5 Netflix Apps and Extensions to Improve Your Viewing Experience

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services globally, but that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. Netflix superpowers are available for free with these applications and extensions.

Netflix has a lot of positive aspects, yet it still has a few flaws. Why is it so difficult to find movies that you and your pals both enjoy? Why is it so tough to navigate the keyboard? Why doesn’t Netflix, like Amazon Prime Video, provide X-rays? If these flaws bug you, a few programs and addons can help.

1. Couchers (Android, iOS): Discover movies that you and your friends enjoy

✓[Updated] Couchers APK Download for PC / Android [2022]

Have you ever struggled to find anything to watch with your boyfriend or pals that you both enjoy? Couchers is a Tinder-like software that lets you choose movies you like or dislike and discover matches among your friends or partners.

This is how it goes. To acquire the local Netflix collection, first download and register for the app, then select your Netflix country. Then form a group and invite others to join. You’ll be sent to a Tinder-like screen after tapping “Content.” If you like a title, swipe right; if you don’t, swipe left. When all of your group members do the same, the group will display all of the titles you have in common.

For various persons, you can create multiple groups. For instance, you may make two groups: one to find something you like with one roommate, and the other to locate classic matches with all of your housemates. Messages can also be sent to the Couchers groups. Additionally, the software allows you to specify categories for which the collection will be filtered.

Couchers for Android | Couchers for iOS (Free)

2. FlixRemote (Chrome): Use your phone to control Netflix in a browser

5 Netflix Apps and Extensions to Improve Your Viewing Experience

It can be a bother to get up to play if you want Netflix through a browser on your PC or laptop and keep it at a distance. You don’t need to install any apps on your phone to use FlixRemote to transform your phone into a remote control for Netflix on your browser.

Install the Chrome extension and activate it whenever you’re watching Netflix. It will generate a QR code that you must scan with your phone for it to open in your phone’s browser as a link. This connects your computer’s Chrome browser to your phone’s browser, thereby turning your phone into a remote control.

FlixRemote displays the currently playing title and all episodes of a TV series. FlixRemote allows you to modify the subtitle and audio choices, adjust the volume, and skip the intro. Of course, you can pause, skip forward or back 10 seconds, and go to the next or previous playing item in addition to all of this.

FlixRemote for Chrome is available for download (Free)

3. Netflix Navigator (Chrome): Easily navigate Netflix. Using Your Keyboard to Watch Netflix

Netflix does not perform well with a keyboard in browsers, even for simple tasks like scrolling through titles using the arrow keys. Netflix Navigator gives you various ways to use your keyboard to navigate Netflix.

The plugin allows you to explore using the arrow keys effortlessly, and clicking Enter will bring up more information about any title. This brings up a handy pop-up with all the title’s details without pulling you away from the main page.

When you dwell on any title for more than one second, Netflix Navigator automatically plays the default Netflix preview video. You may also use the S key to search the catalog as a shortcut.

Netflix Navigator for Chrome is available for download (Free)

4. Netflix Extended (Chrome, Firefox, Edge): Get Easier Controls and Avoid Spoilers on Netflix

5 Netflix Apps and Extensions to Improve Your Viewing Experience

Netflix has a slew of annoyances that the streaming provider has never bothered to fix. Netflix Extended is another browser extension that improves famous websites and allows you to utilize Netflix.

It has several keyboard and mouse shortcuts for easy navigating, similar to Netflix Navigator. For example, pressing N will advance you to the next episode, H will control subtitles, S will skip the intro or recap, and Escape will return you to the Browse page. The scroll wheel on a wireless mouse can be used to control volume.

One of the best features of Netflix Extended is how it helps you avoid spoilers by blurring out series and episode descriptions, so you don’t know what’s going on. It also disables trailers on the explore page, allowing you to enter blind. IMDb and other rating agencies are also included in the extension.

All of these options and shortcuts can be changed at any time. You may switch them on and off separately and adjust the shortcuts.

Netflix Extended for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge is available for download (Free)

5. Cine Lens (Chrome, Firefox): Create a Smart Layer with Cast, Music, and Trivia

5 Netflix Apps and Extensions to Improve Your Viewing Experience

X-Ray, one of Amazon Prime Film’s best features, allows you to seek up movie details while watching your video. Of course, Amazon owns IMDb and has easy access to the data helps. But don’t worry: Cine Lens, a browser addon, will bring this to Netflix.

After you’ve installed Cine Lens, you can use it at any time while watching your video by clicking the icon. While Cine Lens applies a layer with its information, divided into three tabs: Cast, Music, and Trivia, your video will continue to play.

While you’re watching an episode or a movie, the extension displays the cast details. For additional information about other titles they have appeared, click any name. The Music tab lists all songs played during the episode and provided YouTube links for listening to them (within the Cine Lens layer). Finally, Trivia allows you to read all of the IMDb trivia about the movie or TV show you’re viewing.

Cine Lens (Chrome) | Firefox (Free)

Learn the Best Netflix Tips and Tricks

These extensions and applications make Netflix so much better that you’ll want to switch if you don’t already watch Netflix on your computer. In particular, Cine Lens and Netflix Extended are fantastic tools, and we can only hope that Netflix includes them in their app.

However, while extensions make Netflix a lot better, the main app isn’t awful either. It also has some nifty tricks under its sleeves, such as keyboard shortcuts and hidden codes. Our list of the top Netflix hacks will take your viewing experience to new heights.

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5 Netflix Apps and Extensions to Improve Your Viewing Experience
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