tauros In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Paldean Tauros is an unique regional kind in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with three separate variations. Discovering all of them could be tough and time-consuming, particularly when looking for them for the primary time. Paldean Tauros is on the market in every sport as a pure Combating sort or considered one of two Combating hybrids: Blaze Breed (Fireplace and Combating in Pokemon Scarlet) and Aqua Breed (Water and Combating in Pokemon Violet).

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Tauros can be found in two distinct places within the Paldean wilds with just a few tough nuances. Discovering a daily Paldean Tauros is pretty easy, and you will seemingly encounter one alongside your journey. Nonetheless, discovering the hybrids is the place issues get somewhat harder.

Up to date September 19, 2023 by Alexis Campbell: This information has been barely altered to slot in line with the discharge of Scarlet and Violet’s DLC. Hatching a Tauros on Kitakami will end in a Kantonian Tauros somewhat than a Paldean breed.

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The place To Discover Paldean Tauros

Paldean Tauros Spawn Regular

For those who’ve solely caught a daily Paldean Tauros, or have solely seen every breed in battle, then your Pokedex can provide you a false lead from the beginning of your search.

The spawn location for Blaze and Aqua Breed Tauros is just not the identical as common Paldean Tauros, which is usually present in these areas:

  • East Province (Space One)
  • East Province (Space Two)
  • Zapapico
  • East Province (Space Three)
  • West Province (Space Two)

Paldean Tauros Aqua Blaze Spawn

Solely after catching a Blaze or Aqua Breed Tauros will your Pokedex replace the map and reveal a extra correct spawn location for this kind:

  • East Province (Space Two)
  • West Province (Space Two)

The easiest method to search out these Pokemon is to journey to Port Marinada and search the West Province (Space Two) simply subsequent to the Pokemon Heart.

How To Discover Blaze And Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros

Paldean Tauros Pokedex

Paldean Tauros herds have a typical spawn price of forty p.c of their respective areas, making them pretty simple to find. They often spawn in teams of 5 and are extremely aggressive on the sight of trainers. Upon seeing you, they’ll start to cost at you. This may typically make it tough to single out a Tauros whenever you discover the one you need.

If you’re attempting to find Blaze/Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros within the West Province (Space Two), watch out for Paldean Tauros touring alone. There’s a good probability that it’s not a Tauros and, in actual fact, is a Ditto as an alternative.

Blaze Breed Paldean Tauros

Paldean Tauros Blaze Breed Pokedex

For those who’re in Pokemon Scarlet, you may be in search of a Paldean Tauros with an extended wrapped tail that splits into three on the very finish, curved horns, and vivid purple markings on the mane round its head.

Aqua Breed Tauros

Paldean Tauros Aqua Breed Pokedex

In Pokemon Violet, you are trying to find a Paldean Tauros with blue markings on the mane beneath the pinnacle, curled horns, and three tails.

If you end up overwhelmed by the quantity of Paldean Tauros in a herd spawn, and require somewhat further time to look on the herd, it is really useful to run into one Tauros and combat it. Whereas combating, use your digicam to go searching.

As soon as discovered, you may have interaction in battle with the Paldean Tauros and attempt to catch it. Beware that Paldean Tauros’s catch price is comparatively low at a base 45/255. It’s endorsed to have a very good provide of Poke Balls and a Pokemon readily available that may apply both the paralysis or sleep situation.

Since Paldean Tauros is at all times assured to be male, having a Ditto is a requirement for breeding. When bred, any breed of the unique Paldean Tauros will probably be copied. Subsequently, you may breed a number of extra Blaze or Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros with none particular objects, however breeding a daily Paldean Tauros won’t ever end in a particular breed typing.

For those who breed Paldean Tauros and hatch its egg on Kitakami with the Scarlet and Violet DLC Enlargement Move, your Tauros will probably be an unique Kantonian Tauros as an alternative.

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How To Enhance Your Probabilities Of Discovering Paldean Tauros

Paldean Tauros Herd East Province

Blaze and Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros are uncommon encounters (the commonplace spawn price for these particular varieties within the right places is twenty p.c or much less), however consuming a sandwich with particular Fireplace or Water encounter powers is will improve your probability of discovering them.

With the ability of sandwiches, nonetheless, discovering these particular Tauros (particularly close to Port Marinada) turns into comparatively fast and easy. At current, there’s no Stage Two Encounter Energy for both Fireplace or Water varieties, however you should utilize Stage One encounter energy for every sort to extend your possibilities.

To save lots of provides, these sandwiches are really useful.

Sandwich Energy


Required Components

Fireplace Energy

Pickle Sandwich

Water Energy

Zesty Sandwich

  • Jalapeño
  • Onion
  • Herbed Sausage
  • Chili Sauce

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