Patch 10.2 Might Be Huge for Druids

Patch 10.2 Might Be Huge for Druids


  • Patch 10.2 in World of Warcraft introduces new customizations for Druid shapeshifting types, together with Moonkin and fiery types.
  • The Emerald Dream performs a big position on this patch, with many Druid characters showing within the new zone.
  • Followers have found consumable gadgets within the sport’s Public Check Realm that unlock extra Druid kind choices, akin to owlbears, cat raptors, and aquatic creatures.

World of Warcraft could also be including tons of latest Druid shapeshifting kind customizations in Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream. Gamers already knew this patch was going to be big for Druid gamers in World of Warcraft, but it surely may be even greater than they thought.

Patch 10.2 takes gamers to the Emerald Dream, the idyllic fey-like realm related to nature, Druids, and the Inexperienced Dragonflight. Tons of Druid characters will seem within the new zone, and lots of the cosmetics gamers can earn within the Emerald Dream might be good for Druid gamers in World of Wacraft.

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A few of these new cosmetics will embrace customizations for Druid shapeshifting types. Through the patch reveal and subsequent interviews, World of Warcraft builders confirmed Druids can be getting some new Moonkin types for the Stability specialization, plus some fiery types from the raid. Whereas the total breadth of those customizations is at the moment unknown, photos revealed by Blizzard showcase some concepts of what gamers would possibly count on these types to seem like.

That stated, Druids may be getting far more types than gamers initially surmised. Within the Patch 10.2 Public Check Realm, followers found Marks, Glyphs, and different consumable gadgets to unlock different Druid types within the barbershop. Listed here are among the creatures Druid gamers would possibly have the ability to rework into in Patch 10.2:

  • Flowery Bristlebruins, owlbear-like Umbraclaws, and the stony bipedal Runebear for the Bear kind.
  • Dreamsabers and the raptor-like Dreamtalon for the Druid’s Cat kind.
  • Somnowls for the aerial Journey kind, Dreamstags for on the bottom, and the Whiskerfish from World of Warcraft’s six-month reward for aquatic Journey kind.

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Precisely what the fiery Druid types entail is at the moment unknown. Nonetheless, the Druids of the Flame from Cataclysm play a significant position in Patch 10.2, and up to date fiery shapeshifting types could be seen within the PTR. It’s doable gamers will have the ability to earn these types–and possibly even the Druid of the Flame character customizations–within the upcoming raid.

World of Warcraft has additionally confirmed it’s making each class playable by any race sooner or later. Patch 10.2 itself received’t be eradicating any class limitations, however many suspect Patch 10.2.5 would possibly achieve this. As of Patch 10.1.5, solely Druid, Paladin, and Shaman aren’t totally out there, and given the theme of the patch, in addition to the abundance of latest race-agnostic shapeshifting types, many suspect Druids could also be subsequent. Gamers must wait and see if their concept is appropriate as soon as World of Warcraft reveals Patch 10.2.5 after Guardians of the Dream drops.

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World of Warcraft is offered now for PC.

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