Playing Metroid Prime on a Steam Deck

While Nintendo snoozes on releasing Metroid Prime games on the Switch, it's easy and fun to emulate them on a Steam Deck.

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If there were a set of rules for gamers, it’s likely that one of them would be that they shouldn’t have very high expectations for Nintendo. Despite this, I had great hopes that the Metroid Prime Trilogy will be made available for the Nintendo Switch in an unexpected debut on November 18. The launch date is November 18. On that day, which marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Metroid Prime, the game that forever updated the series by turning it into a first-person shooter, Nintendo did not do anything of the sort. The day also marked the anniversary of the release of Super Metroid, the game that brought the series into the 21st century. I didn’t let that get me down. After all, I own a Steam Deck, which can not only play a range of games that were developed particularly for the personal computer but also appears to be capable of emulating games produced for platforms other than the personal computer.

It was a fairly easy and quick process to get the three-game collection that was built for the Wii to run on the Steam Deck, and it requires very little expertise working with emulators. The Steam Deck is a digital distribution platform that enables users to play retro video games on modern computers. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how amazing I find it that I can play a motion-controlled game for the Wii like a modern, dual-stick console shooter without getting confused in the settings. This is a homage to the modders, who, I’m sure, put in a lot of hard effort to make it as streamlined as possible. It even put some incredibly beautiful cover art to the game dashboard of the Steam Deck, making it look as like it should be sitting there alongside the rest of my PC games.

Playing Metroid Prime on a Steam Deck

EmuDeck is a free application that must first be downloaded onto the handheld device using the desktop form of Steam Deck in order to make it possible to play the aforementioned games on Steam Deck. This download must be done using the desktop version of Steam Deck. You may install it on SteamOS with the assistance of detailed written and video instructions, both of which are available on the company’s website. After a short while, you will have the opportunity to choose which consoles you would want to have the simulator emulate. You should be aware that EmuDeck does not provide individual game ROMs or BIOS files; instead, it will be your responsibility to locate and download such files on your own accord. It should go without saying that I do not advocate that you imitate games that you have not personally acquired, but just in case:
PrimeHack is the name of one of the “consoles” that you will want to activate within EmuDeck, and it is the location where you should place the Metroid Prime game files when you are configuring the emulator. You can find PrimeHack by going to the “Consoles” menu and selecting “PrimeHack.” The Dolphin GameCube emulator for the personal computer known as PrimeHack was created by a programmer by the name of Shiiion, along with a few other individuals who are credited at the bottom of the post that can be found by following this link. It accomplishes this by altering a portion of the code that is present in the games, which in turn modifies the graphics and controls so that they act more similarly to games that are now available.
It goes without saying that I am grateful that there are fans who obviously appreciate the series more than I do, to the point that they put in the effort to get these games to run as well as they do via emulation. This is the case because they put in the effort to get these games to run as well as they do via emulation. I already had the impression that I had made the right decision when I decided to purchase a Steam Deck so that I could play personal computer games while I was away from home. However, the experience of playing this particular game was even more incredible than I could have ever imagined it could be. It was impossible for me to resist taking a few screenshots of what was taking place.

Playing Metroid Prime on a Steam Deck

Now, it should go without saying that this is not a completely problem-free journey. There are hitches in the audio and frame rate from time to time, and the game has frozen on me a few times, which is unpleasant if it has been a while since the last time I saved my progress. Other than that, the game is really solid. My experience, on the other hand, has been mostly glitch-free and has progressed at a rate of sixty frames per second. As a result, I just can’t get furious about the game’s flaws because of how nicely they’ve been implemented. It feels a little bit strange to play Metroid Prime in high definition on a Steam Deck that is docked to my television and controlled with a DualSense, but the emulation itself is so incredible that it gives me the impression that I am exploring the Phendrana Drifts for the very first time.

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