‘Loki’ Season 2 Finale Easter Egg Might Reveal a Shocking ‘Secret Invasion’ Crossover, and We’re Not Even Mad

It’s been a tough stretch for MCU followers. We take our wins the place we will get them. The second season of Loki was a win.

However what if it was an excellent larger win? What if, past its Aronofsky-esque meditation on loneliness, acceptance, and the fantastic thing about self sacrifice for the preservation of life — lovely, chaotic, unpredictable life — it was additionally a chance to fake that Secret Invasion didn’t occur? Wouldn’t that be dope? 

Nicely, we suppose it could be dope. What’s extra, throughout the Loki episode “Superb Goal,” there’s a thread of dialogue that would simply unravel Marvel’s least-beloved property, given a onerous sufficient pull and the extension of a complete lot of disbelief. 

To recap, Loki timeslips his method by way of a clip present of his adventures with the TVA, finally touchdown again on the day when he first met his good buddy Mobius. Mobius shares a thinly-veiled autobiographical story in regards to the time that he hesitated to prune a variant who was destined to kill a few thousand folks in an unapproved timeline. The difficulty: Mobius arrived on the scene and found that the variant was an lovable little boy. 

Possibly that’s nothing. The worlds of first-year philosophy and speculative time journey fiction are plagued by the corpses of hypothetical child future-murderers. It might be that this was simply one other in a lengthy checklist of arguments in favor of visiting the previous and shoving a stick within the spokes of Hitler’s bike when he was a child.

…Or is it?


Picture by way of Marvel Studios
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Then once more, the MCU was just lately the house of a high-profile little boy who grew as much as kill 1000’s of individuals. What’s extra, he did it in a timeline that felt something however sacred – the one within the Disney Plus collection Secret Invasion. 

That’s the place viewers have been launched to Gravik, the Skrull extremist with a assortment of doesn’t-make-a-lick-of-sense superpowers shot by way of his physique. Throughout Secret Invasion’s second episode, we see Gravik as a baby, making a lifelong pal in obvious baby soldier fanatic Nick Fury. The child is already fairly intense by this level, having been orphaned within the battle with the Kree, and goes on to turn into a remorseless killer who explodes oodles of individuals, replaces Battle Machine with a duplicate, and someway manages to make a battle between two Tremendous Skrulls boring.

However what this Owen Wilson-based idea presupposes is, possibly he didn’t do any of that. Possibly Gravik was the little boy that Mobius couldn’t convey himself to prune. Possibly Secret Invasion takes place in a timeline that shouldn’t exist, and the intense mild on the finish of the collection isn’t simply Fury and his spouse climbing into a sci-fi dealie. Possibly it’s the timeline being pruned by Renslayer, the way in which Mobius mentioned it was, a few variants later than would have been splendid.

Alternatively, possibly we’re simply nonetheless sore that the MCU wasted Olivia Colman the way in which that they did. You mourn your method, we’ll mourn ours.

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