How to Respec Stat Points (Invasion Mode)

Stat Factors introduce a brand new RPG aspect in Mortal Kombat 1, empowering gamers to customise their Kombatants. These tokens allow gamers to allocate talent factors to boost particular facets and tackle weaknesses of their chosen fighter. Nevertheless, many gamers have confronted remorse because of misallocated Stat Factors, usually triggered by the Auto-Assign characteristic in Invasion Mode. Fortuitously, an answer exists. This information explains easy methods to use a mysterious potion to reclaim misplaced Stat Factors, permitting for his or her redistribution and strategic utilization inside the Invasion Mode.

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What Are the Stat Factors

image explaining what stat points are in mortal kombat 1.

In Mortal Kombat 1, Stat Factors are improve tokens that allow Well being, Assault, Particular, Protection, and Agility enhancements. Gamers earn these factors by finishing the Invasion mission and may make investments them into particular character options to construct their very own balanced Kombatant.

How you can Relaxation All Stat Factors

image showing a konsumable to reset stat points in mortal kombat 1.

To respec a personality’s stats, gamers should eat the White Enenra Core. This Konsumable turns into obtainable on the Wu Shi Academy store for 300 Koins after gamers undergo the primary few missions within the Fengjian Village.

When gamers eat this potion, it resets all their Stat Factors to the stock, permitting them to redistribute upgrades as desired. Observe that this technique solely applies to the Kombatant who consumes the core. To respec different fighters, gamers want to accumulate and eat the White Enenra Core whereas having them geared up.

The Respec Restrict for Every Character

MK1 Invasion Mode Challenges Mortal Kombat 1

There is no such thing as a restrict on what number of occasions gamers can respec their characters within the Invasion Mode. Nevertheless, the service provider sells just one White Enenra Core at a time. So, they need to watch for the quiet down earlier than buying extra of this merchandise.

Fortunately, the store’s cool-down is sort of brief, and it will get restocked each 10 to fifteen minutes. For a quicker refresh, gamers can exit the sport and log again in—this may immediately add extra Cores to the stock.

Finest Method to Respec Fighters in Mortal Kombat 1

MK1 Invasion Mode Level up Stats Spread Mortal Kombat 1

Since Invasion is an aggressive mode, gamers are beneficial to prioritize Assault, Protection, and Well being stats. Absolutely upgrading these attributes is the optimum method to beat all Mesas and unlock rewards. Nevertheless, the choice to respec largely depends on particular person preventing type. Matching a fighter’s stats to particular methods ensures the best efficiency and effectiveness.

Mortal Kombat 1 is obtainable now for PC, PS5, Xbox Collection X/S, and Nintendo Change.

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