Most Picked Agents in VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

Are you curious to find out who the top-picked Agents were in VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Masters Tokyo? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

VALORANT Champions 2022 ended with a blast. The championship final was held in Istanbul, where LOUD defeated OpTic and won the most prestigious VALORANT title of 2022. Following the hype, the 2023 VCT started on full throttle.

The first big event of the VALORNT Champions Tour: LOCK // IN was held in Brazil, São Paulo. Fnatic showed an excellent performance and defeated LOUD on their home turf. However, the fight is not over yet.

VCT Masters Tokyo is VALORANT’s second-biggest international event in 2023. The best teams from all over the world faced other in this tournament to win the Masters trophy. Teams went through never-ending battles to reach this pinnacle of VALORANT to take away the title from 11 other teams throughout the world. Every team studied their opponents and the current meta to stay one step ahead. The same goes for their Agent choice.

Most Picked Agents in VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo

Like most other hero-shooters, some characters are preferred over others in VALORANT because of their unique and useful abilities. Other Agents are incapable by no means. However, various aspects such as team composition, meta, maps, and playstyles impact the pick rate for each Agent.

Currently, there are 21 released Agents in VALORANT, with Gekko being the latest one released in the 6.04 patch. As of now, 73 matches have been played in the VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo. However, the Agent pick rate disparity might shock you.

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Here, we’ll list all the Agents from best to worst based on their pick rates in VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Masters Tokyo. The list will also include the number of matches played for each Agent on both the Attacker and Defender sides.

Note: Due to the fact that both Attackers and Defenders might select the same Agents, the matches displayed in the table will represent X2 of the total matches actually played. Thus, even though there were only 73 matches played in total, there will be 138 matches counted in the table.

RankAgentPick RateMatches Played
(Out of 138)

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