One Returning Pokemon Feels Right at Home in The Teal Mask’s Kitakami


  • The Teal Masks DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduces almost 100 new and returning monsters to the sport’s Pokedex, together with Shiftry from Gen 3.
  • Shiftry’s inclusion within the DLC is becoming for Kitakami, the brand new locale, as it’s primarily based on the normal Japanese mythological creature referred to as tengu.
  • Shiftry’s presence in Kitakami helps set up its core aesthetic as rooted in historic Japanese tradition and provides depth to the sport’s lore. It represents the boastful and stuck-in-their-ways angle of the individuals of Kitakami.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gamers can now add almost 100 new and returning mons to their Pokedex because of the additions in The Teal Masks DLC. Except for inventive new critters like Ogerpon, Poltchageist, and Dipplin, there are a number of mons from previous generations now out there that weren’t beforehand obtainable in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet previous to the DLC. Whereas gamers are positive to seek out a few of their favorites amongst this crop of returning creatures, one mon particularly stands out as the right addition to The Teal Masks’s new land of Kitakami.

Whereas Ogerpon and the Loyal Three are the celebrities of the present within the story of The Teal Masks, there may be one other returning mon who enhances the aesthetic of Kitakami and helps to provide this new locale its personal distinctive really feel inside the Pokemon universe. Whereas it originates from Gen 3’s Hoenn Area, Shiftry feels proper at house in Kitakami as an underrated critter featured within the DLC. Some gamers could also be extra excited by returning mons like Milotic or Kommo-o, however Shiftry’s presence in The Teal Masks reveals that Sport Freak took nice care when crafting the lore surrounding Kitakami.

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Shiftry’s Inclusion in The Teal Masks is Becoming for Kitakami


Shiftry is notable for being one of many first Grass/Darkish varieties launched within the collection when it made its debut in Gen 3’s Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Whereas this mon was initially a model unique for Pokemon Ruby, each it and Pokemon Sapphire‘s model unique Ludicolo can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s The Teal Masks DLC. Nevertheless, it’s Shiftry’s inclusion on this DLC that’s extra noteworthy as its real-world inspiration matches in with the lore surrounding the land of Kitakami extra so than it does in its place of birth of the Hoenn Area.

Though their pre-evolution Seedot is predicated on an acorn, Nuzleaf and Shiftry are primarily based on the normal Japanese mythological creature referred to as tengu. These beings are stated to be reincarnated spirits of boastful swordsmen which can be distinguished by their lengthy noses and offended expressions, with Shiftry primarily based on a chief tengu and Nuzleaf primarily based on their subordinate koppa tengu. They’re identified to make their houses in timber and are native to mountainous areas of Japan, making Kitakami’s Oni Mountain the right location for these critters to discover a pure habitat.

Shiftry and Nuzleaf are the right representatives of returning mons in The Teal Masks as a result of the folklore behind their inspiration matches the country Japanese city aesthetic of the land of Kitakami. Past that, the story of The Teal Masks is predicated on the Japanese fable of Momotaro who defeats an island of ogres together with his canine, monkey, and pheasant companions, which means Japanese mythology is already a serious theme of this DLC. Whereas critters initially from the Johto Area could assist decide Kitakami’s location in relation to different areas, Shiftry and Nuzleaf assist set up its core aesthetic as rooted in historic Japanese tradition.

What actually ties Shiftry’s tengu origins into The Teal Masks is the way in which the mythological depiction of a tengu being reincarnated from an boastful swordsman mirrors the vanity the individuals of Kitakami present of their data of the story of Ogerpon and the Loyal Three. When the reality of that story is revealed, gamers can see simply how boastful and caught of their methods the individuals of Kitakami are, giving the presence of Shiftry across the area a a lot deeper which means than it might seem on the floor. As such, Shiftry could also be probably the most essential critters on this DLC from a lore perspective that is not new or straight associated to The Teal Masks’s plot.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found for Nintendo Swap. The Teal Masks DLC can also be out there now.

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