Non-Force Users Who Made a Difference in the Galaxy

The record of heroes within the Star Wars universe appears to be dominated by Jedi Knights and Sith Lords, however there are many non-Drive customers who additionally made a distinction within the galaxy. Their triumphs may not be as awe-inspiring, however that does not imply they’re any much less necessary.

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When the entire franchise started with the unique Star Wars motion pictures, the usage of the Drive had been discouraged by the Empire apart from when it served the Emperor. This is the reason the early motion pictures have a number of the most well-known non-Drive customers within the immense lore of Star Wars.

7 Mon Mothma


Earlier than the invasion of Naboo, the rise of Senator Palpatine, or the formation of the Insurgent Alliance, Mon Mothma was the senator pushing again towards the deterioration of the Republic. Her lengthy profession as a Senator representing the planet, Chandrila, largely consisted of pushing again towards the rise of Palpatine as Supreme Chancellor, and she or he continued to combat towards the Emperor’s oppression in later years, however she did not do it alone.

After the autumn of the Republic, it was Mon Mothma who based the Insurgent Alliance, and she or he was the one who recruited Princess Leia and arranged the spy operation that obtained the Loss of life Star plans. She did all of it with out utilizing the ability of the Drive.

6 Han Solo

Han Solo Star Wars

Most likely probably the most well-known and beloved of all of the non-Drive customers within the Star Wars universe, Han Solo may be an instance of what the Drive considers a helpful buffoon even when he would not use the powers himself. There are some fascinating theories about Han’s dumb luck floating across the web, however when the story first begins, he would not even consider within the Drive.

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A part of Han’s character arc is that he would not consider in something however modifications his thoughts when he finds a trigger he believes in and meets a girl who’s much more cussed than he’s. Regardless of how his future is intertwined with Drive customers, he by no means follows their path.

5 Bail Prestor Organa

Bail and Breha Organa in Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars

Props to each Bail and his spouse, Perrin Fertha, for adopting Leia and elevating her as their very own, in addition to giving support and shelter to anybody who stood towards the Empire. Nevertheless it was the in depth work of Senator Bail Organa that gave him the nickname “the Father of the Revolt.”

As a politician, Bail was one of many few allies that Mon Mothma might depend on, whatever the pushback. He used his political and private connections to construct a stable basis for future governments that would exist with out the Empire, a legacy that survived his premature passing.

4 Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles from Star Wars.

Wedge Antilles was as soon as an obscure character that viewers and followers solely knew as a private buddy to Luke Skywalker and probably the most badass pilots within the galaxy. Lately he is appeared in a wide range of totally different Star Wars-related media and has a fancy backstory that features a tragic childhood and a thirst for revenge towards the Imperial forces that killed his first girlfriend.

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Wedge joined the Revolt as a teen and served for many years as a profitable pilot, squadron chief, and preventing strategist. He even left his retirement twice to proceed the combat towards the forces of evil within the universe, regardless of the place they appeared.

3 Uncle Owen Lars And Aunt Beru Whitesun

owen and beru from kenobi star wars

Their function within the unique Star Wars film was temporary, stunning, and tragic, simply sufficient to set Luke on a path of decided ethical outrage. Not solely had been Owen and Beru missing in any form of energy over the Drive, however they had been easy civilians who barely had any data of unarmed fight, and what they achieved may be extra necessary than every other non-Drive consumer all through the canon.

Though early canon left their intentions and data doubtful, trendy tales have defined that Owen and Beru understood who Luke was and the dangers that had been inherent in adopting him. The attachment Owen needed to Luke was partly due to the kid’s grandmother, Shmi Skywalker. Shmi grew to become Owen’s stepmother after his father bought and freed her and shaped a bond together with her new household. When she was kidnapped by Tuskann raiders, the try and rescue her failed, and Owen felt responsible. With Beru, she simply wished to present a child with a tough begin a greater life and was devoted to Luke’s survival.

2 Poe Dameron

Star Wars' Oscar Isaac was the frontman for a ska-punk band

Like a number of the different non-Drive customers within the Star Wars universe, Poe Dameron bought his begin on the fallacious facet of the legislation. His early profession included operating spice and different varieties of contraband all through the galaxy till becoming a member of the New Republic Protection Fleet.

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What follows is an extended and distinguished profession as one of many galaxy’s most expert pilots, strategists, and army leaders. He seems in many of the modern Star Wars IPs, together with the animated ones, and has an extended historical past of heroics on a galactic scale with out the usage of the Drive.

1 Boba Fett

Boba Fett with a blaster in The Mandalorian Star Wars

He was a single bounty hunter who might accomplish what a complete household of Mafia dons and an Imperial Military couldn’t, and in consequence was the driving pressure behind probably the greatest motion pictures in the entire franchise. The end result was a cult following that led to the determine of Boba Fett showing in reveals, spin-offs, and merchandise galore.

Boba Fett was a personality that existed independently of both the Empire, the Insurgent Alliance, and even the Hutt, and he did it with out being a Drive consumer. His recognition was so widespread that his anti-climatic dying in Return of the Jedi was retconned so he might return in later IPs.

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