Marvel Has Officially Killed the Fantastic Four


  • The brand new Final Universe will want a unique lineup for the Fantastic Four, since Reed Richards is the new Physician Doom and Susan, Johnny, and Ben are all lifeless.
  • The absence of the authentic Fantastic Four offers a possibility for a contemporary iteration of the staff in the new actuality.
  • The brand new Fantastic Four can discover the boundaries of their universe and redefine what makes them improbable.

Warning: Accommodates SPOILERS for Final Invasion #2Ever since their first look, the Fantastic Four have been mainstays of the Marvel Comics Universe. Thought-about by many to be the writer’s First Household, the 4 are an indelible a part of the Home of Concepts, and as such their household is normally mirrored by numerous variants throughout the multiverse. However with the launch of a brand new Final Universe, it’s clear that the Fantastic Four of Earth-6160 received’t characteristic a lineup that’s something like what followers could anticipate from Reed Richards and co.

Final Invasion #2 by Jonthan Hickman, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair, VC’s Joe Caramagna catalogs the Maker’s early steps in destabilizing the future hero inhabitants of Earth-6160. In the course of, he additionally makes it clear that he prevented the Fantastic Four of this universe from ever gaining their talents in the first place.

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An information web page seen later on this very challenge takes it a step additional, confirming that the Maker has gone as far as to kill Ben Grimm in addition to Susan and Johnny Storm, protecting blood samples of his victims to review their genetic predisposition to their signature powers. And with this universe’s Reed Richards compelled into the identification of Physician Doom, it’s clear that the Fantastic Four’s normal lineup has no place in the new Final Universe – which is finally factor.

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A Fantastic New Four For A New Universe

10 Fantastic Four Villain Debuts.

With the authentic Four out of fee, the Maker has eradicated what would arguably be his best risk. In spite of everything, who is aware of any model of Reed Richards higher than his circle of relatives? And his enslavement of this world’s Reed variant as Doom goes a good distance in the direction of setting the stage for a brand new, rawer iteration of the Fantastic Four that might actually stand other than their extra conventional counterparts.

Certainly one of the Fantastic Four’s best strengths is the incontrovertible fact that, earlier than anything, they’re a household, and this tight bond has been the distinction between life and dying for them on many events. It’s one among the points of the group that followers love the most, however at the identical time, it’s additionally one thing that followers have seen performed to dying. Marvel Comics’ Final line has all the time been about updating traditional ideas for a brand new period, and with three of the traditional Four formally out of fee – and one assuming the identification of their conventional enemy – this can be a excellent alternative to assemble a brand new Fantastic Four for a brand new actuality.

The Fantastic Four Are Supposed To Discover The Terrifying & New

Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four in blue and black costumes

Whereas they might be a few of Marvel Comics’ best heroes, the Fantastic Four are explorers at coronary heart. The staff is one which exists to push the boundaries of what’s doable, however they’ve normally performed so from the acquainted familial security of their traditional lineup. A brand new Fantastic Four lineup augmented with the powers the Maker stole from the originals would be capable of discover not simply the new prospects of their universe, but additionally to discover what precisely makes the Four so Fantastic in the first place.

The Fantastic Four are icons for a purpose. And as such, their multiversal variants normally replicate their conventional staff make-up. However with Marvel Comics’ new Final Universe radically altering the panorama of the Home of Concepts’ hero neighborhood, now could be the excellent time to kind a brand-new Fantastic Four.

Final Invasion #2 is out there now from Marvel Comics.

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