Lies of P: Attributes Explained

As gamers progress via their journey in Lies of P, they’ll discover themselves gathering a valuable useful resource referred to as Ergo. This deep blue-colored essence is used to improve weapons, buy objects, and most significantly, degree up. P might want to develop stronger and add factors into particular attribute areas if gamers need to make it via among the most imposing enemies in Krat.

When leveling up, gamers can have the choice to place factors into considered one of six separate attributes. These attributes have an effect on a wide range of issues from weapon injury, to protection, to carrying capability, and extra. Gamers can have to pay attention to what “path” they need to head down in Lies of P, as sure weapons are affected by particular attributes and achieve a bonus from them that may increase their general injury. This is a have a look at what every attribute does in Lies of P.

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Each Attribute Defined In Lies Of P

Lies Of P Examples Of Attributes


The Vitality stat line is liable for rising a P’s general well being and Guard Regain. The extra factors {that a} participant has of their Vitality bar, the extra general well being they’ll have. It is essential to notice that this doesn’t correlate to precise protection however as an alternative factors to the quantity of hitpoints general. Gamers may also enhance Vitality via the usage of particular amulets. When rising Vitality, gamers will add Well being, Guard Regain, and factors in Bodily, Fireplace, Elec Blitz, and Acid Protection.


The Vigor stat line will give P further factors of their Stamina, giving them extra sprinting time, in addition to extra weapon assaults and dodges general. The decrease the stamina bar, the quicker gamers might want to “relaxation” earlier than having the ability to dodge, swing weapons, or dash. When rising Vigor, gamers will add Stamina and factors in Bodily, Fireplace, Elec Blitz, and Acid Protection.


The Capability stat line impacts how a lot weight P can carry, in addition to the quantity of his Legion Capability for his Legion Weapon. If gamers are carrying an excessive amount of weight, their dodge roll and motion can be affected. To mitigate this, gamers can add factors to Capability to permit them to equip bigger weapons, amulets, and defensive equipment with out penalty. When rising Capability, gamers will add Weight Capability, Legion Capability, and Bodily, Fireplace, Elec Blitz, and Acid Protection.

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The Motivity stat line impacts how a lot bodily injury gamers do and provides the Motivity bonus to weapons that use the attribute for scaling. This scaling additionally impacts the bodily injury for Legion Arms that use the stat to scale. When rising Motivity, gamers will add Motivity Injury Bonuses, Bodily Injury, and Bodily, Fireplace, Elec Blitz, and Acid Protection.


The Approach stat line impacts how a lot bodily injury P will do and can even add the Approach bonus to weapons that use the stat to scale, in addition to Legion Arms. When rising Approach, gamers will add the Approach Injury Bonuses, Bodily Injury, and Bodily, Fireplace, Elec Blitz, and Acid Protection.


The Advance stat line impacts fairly a couple of stats. It is going to strengthen the bonus for the basic injury of Advance weapons, in addition to the bonus for the basic points of Legion Arms. It additionally impacts Legion Capability. When rising Advance, gamers will add the Advance Elemental Injury Bonuses, Elemental Injury, and Fireplace, Elec Blitz, Acid, Shock, Break, and Disruption Protection.

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Lies of P

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Collection X, Xbox Collection S, Xbox One

September 19, 2023

Round8 Studio, Neowiz

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