Natsume’s Book of Friends Anime Will get seventh Season – Information

Anime celebrates 15th anniversary

The official website for the television anime franchise based on Yuki Midorikawa‘s Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yūjin-Chō) manga revealed on Saturday that the anime is getting a seventh season. The franchise’s YouTube channel is also streaming a 15th anniversary video.

The video confirms that Takahiro Ōmori is returning as chief director at Shuka, and Hideki Ito is returning from the two recent films to direct the new season. Sadayuki Murai is returning to oversee the series scripts. Akira Takata is returning as the character designer, and Makoto Yoshimori is returning to compose the music.

The staff also revealed a 15th anniversary celebration image and a logo for the seventh season.

Yuki Midorikawa‘s Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yūjin-Chō) manga debuted in Hakusensha‘s LaLa DX magazine in June 2003, but has run in LaLa since 2007. Viz Media is releasing the ongoing series in English.

The anime seasons and Midorikawa’s original manga revolve around Natsume, a boy who has been able to see yōkai since he was little. Unfortunately, humans shun him, and there is not much fondness between him and yōkai either. One day, he inherits a Yūjin-Chō (“Book of Friends”) from his grandmother. The book is actually full of contracts that his grandmother made to trap yōkai. As one yōkai after another shows up, Natsume tries to release or help them — even while many of them seek vengeance on him.

The anime’s sixth season premiered in April 2017. The show had 11 episodes and two OVAs. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired.

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The Natsume Yujin-cho the Movie: Ephemeral Bond film debuted in September 2018. Aniplex of America released the film on Blu-ray Disc. Aniplex of America screened the film at the Anime NYC convention in November 2018. The anime tells an original story.

The Natsume’s Book of Friends: The Stone Waker and the Strange Visitor film opened in Japan in January 2021. Funimation streamed the film.

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