One-Punch Man’s Fan-Favorite Monster Gets A Wholesome Origin Story


  • Manako’s origins as a monster are revealed in chapter #195 and surprisingly, her background is healthful, displaying a unique facet to monsters in One-Punch Man.
  • Manako claims to have been break up off from Psykos’ puppet monster, Gyoro Gyoro, and believes she was her conscience, displaying a capability for regret that different monsters do not possess.
  • Manako’s presence within the story means that some monsters might be reasoned with and doubtlessly built-in into society, difficult the idea that each one monsters should be eradicated.

Warning: Spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter #195The monster referred to as Manako (or “Oculette” within the English model) is a One-Punch Man fan-favorite character, and her monstrous origins have lastly been revealed – and so they’re shockingly healthful. Manako, who first appeared in the course of the Monster Affiliation arc when Saitama was wandering the inside of their base, shortly turned successful with followers, and has confirmed vital in the latest arc.

One-Punch Man Chapter #195 within the Japanese launch is equal to Chapter #193 within the English Viz Media launch.

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Manako encountered God alongside Saitama and Flashy Flash, and consequently, Flashy Flash had been searching for her, solely just lately monitoring her down due to King and Saitama. In Chapter #195, Saitama and Manako accompany Flashy Flash to the Hero Affiliation HQ basement, the place makes an attempt are being made to de-monsterize combatants from the Tremendous Struggle arc, over 100 chapters in the past. Manako grows apprehensive that they may try to de-monsterize her as effectively, and she or he insists that she was by no means human to start with.

As an alternative, Manako claims to have been break up off from the puppet monster, Gyoro Gyoro, which was grown in a tank to behave as a remote-controlled physique for Psykos (the true chief of the Monster Affiliation), and states that she believes she was his conscience.

Manako is One-Punch Man‘s Most Distinctive Monster But

Manako Saitama and Flashy Flash

Monsters in One-Punch Man are usually at all times evil, and sometimes relish inflicting struggling. Many alternative sorts of monsters have been seen at this level, and every of them appears to be a little bit completely different. Manako’s rationalization of her origins means that she was a synthetic being, quite than a naturally occurring monster, or a human that underwent “monsterification”. When Manako was first discovered, she was merely hiding in a toilet deep inside the Monster Affiliation’s HQ, determined to not grow to be part of the battle raging on the floor. That alone confirmed that Manako wasn’t a mean monster.

Whereas Manako is merely speculating about what a part of Gyoro Gyoro she as soon as was, the truth that she would even evaluate herself to a conscience is noteworthy by itself. Having a conscience suggests a capability for regret, one thing that few different monsters have been proven to have. Manako’s fundamental concern has persistently been survival, and whereas she did think about attacking Saitama and Flashy Flash at one level, that was largely motivated by worry that they’d kill her when she was now not helpful. Even high hero Blast realized that Manako was no actual menace, and truly saved her alongside Saitama and Flashy Flash.

Manako Proves That Monsters Are Not Essentially Evil In One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man's Manako and Flashy-Flash with a heart between them.

Manako’s elevated presence within the story has positively proven a unique facet of monsters than something that had been seen beforehand. Whereas earlier than, it appeared like wiping out the monsters was the one resolution to save lots of humanity, it now appears like there could be some monsters who might be reasoned with, and who may be capable of dwell in society. After all, because the menace has begun to escalate from mere monsters to the evil God itself, it makes some sense that One-Punch Man may reveal a unique facet to the monsters, even when for now it is solely Manako.

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