Is ‘Loki’ Season 2 the End for Tom Hiddleston in the MCU?

This text comprises spoilers for the Loki season 2 finale

Twelve years in the past Tom Hiddleston made his debut as Loki in Thor. Few would have anticipated his story would nonetheless be unfolding after so a few years, and no one may have predicted the mind-bending conclusion to Loki season 2. Not unhealthy contemplating Hiddleston originally auditioned to play Thor himself means again in the earliest days of the MCU.

Over that point Hiddleston’s Loki has tried to invade Earth, been accountable for his mom’s loss of life, reconciled together with his brother Thor and, courtesy of the Avengers screwing with time in Endgame, grew to become entangled in a multiversal battle to save lots of the material of time.

Loki’s saga got here to an epic finish in the season 2 finale, with him concluding his character arc by getting the throne he’d all the time dreamed of, although with the twist that he can by no means depart it. Loki is now at the coronary heart of Yggdrasil the world tree, making certain that the multiversal timelines will not fall into chaos.

However is that this actually the finish of Tom Hiddleston’s lengthy MCU journey?

Will Loki return?

Picture by way of Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

It’s price underlining that the Loki we’ve been following in the present is only one variant and that there are actually an infinite variety of different Lokis on the market in varied kinds and guises. At the very least one is an alligator so we all know they don’t all appear to be the Loki we all know and love, however President Loki proved there might be many resembling Hiddleston’s model of the character. As such it’d be pretty easy for a multiversal Loki variant to be written right into a story, although whether or not that’ll really occur stays to be seen.

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It additionally appears that there are not any plans for Loki season 3. In an interview with Cinemablend Head Author Eric Martin stated he thought-about the story is now full:

“We approached this as like two halves of a e-book. Season one, first half. Season two, we shut the e-book on Loki and the TVA. The place it goes past that, I don’t know. I simply wished to inform a full and full story throughout these two seasons.”

Our take is that if Loki had been to return it’d possible be a really completely different model of the character, maybe a model of the comics ‘Child Loki’ that we briefly noticed in Loki season 1 that would workforce up with the Younger Avengers?

Sylvie’s destiny can be unclear. She’s lastly gotten the freedom she craved and appears in a position to journey wherever she desires by way of TemPad. It’s believable that Sophia di Martino may fill Hiddleston’s footwear in future Thor films and it’d be very attention-grabbing to see Thor coping with a feminine model of his long-lost brother. Di Martino was so enjoyable as the character it’d be a disgrace if her journey ended right here, so fingers crossed Kevin Feige can discover a means for her Loki to pop up in a future story.

Will Tom Hiddleston be again?

Picture by way of Marvel Studios

It’s potential that Hiddleston may very well be again as Loki in just some months. What If…? season 2 has two episodes that would feasibly characteristic him: “What if… Odin & Hela had confronted Wenwu?” and “What if… Avengers had fought Surtur?” Hiddleston just isn’t at the moment confirmed for the season 2 forged, however on condition that he voiced Loki in a number of season 1 episodes we wouldn’t be stunned to see him again right here too.

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Past that? It’s not wanting so good. Hiddleston has given no indications whether or not he’d return for any future MCU films or TV reveals and proper now it’s tough to see the place he’d match in. This Loki could probably play a task in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars if we see Kang’s harmful multiversal conflict. Nonetheless, it’d take lots of exposition to elucidate who the God of Time Loki is to audiences who didn’t tune in for the Disney Plus present.

So, for now, let’s assume Loki season 2 is Tom Hiddleston’s last bow as the god of mischief. It’s a heck of a approach to exit the stage and Tony Stark immediately has a contender for the most heroic motion in the lengthy historical past of the MCU. However… all we actually need to say is “encore!”.

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