My Love of Big Games on Small Screens is Reignited by Nintendo Switch OLED

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Since day one, I’ve been a proud and delighted Nintendo Switch owner. The console/handheld hybrid concept is Nintendo’s biggest hardware innovation in years. Nintendo and its third-party partners have been supporting that hardware with a software library that is totally loaded since 2017.

I’m not sure I would have bought the new Nintendo Switch OLED model if it hadn’t been for my employment. This premium version has a lot of great features, like additional storage and a much more usable kickstand, but it doesn’t feel like the rumored Switch Pro because it doesn’t have any extra power.

However, after using the Switch OLED for almost a month, I’m delighted I have one. Nintendo’s newest model, which is one of our greatest tech goods for 2021, has renewed my enthusiasm for the aspect of the Switch that has always appealed to me. I enjoy playing large games on little displays.

Dying Light for Nintendo Switch

On the Transfer

It’s not like I’d forgotten the Nintendo Switch is a portable console. How could I possibly do that? The ability to play any game on the TV in docked mode as well as on the go in portable mode is the whole purpose. Even said, the world has changed dramatically in the last two years, compared to when the Switch was originally released. Because I was stranded at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I stopped taking the train, flying, and driving. I automatically ceased being in settings where I might benefit from the convenience of mobile gaming.

As an alternative, I performed much more video games on my massive 4K TV. Regardless of appreciating the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite’s comfy kind issue, I progressively shifted again to my unique mannequin just because I needed to play in TV mode alongside transportable mode simply. It simply makes extra sense to train with Ring Fit Adventure without watching a bit of pill. I need to see probably the most element potential when redesigning houses within the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC.

GTA on Nintendo Switch

You take for granted how much of a technical marvel it is to cram that much power onto a handheld when you usually play Nintendo Switch on TV. When you play seemingly difficult ports like Dying Light or the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy on your TV, you might notice that they don’t look as good as the sparkling next-gen versions on other platforms. The Switch OLED, on the other hand, brings back all of the Switch’s early enchantment.

The Switch OLED, unlike the Switch Lite, can be used as both a console and a portable. I was already more tempted to utilize it because I didn’t have to give up any functionality and simply gained features. Just keep in mind that playing docked on a TV provides no visual benefits.

With regards to visible enhancements although, the transportable mode is a very different story. With its standout characteristic, it is attractive, more excellent OLED display, the Change OLED makes video games feel new. Transportable mode goes from a novelty to a severe enhancement, even when enjoying in your dwelling. The Change’s library is more robust than it has ever been, and the OLED’s upgrades dazzled me throughout a wide range of current releases (as soon as I lastly tore myself away from Tetris Effect: Connected).

Again within the Sport

Returning to Dying Light, even without 4K graphics, the zombie-based survival horror game creates nearly as much anxiety and fear on the Switch OLED as it does on other platforms. The darker darkness levels make dangerous night sequences even more terrifying. The intrinsic closeness of handheld gaming adds to the frequent lethal parkour chases, but the open-world framework allows you to make real progress no matter how long you play.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, speaking of open-world games, brings Rockstar’s world-famous criminal epics to the Nintendo Switch for the first time (after years of imitators chasing the throne). I’m not going to lie: these games have a lot of technical faults, and it’s not just with the Nintendo Switch. Having a full-fledged GTA game on a handheld, on the other hand, is a fantasy we’ve had since the PSP days. The bite-sized mission structure is ideal for a gadget that you can take with you wherever you go. All three games are well worth playing again. Grand Theft Auto III redefined the genre, while Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas added a groovy, 1990s hip-hop flavor. The neon-filled 1980s Florida nightmare that is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, on the other hand, certainly shines the brightest on the OLED screen. We sincerely hope that these ports are repaired.

If you want to play a different early 2000s favorite on the go, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the first time BioWare’s epic space opera RPG has been released on a Nintendo platform. The next PS5 remake will undoubtedly look better, but nothing can ever compare to the first time you figured out Darth Revan’s riddle. Even antique laser swords seem pristine thanks to HD resolutions and vibrant OLED colors as you engage in tactical fights, insightful storyline, and deep character-building.

Although Dusk is a brand-new game, it pays homage to 1990s shooters by recreating the chunky abstract early 3D style of titles like Blood and Quake. Dusk 82, a precursor created by the same team, is a throwback to even earlier PC games. Dusk’s antique graphics seem exceptionally sharp on the Switch OLED screen, which is a long cry from the murky CRT TVs of the yesteryear. Shooting mind-flaying creatures with two shotguns is an age-old tradition. In the meantime, several N64 titles in the new Expansion Pack tier for Nintendo Switch Online get comparable gorgeous upgrades while preserving their nostalgic core, despite the questionable pricing.

However, 2D gaming is required for authentic old-school gaming. And, wouldn’t you know it, on the OLED screen, gorgeous 2D images burst with color and clarity. The hand-drawn A Boy and His Blob Remake takes on a life of its own. You’ll see every ounce of love and attention that went into the animations as you feed your blob jelly beans to change it into handy puzzle-platforming gadgets (trampoline, ladder, sinkhole). There’s even a hugging button! On this screen, detailed sprite work, such as that found in the Castlevania Advance Collection, displays new layers of quality.

Even the odd indie titles that arrive to Switch on a regular basis gain a little additional pizazz when viewed on the OLED screen. I haven’t played Unpacking because I’ve been too preoccupied with actually unpacking from a move, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the contemplative organizing simulator. Demon Turf is a charmingly ominous 3D platformer with enough hard jumps to make Mario blush. It depicts its characters as rotating 3D sprites, a strange but intriguing appearance that gives the adventure a distinct identity.

Talking of unforgettable, The Good Life is the following sport from eccentric designer Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro. Anybody who has performed his earlier bonkers experiences, like Deadly Premonition or D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, will instantly decide upon the Twin Peaks-esque exploration of sinister undertones in a small city. However, as an alternative to psychological horror and uncanny realism, The Good Life goes for a bizarre but heat humorousness and stylized British graphics rather than dwelling on a Nintendo system. It is a sport where you flip right into a cat or a canine, so it’s welcoming after all.

Eyes that are new

The OLED variant of the Nintendo Switch isn’t perfect. I wouldn’t lose much if I played these games and others on an older Switch. And I’m confident that this update is just a glorified placeholder for a future Switch. I can’t wait to play even bigger games on Valve’s Steam Deck mobile PC, even if it doesn’t have an OLED screen (now coming in 2022). Furthermore, due to high demand and persistent chip shortages, even if you really want a Switch OLED, you’ll probably have a hard time locating one at a decent price right now.

Still, the Switch OLED is what we have now, and it offers far more real benefits than I anticipated. They’re basically advantages you have to see for yourself. Furthermore, with travel limitations likely to be lifted in the coming months, portable play is set to make a huge comeback. Even if you already own a Nintendo Switch with a TV display, this is still a luxury purchase. You’ll be delighted you acquired a Nintendo Switch OLED model if you desire a new way to play and admire games anyplace, both new and old favorites.

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