Fact Checking Policy

Headlines that are entirely true

To guarantee that the headlines are accurate in every single case, every news piece on the website is rigorously verified. In order to distinguish between authentic content and business rumors that our readers might find interesting, rumors and insider reports are designated as such.
Each piece is double-checked for accuracy and timeliness before we publish it. We double-check our sources before we begin writing and always refer back to the original source (and any relevant reference materials, if necessary). Even if other websites present dubious material as official confirmation, we need 100% confirmation in order to make that claim. Clickbait is never published by us. Despite the size of our headlines, we don’t make generalizations solely to appear bold. It needs to be accurate and fact-checked. In addition to reporting the news, KeWiki articles include industry-leading context that explains why it is important to you.

The KeWiki team is made up of writers with various backgrounds in the entertainment business who are bound by their love of all things amusing and their desire to offer our site’s visitors the greatest and most enjoyable content.
Our authors and editors are seasoned professionals who make certain that every new item contains the most current, accurate, and useful information. When we are the original source, we adhere to fundamental journalism ethics.

Consideration of the Big Picture

The same criteria apply to feature content, and we stress the need of research, objectivity, and making a strong argument (and, when formulating a conclusion or hypothesis, taking into account and including pertinent counterarguments). With this approach, we can deal with more scenarios and anticipate questions from readers.
If you find any errors or would want an update, please email [email protected].