Invincible’s Ending Is the Ultimate Rejection of Superhero Clichés, Says Creator


  • Invincible #144 served as a sprawling interstellar epilogue, bringing the sequence to a correct ending after subverting acquainted superhero tropes.
  • The finale answered a core query from early in the sequence, showcasing Mark’s progress and discovering stability together with his household in the distant future.
  • Regardless of dividing readers, the conclusion stands as a becoming finish to an bold superhero story that continues to captivate new audiences by way of the Invincible TV adaptation.

Warning: spoilers for the Invincible comedian sequence!Robert Kirkman’s Invincible ran for practically 150 points from 2003 to 2018, telling the story of Mark Grayson, the son of an alien superhero who turns into a costumed adventurer himself, with the sequence rising over the course of its fifteen-year run from its humble origins as a Superman homage to turn into an epic story of household and struggle spanning each time and area.

The sequence concluded with Invincible #144, a double-sized epilogue that itself lined a whole lot of years, as Mark left behind Earth to be able to convey peace to a galaxy devastated by the conquests of his native individuals, the Viltrumites. With the Amazon Prime Video adaptation of Invincible launching its second season, creator and showrunner Robert Kirkman spoke about the ending of the comedian sequence at 2023’s San Diego Comedian-Con.

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The Ending of Invincible is All the things Superhero Comics Aren’t

Invincible #144 Was A Sprawling Interstellar Epilogue For The Sequence

At SDCC’s “A Dialog with the Solid and Creator of Prime Video’s Invincible” panel, Robert Kirkman – together with the comedian’s artists, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley – mentioned the resolution to finish the sequence 5 years in the past, explaining that the aim of the sequence was at all times to subvert the acquainted tropes of superhero tales, utilizing them to “present [the reader] new and various things.

On ending Invincible, Kirkman mentioned: “The last word approach to play towards kind with a superhero story was to provide it a finality, to provide it a correct ending,” as a result of, “”most superhero tales go on ceaselessly and ever and ever.

The Finale Answered One Of Invincible’s Core Questions

Mark and the Invincible comics

Whereas Invincible’s ultimate situation leaves its share of unresolved plot threads, it definitively solutions a query posed early in the sequence, when Mark’s hero-turned-villain father Omni-Man requested, “What is going to you’ve got after 5 hundred years?” From a long-lived Viltrumite conqueror, it was a query dismissive of Mark’s attachment to his humanity, to Earth. Invincible #144 ends with Mark, having introduced peace to the galaxy, discovering a measure of stability together with his household in the far-flung future.

Invincible #144 is full of allusions to the early points of the sequence, most notably the scene the place Mark tells his son about their alien heritage – the panels straight recreating Mark’s father revealing the similar data to the future Invincible, from Problem #2. “Child Invincible,” as Mark’s son goes on to be recognized, grows up idolizing his father, strikes on to hating him, seeks him out for a struggle, and reconciles with Mark, all in the span of the ultimate situation. It could have been quite a bit for long-time readers of the guide, however the creators felt that concluding the story in a grand, satisfying, spectacular method was needed.

invincible final page

At their SDCC panel, Cory Walker – who co-created the sequence with Robert Kirkman, drawing the first seven points, in addition to Points #127-132 – mentioned of ending the sequence: “I do know it sounds horrible, however seeing how upset individuals have been that it was ending was a extremely good feeling. Simply realizing that individuals cared sufficient to be upset.”

Although the ending might have proved divisive for some readers, half a decade later it stands as a fittingly bold conclusion to an bold tackle superhero storytelling, and superhero clichés, one which continues to achieve new audiences, as Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible continues to ramp up what’s going to seemingly be its personal future.

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